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Scott Ritter’s report – NATO Cannot Fight Russia July 24th 2023.

Length of video 27.19 minutes.


Transcript first part 7.58 minutes, most significant.

“Well, first of all, um… you know, I’m not the biggest Zelenski-fan or a fan of Ukraine in the world. Okay uh… let’s just… let’s look at this bluntly here. Uh.. Zelenski did everything NATO asked him to do and more. The Ukrainian people have done everything NATO has asked of them, and more. Now, I’m not supporting their cause at all but let’s just be serious Zelenski has a higher support rating than any of those guys up there on the stage.

Okay, those are all failed politicians, failing politicians. Zelenski has a 77 support rate in this conflict. Not only that I spoke with a a Russian journalist, today, Alexander Kotz who is, you know, he’s got extreme credibility and um… you know, he’s.. he has talked about uh… what’s going on in Ukraine. He said “You know, this isn’t February 2022”. He said “The uh… you know, when the Russians went into the Cargov region, and drove through Carousel and up towards Nikolai, um.. there was a large percentage of the population that uh was supporting Russia.

On this he said “You know, so this war has changed that reality, that the people living on the Ukrainian side of the line, um… they, it’s not that they’re Banderas. It’s not that they’re uh… you know, Nazis. It’s not that they’re Pro Zelenski, but they’re Ukrainians, and they are rallying around the cause of Ukraine. They are defending their home, their Homeland, against uh… the Russians, whom, if you know, they’re starting to view as the enemy. This is a long war, a lot of people have died.

And they’ve died in a cause that NATO pushed on Ukraine. Now, Zelenski was an idiot not to go for the one April 2022 uh… yeah, the 2022 peace, that would have solved a lot of problems. NATO Boris Johnson said “Don’t, we’re going to give you, here is the deal, we’re going to give you tens of billions of dollars worth of equipment. Your job is to continue the fight. Continue the fight”.

And Ukraine has done everything they have been asked to do and more. They’ve gone the extra mile. Again, I’m not supporting their cause I think Russia’s on the right side of history. I think Russia is the aggrieved party in this. I’m just saying that Zelenski has done everything he has been asked to do, and more. He has sacrificed 350

000 dead soldiers, close to 700 000 wounded soldiers, 20 million displaced people, a trillion dollars of uh… infrastructure damage and a cause that NATO said “We’re here for you” Listen to all the rhetoric that came out of NATO, before this. Listen to everything they said “We’re here for you, we’re on your side. We will do what it takes, we will do everything you need us to do”.

They’re liars and it all came out here, because, guess why? Because Zelenski was never going to win this war. They knew that from the very beginning. There’s not a military expert in the world that sat there and said “Ukraine’s going to win this thing.” Not one! These aren’t propagandists who said it, I’m talking about genuine military experts, who looked at the balance of power.

And you just could look at all that and say “It just isn’t going to happen there’s nothing that can be done here, that has Ukraine winning this war” And yet they all told Ukraine “You can win this war” when Ukraine could never win this war.

Ukraine was given a mission impossible.  Go back to October of last year, the Ramstein contact group, where Zelushny said “If you want me to carry out this counter-offense, if you want me to push the Russians out, I need all of this equipment. A shopping list of equipment. The NATO ………unclear terms……. but they pretty much gave him what he wanted. At the end of the day.


Everything but F-16 Fighters. They got all the tanks they asked for, all the Infantry fighting vehicles they asked for, all the armoured support vehicles, all the artillery pieces they asked for. They didn’t get all the ammunition they asked for because there just isn’t any ammunition to give them. But that’s a different issue altogether.

The point is, they… NATO gave it to him and then Ukraine went forward. But went forward… how this counter-offensive was doomed from the start, and NATO knew it. you can’t ask people to reduce a fortified defensive position in a non-doctrinal way. There’s a reason why NATO and the United States has a mind-breach a defensive breaching doctrine, and the number one, you know, the letter in the (unclear term) is for suppression. You must suppress everything before you even approach a defended position, before you attempt a breach of a minefield.

The enemy must not be able to hit you while you’re going through the minefield. I remind people that during Operation Desert Storm, when we reduced the Iraqi defensive positions, we left dozens of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, destroyed in the minefield. Why? They hit mines, that’s what you do when you go through minefields you hit mines. Things go BOOM. It’s a bad luck, but you push through.

Now, you can push through as long as they’re not hitting you with artillery. Here, the Ukranians came in, they hit mines and immediately got hit with artillery, hit with aircraft, nothing worked for the Ukranians, they were doomed from the start. But Zelenski kept pushing… kept pushing… kept pushing. He was given artificial timetables, artificial expectations, but he pushed… and he pushed… and he pushed. Why? Because he told his troops, he told the Ukranian people, that if they do this, NATO is going to be there for us, not to join NATO.

Nobody believed Ukraine was going to join NATO, not even Ukraine. What they wanted was a timetable, what they wanted was NATO to commit, and say “When this war is over”, because, look at what Ukraine is trying to do with this counter-offensive, they’re not trying… I mean they put a big bold objective out there.  What they were hoping to do is, go in and grab a piece of territory, right before the

Summit. Grab a big chunk of territory, and hold on to that baby for all they got. And the Russians are going to come, they’re going to hold on to it, and then NATO comes in and says “The Ukrainians held on to some land. Now, what we’re going to seek to do, is freeze the conflict. Ukraine has embarrassed the Russians, the Russians can’t push them out, and now we’re going to go to the Russians, and say “Let’s make peace, it’s pretty bad for you guys, you’re not going to be able to resolve this one. Let’s come out, let’s freeze the conflict, and the moment you freeze the conflict… BAM… NATO membership. The moment they stop firing, that moment the ceasefire comes into play, NATO membership.


That’s what they wanted, that’s what Ukrainians were dying for. That’s what Zelenski had been pushing everybody for. And he got stabbed in the back.

Let’s stop kicking Zelenski, he did nothing wrong here, he did everything he was asked to do, everything. The people we kick are all those pigs on the stage, with them all the tuxedo wearing Elite snoots who sat there and lied to him and are sitting there shaking their hands, chuckling, drinking their champagne, while Ukrainians are doing the dying for NATO.

Let’s never forget that there’s no NATO people dying out there. Ukrainians are dying, and again, I am not on the side of Ukraine. I believe Russia’s on the side of history.

I think Russia not only will win this war, but should win this war, must win this war.

But that doesn’t mean that I turned a blind eye to what NATO has done to the Ukrainians. This is disgusting, this is shameful, shameful! And that said, I’m ashamed that America was on the stage there as well” (end of first part of the transcript)

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