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How the New Age religion is used in an ‘I’m okay, you’re not okay’ ideology, with a pattern of transhumanism woven into it. Answers may be found to this question, when listening to this video with Gigi Young’s vision of ‘the 8th sphere’:


This is a short version and below is a longer version. Rudolf Steiner’s visionary gifts are intertwined with this, including the collection of knowledge from esoteric writings.

Rudolf Steiner is the founder of Anthroposophy, author of ‘The Philosophy of Freedom’, a philosophy in which he sees the balance of science with the spirit world as essential. He lived in the late 19th century and early 20th century, born in Austria. The Waldorf school grew out of this, together with biol. dynamic agriculture and a holistic view of health and well-being.

Gigi Young discusses the 8th sphere in a longer youtube video here:


This substance is not easy to digest as bite-sized chunks, it requires some familiarity with esoteric knowledge and seeing larger connections. However, this lecture helps to gain a better understanding of how the call for external rescue, interventions from the outside, pushes aside the responsibility of our consciousness development as human beings, in a 3D existence. I think you have noticed how that idea in those takes root who do not wish to pick up their role and say ‘no’ to being on Earth. Those who linger in the pain without seeing how it is their own choice: to attach themselves to it. And thereby keep themselves in disempowerment.

In my opinion, all thoughts are programming us in obedience to so-called uplifting mindsets, with bungy jumping between 3-4-5 D conditions where we juggle equally in right and wrong “for the time being”, so that we also meet the requirements of an external authority that we ourselves create in our brain, a programming that continues to be fuelled by creation myths such as those of the Annunaki, who fell from the sky to produce us, as human beings. In a petri-dish?

I dig into various sources of information, including from people who can look behind the scenes, to find the agreement and guarantee. Sometimes a clear picture emerges and learning to make that distinction develops as you go along. As long as I stay awake to observe my colouring in it too. I’d rather be myself, see? I’m not perfect, said this Mensch 😉


In my opinion, all the thoughts that bend us into obedience to so-called uplifting mind-sets are a form of programming, with bungee jumping between 3-4-5 D conditions where we juggle equally in ‘right and wrong’ so that we also meet the requirements of an external authority that we ourselves create in our brain, a programming that continues to be fed by creation-myths such as those of the Annunaki, who fell from the sky to procreate us as human beings. In a petri dish?

I dig into various sources of information, including those who can look behind the scenes, to find the agreement and warranty. Sometimes a clear picture emerges and learning to make that distinction develops more as you go along. As long as I stay awake to observe my colouring in it too. I’d rather be myself, see? I’m not perfect, said this Mensch 😉

Just as you can choose the various ‘layers’ on a virtual map of Google Maps: footpath network, traffic network, or the satellite image of the physical landscape. Together they offer a complete picture of that area. As I see it is the introduction of AI and technology that is evolving man into a so-called super race, with the ingrained promise (or is it a vision lacking the evidence of God’s creation?) of eternal life on Earth, a temptation to give up and sell our souls and creative abilities.

The Calimero tune as programming, on repeat: ‘They are big and I am small!’ and in it affirm the hierarchy of power. The myth of the Annunaki who arrived on Earth and created man, to also be used as slaves for mining, was born from the pen of von Daniken and Zacharias Sitchin.

With discoveries on Mars in the 1970s. Richard Hoagland’s study of “The Face on Mars” and the, somewhat later, Disclosure Movement with Ufology communes, conclusions pointing to aliens, and the question of where we come from, in favour of the believe that our origin stems from the “help”? from ET aliens, non-human beings.

The belief in the idea that we are hybrid creatures, landed on Earth by magic from an intervention by ET gods, fuels the call for and the need to flee from the everyday reality on Earth. Is it a coincidence that Elon Musk, with his SpaceX project, wants to pave the way to Mars? A new home for us? This is the flight of technology, with that of Cern in Switzerland, which feels rather far from our bed, because of the speed that is being made with it, also literally.(the particle accelerators in the Large Hadron Collider, an experiment to uncover what the Universe is made of, and how it works.)

