By Melissa Deal

Your Weekly Soul Truth

Well, this eclipse season was no joke!  I’ve heard from a few of you on how the energies have affected you personally.  I love hearing these stories because it provides more “proof” that Astrology is real.  I, of course, don’t need to be convinced, but I realized this week that these stories should be shared with others that may not have realized the true potential that Astrology can bring. They can be used as evidence  for their minds to perceive the world as one that is energetically alive, intelligent, and magical!

If you haven’t already, I’d love to hear your stories on what has been happening in your lives this eclipse season and, with your permission and anonymity, I’d like to start sharing these stories to open our minds so more magic can come into our daily lives.  Email me if you’d like to share!

To kick this off, here’s my personal favorite magical story.  This isn’t astrology related, but it elicits the same affect…

Eight and a half years ago my father passed away from cancer.  It was the hardest period of my life that I had ever gone through, and I was grieving him pretty hard.  To add to this loss, my beloved dog ran out in the street right in front of my house, got hit by a car, and died only 2 weeks after my dad had passed.  I couldn’t make sense of how or why God would hit me again so soon when I was already so miserable and sad.  I then began to be paranoid that I would lose another loved one and that there was no end in sight to the misery I was feeling.  My kids were very young at the time, and I remember they were playing outside, and I was swinging on a swing thinking, “What’s next?”
As I was dwindling in my misery, I happened to look down and see a four-leaf clover.  I instantly was in disbelief.  I had looked for four-leaf clovers my entire life and NEVER had found one.  Sure enough, it was one, but then I thought for some reason,  “I can’t be that lucky.  It must be an anomaly, maybe I’m in a patch of all four-leaf clovers!”  So, I started searching to prove my hypothesis.  I instantly found a 2nd four leaf clover, and thought I proved that I had stumbled upon a weird patch of clovers that all had four leaves.  So, I kept looking and searching – nope, all the rest had 3 leaves.  Then it hit me.  This was a uniquely orchestrated sign from the universe to me that couldn’t have been more perfect.  Finding a four-leaf clover is a sign of good luck.  In this situation, I found two.  One for my father and one for my dog.  Also, there wasn’t a third, which was more confirmation that my luck was changing, and I wouldn’t have a third loss in my life.  The four-leaf clover was also a perfect sign for me since I associate it with being Irish and my Dad’s side of the family.  It was exactly what I needed to get out of my funk and begin to move on from these tragedies.  It was also proof to me that there’s a higher power that speaks through nature and the stars and that we just have to listen to it.

Energetic Theme for the Week

The Eclipse energies will still be lingering as we start the week. Everyone will be feeling things with more intensity and will be quick to react. It’s important to remember to think before you speak. This actually will be a great time to focus and accomplish tasks that require a lot of mental energy. Try and stay out of the drama and, of course, turn off the news.

Things may not be how they’re being portrayed…Click below to get more details on what to expect this week and see how Saturn turning direct may affect you personally.

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Your Soul Truth
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