From Robert Malone:

Tony Robbins is the most successful life and results coach in the world. Why? Because he gets results. His system is based primarily on neurolinguistic programing, (NLP) combined with leadership training and immersive seminars (1).

There is that word again. Neuro-linguistic programming. What the heck is it and why does it matter?

Common NLP techniques include :

  • Anchoring: Associating an external or internal trigger with a healthier response until it becomes automatic
  • Belief changing: Replacing negative thoughts or beliefs that prevent the client from achieving their desires
  • Reframing: Putting a situation in a different context to elicit an adaptive reaction instead of following the same maladaptive behavioral patterns
  • Visualization: Forming a mental image of something the client wants
  • Visual-kinesthetic dissociation: Guiding the client in reliving trauma by evoking an imaginative out-of-body experience

Mirroring, modeling, image training, incantations and repetition are also common techniques.

NLP is considered a useful set of tools for behavioral therapies – including drug addiction, over eating, cessation of smoking, etc. Particularly when combined with conversational hypnosis. Conversational Hypnosis is a set of techniques used to make the receiver of information more open to accepting and acting upon suggestions.

Although Wiki and others label NLP as a “pseudo-science,” the public and long a list of peer reviewed publications disagree. For instance, The BMJ has a series of articles specifically citing many successes using this approach as a behavioral therapy,

What is not as commonly recognized is that these tools, including subliminal advertising, are used extensively in marketing. Marketers and advertisers having been using these techniques effectively for decades, and there are whole courses on how to use these tools effectively to increase sales.

We have a government who seeks to influence us on a daily basis. We all know this to be true. Of course for some, there is a naive belief that it is all for “our own good”. That censorship and propaganda “will save our democracy”. Others believe that the first amendment is our one great protection if we wish to remain a republic and a representative democracy. When we lose our first amendment rights, we will lose our country.

We have a government which deploys information control and propaganda technologies on its citizens on a daily basis. These techniques were developed during the cold war, refined during our war with Vietnam and then the forever wars in the Middle East. Now, the federal government appears to be working in concert with marketers, advertising agencies, big tech, NGOs, astroturf organizations, etc. to control bad-speak (as the government defines it) and to create more “positive” narratives for the people of the USA.

By now, we all know that billions of dollars were spent during COVID-19 to influence our behaviors. Actors, artists, musicians, paid-influencers, NGOs, advertising and marketing agencies, tech/social media manipulations, newspapers and magazines were all paid as part of the process to convince people to wear masks, social distance, stop shopping, stay home and to “get vaccinated” The money came from many different agencies – the DoD, CDC, NIH, FDA, DHS, USAID, etc.

Information warfare conducted by the US government includes covert propaganda, controlled opposition, chaos agents, divide & conquer operations, false flags, disinformation campaigns, bad jacketing, advertising and more. These are being combined with neural-linguistic programming, subliminal messaging, nudge technology, hypnosis and propaganda.

The tools of the marketeers, big tech, social media and behavioral therapists combined with the tools of the intelligence community. These powerful weapons are being used on all of us. They wish to control our feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and state of mind. To keep us compliant and happy. But how can one be free when one’s very thoughts and emotions are being manipulated?

In fact, what we have seen in the past year is that the government is willing to use these tools to influence elections, such as the campaigns to discredit the news story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 and the 2016 Russia “dis-information” false-flag operation, and to stop any public dissent over the war in Ukraine in 2023 or the approved “climate crisis” narratives.

The government manipulated media to to create fearporn surrounding monkey pox, the Nordstream explosion and of course, my favorite, the evolving theories regarding the origins of COVID-19.

So, who does this work for the government, to convince, cajole and to get compliance of the American people? For COVID-19, the list of advertising companies includes IQ Solutions, FORS Marsh, Atlas Research, Lamar Media, Palladian Partners, The Scientific Consulting Group, Silver Fir Media, and “various foreign awardees” – to name a few.

Here is a typical “campaign” by FORS Marsh,. This is a recruitment campaign for the Army National Guard:

How do we get people to serve in a national service they know nothing about?

Army National Guard, Social Media Campaign

We developed a social media campaign that positions ARNG as the pathway to achieving life-changing goals. We create and share meaningful and motivational content to promote the benefits of enlisting. Full of heart and hustle, our content presents a realistic portrayal of day-to-day service. We connect with people by acknowledging their challenges and providing actionable steps toward the lives they envision.

A community management team responds to comments and messages, keeping the conversation authentic and insightful. People are directed to fill out a lead form and are connected with local recruiters for more information.

We provide local social media marketing teams with in-person and virtual training support, weekly newsletters, and digital materials, including a resource website to ensure cohesive messaging nationwide.

FORS Marsh Group, LLC is utilizing propaganda and NLP tools, including belief changing, reframing, visualization and repetition in the above example. But this is just one small example of how our government uses advertising and marketing companies to “sell” propaganda.

The truth is that our government has become a master at information control and propaganda as well as marketing through their many contractual awardees – otherwise generally known as “beltway bandits”.

We have a government who seeks to influence us on a daily basis. They also know how to use the tools of the internet to stop you from seeing and reading what they don’t want you to see. Examine, question and do your own triangulation of facts; using many sources. A critical mind will set you free.

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