Moreover, now I mention something about underlying contemplations, unknown to many New Age lightworkers, and therefore difficult to realize, the ultimate goal of those who advocate transhumanism is to fix a physical earth, with increasing climate control. The life-giving sunlight must also be dampened. Because it is said to be carcinogenic, which is nonsense, contrary to the nature of this life giving centre of our Solar System, preventing the joyous outdoor experience in the warmth and sunshine, we always appreciate and look out for. With hope.

And not to forget, preventing the absorption of Vit. D by the Sunrays’ help. Sunlight assists in the awakening of human consciousness, with us as active and vibrant collaborators therein, serving both the evolution of humanity and the Earth itself. Transformation, constant change and conversion, in body and mind. Also, as much as planet Earth is in a phase of transformation, not due to climate change, but causing it, all of the planets in our Solar System are in a phase of change. Check NASA’s website, you’ll find evidence of this.

Our self-image and our beliefs are mirrored by the external world, if we’re able to recognize it in our role as creator of our reality, our individual interpretation of reality. While we ourselves were created with a little book in our heart-pocket “Know thyself”. That’s by nature rather confrontational, in 3D conditions, with a collective karma of large proportions. That “box of Pandora” is open, everything comes to light, as I perceive it. That doesn’t just happen to us, as our fate. Self-reflection is a valuable navigation compass, in order to come to an understanding.

We are, as I see it, in the reality of our self-created perception (DIY) and when we realize that, the ability to choose, at the same time, is obvious. You need first what your choices are, based on information, before a conscious choice can be made. This goes for new choices as well. I think we are still in our infancy, as humanity, for it’s likely that many of us, me included, still carry that program of being under the care of mom and dad within us, with the persuasion close at hand to believe in creators from space.

Hence the popular Annunaki-creation-narrative. Learning now to think for ourselves is the key to open the door to a more expanded perception, removing the veil of forgetfulness. That’s the path to evolution of consciousness, which is a return to our true nature, to our land of origin according to the laws of nature. Not synthetic or artificial.

The manmade church-institutes have firmly stamped that dogma into it: “without God we are nowhere” and “our fate is in the hands of our Father”. I do not deny someone’s right of a religious experience, don’t get me wrong. I am Christian. Sailing on our own compass also means that we serve the truth within ourselves, making efforts to stay on our true course. And sometimes experience freak waves, and touching ground by low tide, in doing so. Every explorer needs a light-tower 😉

Standing on our own two feet, without bionic interventions and Nano-technology, autonomous, will lead us to the way Jeshua referred to in this Bible text of John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” Externally obtained codes of conduct, which are the same in both ‘old time religion’ and New Age as far as their effect is concerned in real life, will always enslave us into obedience without the freedom to embody truth from within. This isn’t saying that religious forms are opposed to the freedom of finding God within ourselves, Christ within our heart, with that small voice “Know thyself”. That’s where I’m heading, it’s why I agree with the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner and the views of Gigi in this video.

The creation of deficits and fears in the pandemic years, and around the Ukraine issue, the consequence of sanctions against Russia, acts on the human instinctual need to grasp the iron hand wrapped in a velvet glove. Inspiration is suppressed while the desire to continue living in a physical body remains strong, as an instinct. So technology has to make that safe.

A repetition of the era of that ancient Atlantean development, with this difference that humanity in general is currently further awakened to the realization of an “I” and individual discernment. because we’re with and from the earth and take this journey with her, where the sellers of their souls can’t venture out. All those bells and whistles of the present time are being tried: deliberate creations of war- and alien danger, recession, the threat of disaster caused by so-called human climate disruption, shortage of food, shortage of heat to warm the home, fear of disease, fear of not having enough…

And, in my opinion, we’ve witnessed the loss of many lives due to experimental, untested, and therefore harmful mRNA vaccines that causes so much heart failure, chronic diseases of the nervous system, and excess mortality. Many of us don’t have access to this info. The present day puppet-masters, pulling the strings, focus on complete physical control and eternal existence through technology.

The possibility of evolution in consciousness, in freedom, with the right to gain experience is frozen due to an abomination of natural cosmic laws. Human nature is meant to be converted by machinery, inventions of minuscule proportions, applied to the physical body, and the brain. The lockdowns of recent years were an appetizer. It is no coincidence that the book “Covid-19 the Great Reset” was published in those years. Grain on the mill… eh… the machinery of the Wizard of Oz.

