It is very energetically intense in the collective again and you don’t have to be an empath to feel it. It is emotionally uneasy out there — similar to when Covid first hit, or during the George Floyd false flag, the money laundering between Democrats and big box corporations, fraudulent grand theft under the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign and organization. Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine or Maui’s DEW attack — all of it have taken a collective toll on Human emotions.

We have now entered the last phase — the unHoly war of Israel. The false flag attack happened on October 7th, 2023, on the 50th Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, aka the Ramadan War or the October War (October 6-25, 1973). October is also a very important month in the satanic occult’s world. This is a very old Energy, very old ruler, very old paybook, being recycled again, for their 50th Anniversary.

All wars are disguised as mass satanic rituals for dark and negative entities to siphon Human Loosh Energy, as well as being fundraisers in the political and corporate realm. Anyone caught the rising spikes in defense and war machines companies since the Hamas attack?

Israel has the most sophisticated intelligence and technology in the world. The massacre was allowed to unfold with cameras to show the devastation and destruction for all to see around the world — to produce heavy emotions, trigger old undissolved traumas, lower the frequency, and to siphon Loosh Energy in unaware Humans.

The khazarian mafia’s home was Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Israel. Kazakhstan’s capital Astana was the newly built headquarters of the New World Order, but that got quietly shut down shortly after the Vatican Raids in 2019. The NWO activated their next agenda Covid-19 — created in the bio-labs of Ukraine, released and distributed in Wuhan, China. The raids continued throughout Europe during Covid in 2020.

The two-year biological weapon attack on Humanity was eventually thwarted by the Earth ‘Military White Hats’ Alliance — specifically by January 15th, 2022, when the International Common Law Court of Justice convicted multiple big pharma corporations, governments, and church leaders of genocide, prohibiting further forced injections, while facing arrest and capture. This is the same international court that forced the German Pope Benedict to resign in 2014. By spring 2022, Covid started to unravel and fall apart publicly.

Russia then activated their military operation to strategically take out Ukraine’s bio-labs, funded by the Pentagon and the military industrial complex — many of them by the Russian border. They also targeted military strongholds of Ukrainian ‘Azov Battalion’ militias, composed of neo-nazi soldiers, and trained by our very own CIA.

This is why the now defunct ‘foreign-operated’ U.S. corporation of Washington DC was incredibly desperate to secure Ukraine, in order to hide or destroy their criminal enterprise receipts. Ukraine’s previous puppet president Petro Poroshenko, installed by the Obama administration, was arrested in 2022. This information has been deleted off all websites. This is the same president that Joe Biden publicly threatened to withhold Ukraine’s $1 billion funding if he didn’t have Ukraine’s prosecutor fired for investigating Hunter and his Burisma dealings. Did Poroshenko reveal all the receipts and claim he was just doing the deeds of those in Washington DC at the time to save himself? He absolutely did and all of Washington DC knew as well. The desperation for Ukraine became very dire, which explains the complete financial and military support by DC and NATO for Ukraine.

Meanwhile the mockingbird media news continues to gaslight its viewers on how Ukraine will win by the public’s support for ‘Ukraine’s freedom’. However the nazi militias lost badly — to the point their new acting president Zelenskyy became a nuisance by threatening not to do anymore of their work unless they release more budget money.

The budget money has become tighter and tighter. Meanwhile, the BRICS nations are implementing a new gold-backed financial system and pushing de-dollarization, resulting in the  usage of fiat money becoming less and less useful.

World fiat currencies have become irrelevant as many countries have been trading without it. The loss of Ukraine is now inevitable and clear. The khazarian mafia global deep state is suffering defeat and losing control of Earth’s financial system for the first time ever.

The khazarian mafia is composed of all the most powerful global ruling families, secret societies, ancient satanic, occultist members and groups, from all nations, religions, Human and non-Human races. The rabbit hole is a very deep state.

They are the group responsible for Earth’s latest modern society reset between 1600-1700 — including infrastructures, re-written history, education institutions, science narrative, technological advances, medical systems, political and government, central banking, media and entertainment. Global intelligence agencies and the military industrial complex are responsible for all major crimes against Humanity — including wars, weapons and drugs trade, the adrenochrome Human blood trade, human, child, sex, organ trafficking networks, pedophilia, cannibalism, with much more sinister and satanic matters.

The old guard of Earth has lost power to the Humans — their slaves, their livestock, their Energy Source. The Vatican was the spiritual head of this cult. The City of London was the financial brain and Washington DC was the military industrial complex. All three cities are sovereign entities and do not belong to its residing city, state or country — collectively these three sovereign cities have ruled Earth since our modern societal reset.

