A reminder on how the plan was initially laid out well in advance.  Perhaps sharing it with others will plant more seeds for questioning….

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  1. This ULEZ scam is another version of the COVID Trojan Horse Scam.
    So what is the Agenda 21 30 Sucker Punch this time.
    Bill Gates is in the background somewhere.
    Is it that this is a compulsory use of public transport that may have intensive brain washing whilst you travel using 5G if not what is in the pipe line

  2. Surprise: Shock and Awe.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uanaIaXJkhM – this describes what this chap is talking about in vast detail

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aeLw3y2X10 – this is the 2nd link both released around 2006/7 time frame. Loaded with dots and actions evolved. see to fill the blanks by what we now know.

    believe to think if one shall take on the view start to fini of these links – easy to fill in the blanks as to "We do not know yet!" Answers are now all being revealed. Think to say oh yes we do know what the actual answers are.
    Stay true
    Stay Tough
    know to learn the truth – its now all being flush into the open.
    Keep the faith and hold soul-fully onto such.
    bitchute has a bunch – JFK to 911, these Dark ones, Died Suddenly, These little ones, few to many others. Again many ppl have taken much to reveal such values in all a pointed edged detail.
    Suggest to bite thru and listen to view. Sure to consider I've seen the 1st link poss 8x to capture the fine details via such a heavily detailed collection of points shared. 2nd link is their 1st of 4 release around time evolved few yrs after 1st release. Also watched few more times to the now as well. Review captures points how they where expressed then to the now by action.
    This crew Stopped any productions due to D.Threats given to all in that group. They in time have been forgotten since, as of 2021 2x more rel. "Whats Next" and Addendum both again also new points to ponder view and again all detail can only be taken in – S->Finish. Timeline watch if must and set bookmarks at time frame to come back and finish view. Certainly more and justly informative.
    Could also mention "Kymatica, Change on the Horizon 3part, Loose Change, "Inside Job" this one shall cook your senses on reality of Debt and of its time being released to the now present second of our mechanical clock time. possibly those numbers are now 3x values mention. Scary yet true. Least if one could consider these points are more a reality.
    He who knows the truth. Let that truth set……. Rattle the learned seems to be how it shares in of the now moment.
    Being set free in the design now could mean something different. might be that crossing of the border gate in result as to being set finally Free by the truth. As to a better answer. !


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