The connection with the spiritual world, in these puppetmasters’ soul, is broken because they intend to play the Creator themselves. To save their own skin, right? Not in the name of humanity, of evolution and the natural Cosmic laws. Were it not for the fact that we have discarded our memory of experiences gained in past lives, at birth, we could not have grown up under its burden, which would hinder our freedom of choice, and the renewal of insights written down on a blank page, for better or for worse. We’re allowed to try out, experiment, and learn from it. Never pour new wine in old bags.

We are currently gaining experience on Earth, where our bodies were formed in the womb of our mother, and continue to be formed after birth, living by earth, water, fire and air, breathing and eating food prepared with fire and water. This is how we are connected to the Earth, a mother that feeds us and maintains our physical form. Nature offers us much wisdom, plus an experience of comfort and beauty, if we are open to it.

In addition, as I see it, there is the spirit world, at times, acting on how we continue on our life path, while invisible in its work out.  We make either conscious choices or are obeying to unconscious instinctive drives, which can be hell bent on repetition, maintaining what’s familiar and safe, out of fear.

“I am who I am, I can’t change it” is a familiar comment in denial of the possibility of change. Nothing wrong with that, but it can extinguish inspiration and prevent new insights, and inventions from being created.

Our inner creative power and capacity for evolution, for transformation, is what supports the Earth in her own evolution on the way ‘home’. Her journey is our journey, I wholeheartedly consider that my task on earth, in freedom. In the restoration of her and our/my true nature, from which we ‘fell’ after Atlantis sank. At the same time, at this time, we can only experience and feel what our manifestations bring about due to their primarily physical expression.

That experience in density of matter is what is, for us, as much the pain of living in a solid form as a spirit being. as the ability is to strengthen our understanding of what creation is, in both a material and a spiritual focus. We can even use spiritual qualities for a material purpose. We may observe what our ego does and how it serves us, gaining material wealth. Again, the one doesn’t exclude the other, material wealth and personal growth, evolution, can go hand in hand, as we continue to appreciate that little pericardium where that little book titled “Know Thyself” waits to be opened.

And all those experiences in a physical body, with emotions in 7 colours of the rainbow, our chakra system, offer us a wealth of discernment, which essentially increases our sense of sovereignty. We can play the boss, try out if it works like this, or like that… or that… the duality of good and bad gets in the way of that freedom, with judgement wrapped in the package. In addition, I absolutely do not preach the libertine attitude of living without boundaries and lack of common sense. After all, I’m a preacher’s daughter, loyal to a strong sense of justice, with my Frisian blood on my mother’s side.

We speak who we are, we walk our talk, unconsciously or consciously. That poses the biggest threat to AI and its followers, because it/they cannot follow us on our way ‘home’ to unity, and harmony. On our journey in the companionship of Mother Earth, our individual development joins her own development. Panta Rhei is a text that is close to my heart. It means “Everything flows” As soon as I notice a freeze in mental acrobatics, I stand rigid in the decoration of icicles by my own doing. I think it’s a beautiful art to keep moving, inwardly as well as in and with the world around me, all living beings involved. The art of martial arts, I believe.

You can see much of what pops up in our lives as arrows, training our sense of direction, as traffic signs on our way. We also can see it like arrows that wound us, so that we give up our autonomy, victimised. In favour of the Disneyland shows of holography, masquerades and mirages, empty entertainment, eating empty junk food.

This is how I observe the global chessboard-game. Also the bigger picture, as far as my eye will see. The hocus pocus of methods from systems with spiritual leaders who do not encourage our self-reflection, thinking for ourselves in autonomy, or channelers, those on their pedestals, I’d rather let it float like seaweed alongside my boat on the ocean of my life, now at an older age.

It is not my goal to convince you with these videos and my words, but to show an angle that provides information that few are familiar with. Like Von Daniken’s subscription to a Nazi magazine and his pseudonym as a writer for it. And Sitchin’s confessions, later in his life, about his misinterpretation of human origin. It is a fact that what appears as lies, in real life and on our screens, will always be exposed by the truth.

Pay close attention to the rabbit tail dangling in front of us, so that we keep walking in circles. Greyhounds, never ever getting there. Let’s look beyond our noses and keep breathing in freedom. Thank you for your visit!

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