During Covid, the Earth Military Alliance raided the Vatican and the UK Royal families, while taking over Kazakhstan and now Ukraine. The land of old Khazaria is where Ukraine is today. The khazarian global cabal is suffering massive loss of their home territories.

What is left is Washington DC and Israel. Covert military operations have been taking place in DC and Israel since Donald Trump left the White House. Technically Earth Alliance military ops have been active for many decades all around the world to rid of the old satanic cabal. For those that may not know, Donald Trump is currently the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Republic, serving or representing the head of this Earth Military White Hats Alliance. This is another deep rabbit hole, but it is slowly revealing itself publicly, just like all recent agendas and major events. All this information has been verified and is verifiable.

I will later discuss more on the bankrupted U.S. corporation, the structure of the new United States Republic, our new rainbow currency and the Quantum Financial System, blockchain technologies, Ripple & XRP, ISO20022, Nesara Gesara, the old slave debt system, the hidden usage of Human birth certificates, your cusip number, Cestui Que Vie, and how Humans have been traded, bought, sold electronically and digitally — collectively producing the actual numbers that funds their fiat financial system.

Eons ago, the khazarians usurped Judaism. They presented themselves to the rest of the world as Jews. They formed alliances with other satanist ruling groups and families, until they were powerful enough to execute a Great Reset, restarting all countries, set up for their ruling of Earth forever — including the Human birth certificate ‘barcode’, Babylonian fiat trading system.

At the top level, the .01% heads of the beasts have been neutralized within this last decade. The remainders are mid to low level government and corporate officials — servants to their higher ups. They do not make any critical ‘planet-affecting’ decisions, but now they do and these lower level servants have never been in these positions of power, unfamiliarized and frankly, are not very smart. Almost all public figures are treated as living puppets or dolls for their higher ups. They are also repeatedly abused as sex toys or pets, depending on their master or owner’s mood.

The abuse and trauma-causing cycle is the Archonic Sexual Misery Program — installed as manifested time-loops, stemming from the top down of society. This goes into another rabbit hole, also for another time.

The Iraq War exposed the Bush, Cheney family, and friends ‘crimes against Humanity’. Ukraine exposed all DC and NATO agents. Israel will expose everyone else, including MAGA, GOP, and even those that spoke out against the Covid agenda and Ukraine war.

Like Ukraine, Israel holds the rest of the deep state cabal criminal receipts as panic grows rampantly. Their wars will fully expose all conspiring globalist and parasitic government officials — from human trafficking, election interference, government coup d’etats, money laundering, depopulation agenda, Covid crimes. Epstein and Ghislaine operations, Obama’s Iran affairs, and all other DC officials, pizzagate, frazzledrip, and much more.

All the previous psyop operations, false flags, money laundering scheme, and war machines must be exposed first — to prepare the global general public for clarity and context on what’s truly been going on with Israel and how the old U.S. corporation was controlled by Washington DC and Israel.

The full exposure of Israel include — big banks, big tech, big media, hollywood, election fraud, intelligence agency crimes, coup d’etats, human trafficking, pedophilia rings, medical industrial complex, Covid, and now the false flag of staging a terrorist event on its own citizens. The whole world will see the crimes against Humanity by ‘Israeli and Arab’ khazarians, working together to mass murder indigenous Jews and Palestinians. The same culprits are all being exposed and are losing power fast as the mk-ultra is wearing thin in this long, dragged out, 5th/6th psychological, biological, and physical warfare.

By losing Ukraine and the financial control, the war machine must continue its fund-raising efforts more than ever. In sheer desperation, confusion, and panic, the khazarian-controlled ‘low level’ government puppets must bring the war to Israel publicly with continuous public support for their wars.

For any agendas to have success, it must be acquiesced with full compliance by the general Human population. Without the general public support, no agendas can be accomplished, so the global narration and ‘story-telling’ control is a must — to broadcast spellbound-induced trance state, distraction and fear, to siphon Human Life Force Energy, manifest specific collective events, controlling Human collective timelines, utilizing mass formation psychosis, and old school mk-ultra mind control.

Israel is the last and final operation because — speaking out on anything against Israel is prohibited by anyone or any groups. The khazarian matrix will cancel anyone that speaks out against the khazarian ashkenazi, nazi, and zion (AshkenNaZion) state — which allows these usurped rulers to do anything they want, under the disguise of the highly sensitive matter of antisemitism.

