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  1. We'll be getting some interesting feedback from this one. The only thing I didn't care for was the symbolism, even in the guys clothing that looks like the pentagram used by Satanists. But what he's talking about is real. Monroe Institute, studies done at SRI, all point to ways to escape the matrix. Some feel they need drugs or plants to make the break through, others do it through pure concentration or meditation and a combination of bio feedback or binaural beets and brain entrainment. What you can manifest, including your healing is amazing. Once you've stepped outside "the box" you won't want to go back in. But keep an open mind on this for those who are instantly turned off. Occulted means hidden, esoteric means meant to be understood by only a small number of people… that was the old way of keeping secrets. It's time to share and learn how to access information on the other side of the veil or in the akash. Telsa could do it, anyone can do it they put their mind too it. And yes, since everything is connected, the mind of God is within you too. It's even encoded in our DNA per Gregg Braden.

  2. This is 100% bullshit. This is a proof that they follow their agenda and that it’s developing. Do some research about what Helena Blavatsky said, done and created. Do some research about Alice Bailey and Alister Crowley. Check up on Lucis trust, erlier called Lucifer publishing and see their ties to United Nations. Look up theosophy and learn their satanic manifests. Do som investigation about Albert Pike, the free Masonic orders and the Jesuits behind it. Learn their agendas and Psy-ops. This is one of them, connected to their creation “The New Age movment” and “ The Great Awakening agenda”.
    You can also find truthin the Bible about this. Be clever and don’t be fooled.

  3. I do not agree that we are GOD what we are is co creators with God source there's a lot of truth in this article but it is more complex than that and if you wish to you can go in and read the reports at Just Empower me website put Kim Goguen Just Empower me in your search engine. Or try a free trial of United News Network where all this is covered. There is a lot of information to have a look at and think about that may interest you regards this.


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