What are implants?

Old time implants and unconscious programs installed in your being are now being deactivated, neutralized and removed. The event happens in the middle of your life, so you don’t notice it at first. GOD intervenes imperceptibly in the lives of people who have given their consent to this on a soul level. The time for this healing, for this blessing and for this grace has truly come.

Traditional implants still affect how people think and feel.

Implants are invisible ethereal grids that create specific vibration patterns and separate people from the light-filled cosmic vibration.

These were installed in the human being eons ago to allow incarnated angels on earth to have this type of experience.

Permitted interference, unauthorized assault!

This interference with your DNA is due to extraterrestrial powers and their technology.

In this way you did not have access to the intrinsic divine self-consciousness. For thousands of years you were little more than a plaything for those who knew how to wield your power. This intervention was originally foreseen and also allowed.

This intervention only became an encroachment when the dark entities decided to continue this manipulation far beyond the permitted time – and this state of affairs is now being cleaned up, lifted and ended.

Is it possible to find your way to freedom from a deeply manipulative world? This was the challenge you set yourself. Thus, these implants were taken from life to life as a cellular heritage and activated upon entry into a new life.

Stressed in this way, it was difficult to see through things or to escape the Matrix throughout one’s life. Over the millennia this was reserved for only a few initiates, masters and adepts. It takes the nature of a CHRIST, KRISHNAS, or BUDDHAS to penetrate the thicket of delusion and find the true self in this all-encompassing illusion.

Today this situation has changed fundamentally. Today the time has irrevocably come when this cosmic game ends on earth.

Today everyone can soar and break through all limitations of consciousness. That’s what our brother JESUS ​​meant when he said: “What I do, you will also do, and much more!”

Even if this marking of humanity is ignored by the powers that want to continue the old game at all costs, one thing is unchangeable: Your implants will now be removed!

This creates a completely new field of vision on things and this leads to orientation within yourself.

3 signs of implant removal:

1.) The first signs of this freedom are that you no longer believe the tall tales of the storytellers of this matrix.

More and more people are turning away from politics, science and the media and are beginning to look elsewhere for truth and clarity.

2.) The second sign that man is coming to his senses is that his own lies in life become more and more unbearable, to the point where corrections are unavoidable, i.e. the inner need for clarity and for a truthful life increases. Compromises are no longer accepted. More and more people are willing to shed their fake lives and throw their old concepts overboard.

3.) However, the third and predominant sign that you are now being freed from your implants and programs lies in the fact that you are beginning to lose your fears. Your fears are decreasing on all levels – even though more fears are being fueled these days than ever before!

Fears of existence, the fear of death or vague fears of an uncertain future decrease to the extent that you have been freed from the implants.

Actionism, resistance or struggle are sometimes inevitable, but these are not the tools that bring about the big change. Only the upheaval in you brings the upheaval in the world! What is decisive is a person’s basic vibration, his average state of mind in everyday life.

With all efforts – in the end it comes down to the day-consciousness and not to the spiritual flights of fancy in a meditation!

This is exactly what the removal of implants has: Sluggish basic energy is transformed into luminous natural vibration. This is what is happening to you now – the restructuring in all limbs and on all levels.

It is irrelevant whether you are aware of this. It happens because your soul commissioned the divine powers of light to do it.

It happens by itself!

Because of this, diseases that previously had little chance of being cured can be healed.

True miracles are now possible, because your thinking and feeling begin to change fundamentally. This inner purification of thoughts and feelings is the key to freedom – and the greatest gift: It happens by itself!

Like a law of nature, people’s blockages are being removed NOW.

Following the divine will, the wrong and limiting programming is being rewritten, uninstalled or neutralized in people NOW. As a result, fewer and fewer people are being impressed by the fear scenarios, because their hearts can no longer be touched by this propaganda.

You are on a different level of perception and are unreachable for vibration fields, which are becoming increasingly different from your own vibration.


Phenomena such as becoming invisible, losing the sense of time or a new perception of space are now becoming more and more noticeable. Often you feel lifted out of time and you can do less and less with the hustle and bustle around you.

This impression arises because you have no electrical resonance field to this level, the connection is cut and so you move in a – in YOUR – new reality and on a – on YOUR – completely different level of vibration.

With each new day, you detach yourself a little more from this old matrix, which is becoming increasingly alien to you, and gradually you gain new perspectives and a completely different perception of – YOUR – life.

A flowing process

This can lead to irritation in the adjustment phase and cause certain uncertainties. During this transition of a human being from unconscious functioning to fully conscious acting, insecurities are natural.

As soon as you feel firm spiritual ground under your feet, which means that you are sure of your thoughts and feelings because the implants are no longer effective, this doubt also ends.

It is a fluid process in which the divine emerges in you – and it happens at your pace in a way that serves and nurtures you.

The only important thing is to let the process of change happen. Your immortal soul decreed it and your omnipresent consciousness decreed it.i

That is why the victory of light on this earth is certain and that is why dark entities have less and less power over people. What is happening invisibly to more and more people today will have visible effects on the entire development of humanity tomorrow.

The Only Reality: The Quantum Leap of Human Consciousness! And the only thing that matters:

Claiming your divinity.

And this is brightly illustrated in this message.

Stride towards infinity with self-confidence and trust in God, so that the infinite may receive you like a king who has regained his kingdom. MASTER ST. GERMAIN

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by EraofLight.com

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  1. Wow. Channeled Bullshit Hopium! Yay! the day is saved.
    You're automatically getting better and lazy ole you didn't have to do anything!!
    p.s. Check out my merch, buy gold and silver, and buy my magic aura shampoo!
    But hey! wait a minute…I just checked in with the White Brotherhood UFO message board, and they said Saint G. departed for Aldebaran a century ago. Everyone has been channeling a Deep Fake AI program from Ahriman Disney studios. Oh no! You mean I'm NOT going to be ass-ending soon into Divine Light Bliss Honey Goo?
    And where did you get that ridiculous image of "St. Germain?" Rock Stars-R-Us?

    I'm nearly 80, started reading Theosophy 1965 and have seen more BS "St. Germain" stuff come and go, and self-appointed "channels" give us their imagined delusions.
    Which only proves that you really ARE already implanted with fantasy "realities."

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