No one is allowed to truthfully criticize the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Israeli government’s crimes against Humanity and there are floods of receipts — dating back to the creation of Israel via the UK and Rothchild’s Balfour Declaration.

The Balfour Declaration was designed to create nonstop conflict in Israel, but like the old U.S. corporation, the Balfour Declaration has expired. The State of Israel corporation expires this Halloween, 10/31/2023, forcing the deep state khazarian ‘black hats’ in Israel, Palestine, Iran, U.S. (DC), and the UK (City of London) — all desperately working together to get rid of the ongoing Patriot ‘Israeli, Palestinian, Iranian, UK, U.S.’ White Hats Alliance operations — which have been gathering intel and receipts since the launch of Covid.

Israel has been in a covert civil war. The ‘khazarian-controlled’ Israeli government were forced into ‘wartime laws’ to stop a coup on the Israeli government by ‘White Hats Alliance’ to expose their crimes against Humanity via the genocidal vaccine campaign with Covid. New wartime laws in Israel will allow the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Israeli military to lock up or kill Israeli White Hats commanders, behind the growing coup in Israel, while destroying evidence, and moving operations to new locations.

Military assessments, war games, and war simulation assessments conducted by CIA, Pentagon, MI6, and Mossad have all realized that the war in Israel cannot be won, like Ukraine. The world weapon supply is low and is being burned out — implemented by design for the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (Gesara).

Weapon supplies are low especially for U.S. & NATO. Turkey is a keystone. The ‘khazarian-controlled’ Turkish government must be neutralized to not further escalate war in the Middle East. In the last couple years, there have been massive ops, a covert civil war, in Turkey between khazarians and ‘White Hats Alliance’.

The next keystone is Iran, better known as Persia. In the 1970’s, Iran was a beautiful country. The women were free and could wear whatever clothing they desired publicly.

During 1978-1979, the Iranian Revolution uprising toppled the monarchy on February 11, 1979, and the establishment of an Islamic republic. The early days of a ‘color’ revolution was a ‘coup d’etat’, to bring together Iranians across many different social groups, under a false pretense of social justice, freedom, democracy, and independence from the ancient regime. The revolution also led to the replacement of the Imperial State of Iran by the modern Islamic Republic of Iran, which were the ‘khazarian-controlled’ government agents, via the Muslim Brotherhood.

During 1978 and early 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini would become the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, overturning 2,500 years of Persia’s monarchical rule — making his way to Iran, from France.

It was a tumultuous period of revolutionary extremes that included killing off supporters of the old regime, taking foreigners hostage, and fostering Islam extremists. The turmoil was exacerbated by an eight-year war with Iraq that became the Middle East’s bloodiest modern conflict, with Israel controlling Washington DC to broker and sell weapon arms to both countries simultaneously.

The ‘khazarian-controlled’ agents in Israel and Washington DC were now able to control both Iraq and Iran from within, taking full advantage of their massive natural resources, precious metals, oil, gas, and their currency valuation. Iran has always been in the top ten oil producers of the world.

The ‘khazarian-controlled’ usurped Iranian government are also the same khazarian-controlling Israel and Washington DC. They have all been working covertly together — connecting Israel’s Netanyahu, Washington DC’s Clinton, Obama, Biden administration, and their Iran’s Nuclear Deal. The ‘khazarian-controlled’ Iran was also responsible for the ‘killing of Osama Bin Laden’ false flag, produced for Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama to take credit publicly. As part of a settlement deal, Obama transferred $1.7 billion, with $400 million in cash, sent by military planes to Iran in 2016.

When Donald Trump came into the White House, he canceled all previous deals with the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Iranian government, which caused a massive uproar with the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Washington DC agents and Israeli government. This was the start of the covert civil war in Iran.

After decades of being ruled by an usurped government, Iraqi and Iranian Patriots, along with the help of the Earth ‘Military White Hats’ Alliance, have made massive efforts to take back control of their land and People. Iraq has recently broken free from the khazarian mafia and now Iran is their last milking cow for resources, so the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Israel and Washington DC must launch their final war to keep Iran in bondage.

Like the neo-nazi militias in Ukraine losing to the Russian military, the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Iranian government was losing to the Persian Patriots with the help of BRICS & the ‘Military White Hats’. Whenever the khazarian soldiers are forced into a corner by ‘Military White Hats’, their last resort is to harm and kill innocent everyday Humans. This is currently happening in the U.S., happening in Ukraine and also in Iran.

Iran’s covert civil war got the world’s attention last year when the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Iranian government murdered and raped young Iranian girls, students, and women for protesting. Murdering and raping their own citizens is the last sign of defeat.

By January 2024, Iran officially joins BRICS, with Iraq de-dollarizing and both are on expediting routes to ‘reset and revalue’ their currency.

BRICS and the Arab nations needed justification for ‘de-dollarization’, without the appearance of conspiracy to attack or taking down another nation’s currency. However the U.S. and Israel’s first strike against Iran will launch the ‘necessary scare event’ of WW3 and justify for BRICS nations to de-dollarize — eventually causing the U.S., EU, and all khazarian financial systems to crash completely.

“We have precise and accurate intelligence, which indicates that all aspects of Israel’s war against Gaza are managed and supervised directly by the US military leadership” -Iranian Foreign Minister.

When the khazarians launched the Hamas attacks, it gave the ‘White Hats Alliance’ a greenlight for countermeasure operations and on-ground ‘raids’ in Israel and Gaza. This is an extension of the Law of War and Military Law with Donal Trump as Commander in Chief under Continuity of Government (COG), during this phase called Devolution.

The Samson Option — the old guard will scorch Earth and Humanity before relinquishing control of the financial system to their slaves, their livestock, and their food source. The idea of their ‘slaves’ taking control of the new money system is beyond sickening. ‘Over my dead body’ is their sentiment on the transition of power. Depopulation is the dead body of Humanity — which is why everything in the global matrix, within their control, can and has been weaponized against their Human users, consumers, and participants.

Everything that is unfolding has been written in their playbook. In a desperate attempt to win public support for war, the satanic sacrifice of the Hamas attacks were to draw out the lowest Human emotions as possible — to easily justify their need for more war against the most horrific enemy. The easiest and lowest hanging fruit for Israel, with its media and hollywood expertise, is to reshape the global public’s perception of ‘Arabs’ back to the scary boogeyman terrorist… again.

And this is not a hard task, considering the decades of ‘Islamic Extremist’ programming by the Muslim Brotherhood. Many of the everyday Arabs view Israel, Jews, and the U.S. as one big warmongering entity that has been stealing Arab nations’ resources for many decades now. Add in these heavy and extreme emotions from everyday Arabs towards Jews and the western nations, capture it on camera, to create a scary Arab boogeyman for everyday Jews and Americans.

Israeli citizens almost toppled the ‘khazarian-controlled’ Israeli government. The whole world watched what the Israeli government did to its citizens during the CONvid scamdemic — mass genocide via forced vaccinations, digital ID, and draconian rulership. Millions of Israelis took to the streets and almost took down their government leadership. These protests continue up until the Hamas attacks.

Covid made Humans pick a side. BLM and Antifa made Humans pick a side. Ukraine made Humans pick a side. And now Israel is making Humans pick a side — the old and reliable ‘divide and conquer’ tactic.

‘To kill many with one stone’, they designed the Hamas attack in honor of their 50th Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War by making it as gruesome and horrific as possible, like a real life horror movie, with as much bloodshed as possible — in a mass sacrifice to appease their satanic deities, in hopes for salvation and continue ruling Earth.

Hamas, Israeli Defense Force, and Mossad is a multi-headed monster. They all serve the same master and all are committing real horrific crimes against Humanity.

The images of war are disturbing and very ugly. Wartime events are not polarized. Events are not black and white. It’s never this or that. We are witnessing the modern ‘Art of War’. Mockingbird media, heavy-emotion provoking headlines, disinformation, misinformation, psyops, 5th/6th psychological warfare, mass formation psychosis, crisis actors, and false flags are all being activated. All of it happening all at once. Disturbing images and graphics are invoking heavy Human Emotions to siphon Loosh Energy and lower the vibration of Humanity as a whole.

The continuous ‘fear porn’ campaign is produced by many false or fabricated footages to flood the internet. Are real crimes against Humanity happening to everyday Jews in Israel? Yes. Are they also happening to Palestinians as well? Yes. Are they producing fake videos? Yes.

Khazarian-controlled Hamas and Israeli agents are outdoing one another in ruthlessness. Violent crimes against Jews will infuriate Jews and raise further hatred for Palestinians or Arabs. Violent crimes against Palestinians will infuriate Arabs and raise further hatred for Jews. It is a perfect time-loop cycle for hatred and violence between Humans that identify with these labels.

Will those that ‘Stand for Israel’ point out the crimes against Humanity on Palestinians or Arabs? Will those that ‘Stand for Palestine’ scream out crimes against Humanity on Jews? Will real Arabs, Palestinians and Jews continue to be manipulated by the ‘khazarian-controlled’ media matrix or will they acknowledge ONE another as Divine Children of God?

By using the false flag of the Hamas attacks, khazarian deep state ‘moles’ can come out and speak loudly with ‘revenge Energy’, to pump mass fear for justification on further kinetic war events — just like they did with 9/11 and the Iraq war.

Watch for anyone who promotes genocide on both sides. The ‘mole’ influencers are now speaking the loudest. False ‘Pro-Israel and Jews’ will push for mass-murdering Palestinians or Arabs. False ‘Pro-Palestinians or Arabs’ will push for Jihad or killing all Jews and Israelis. They are NOT Pro ‘Israel or Palestinian’ at all. They are PRO-DEATH. They are anti-life. It is all satanic ritualistic in disguised psyops.

The dark side easily manipulates unaware 3D Humans, installing fear, rage, anger, and vengeance Energy within them. They quickly defend and fight for ‘the labels they identify with’ against any or all others who identify with opposing labels — causing them to cheer for the slaughter and abuse of the ‘other side’.

This frequency magnetizes heavy Karmic Energy — while the glands produce negative ‘Emotional Codes’ within the Human body-vessel, which will manifest into diseases and terminal illness if it remains undissolved. Humans holding these heavy emotions will also sink into the lowest timelines where this Energy will manifest the most undesirable physical events.

E-Motion = Energy in Motion. When heavy emotions are in the collective, it generates massive vortex Energy, and all Humans will feel it, whether they are aware of it or not. The dark forces are experts in invoking and playing Human emotions, especially the lower ones. This is their biggest trap.

Everyday unaware Humans that chant and repeat words from the ‘mole influencers’ that favor war — are dwelling in the same Energy as the warmongers, serial killers, psychopaths, abortionists, anti-life, anti-Human, and satanists.

The ‘trauma and fear’ codes have been embedded in Human DNA for centuries now. ALL race groups have them. War has affected everyone. Some, of course, are more than others, but everyone has dealt with pain, grief, and suffering. Much of the ‘ancestral trauma fractals, fragments, and debris’ have not been dissolved yet in the collective. So when kinetic events occur, this undissolved Energy rises to the surface like boiling water within unaware and ungrounded Humans — rocking them to their core, throwing them unbalanced, and the body-vessel’s auto-pilot switches ON to the ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Revenge is very harmful to the holder of this Energy. Those with vengeance Energy in their Heart will self-destruct, magnetizing themselves into the lower timeline and/or on an expedited path towards the current ‘3D Human Life’ Exodus.

Revenge is a very tricky and deceptive Energy — even when it’s justified. For example, when we watch someone or some group hurting or harming other innocent Humans, especially children, the natural reactions are anger, rage, and revenge, disguised as justice. An Eye for An Eye — this is in the Bible.

In predictive programming, produced in hollywood media content, revenge Energy is provoked all the time, along with fear porn, which all goes hand in hand. When the Human aura is filled with revenge Energy, a cellular activation is opened and this allows unseen negative entities into the Human auric field and into the body-vessel, ripe for manipulation and possession.

Revenge Energy is seemingly righting a wrong or justice being served, but the trap is the holder of this Energy will fall into the lower timelines when acted upon, accumulating massive Karmic Energy and debt. With the Higher Energy currently flooding in our realm, even ‘revenge’, intentions can magnetize ‘instant karma’.

Do not get manipulated and get in an ‘anger, fearful, sadden, revengeful or hatred’ emotion or Energy. This will only harm yourself.

Karmic Debts are being collected. The Devil is also collecting Human Souls & bodies. Karmic Energy is purging Earth and Humanity. The Timelines are merging. The Bifurcation process is shifting faster. The road into the Ascension gates is becoming narrow. Those caught in the Storm are getting swept away. The Ending is NOT for everyone.

Humanity cannot war our way into New Earth, but the old guards can war and trap Humanity back into the lowest timelines. They are losing all fronts and this is the reason they are destroying everything and anything on their way out.

We are in the biblical ‘End Times’ with public optics of a nuclear World War 3 and a ‘near death experience’ for the general population. This is all part of the Great Awakening.

However, we are not in a timeline for a nuclear war. There are counter measures in place to prevent these events from happening. But this is a global extermination operation and battle to rid a thousand-plus year old dark, satanic, parasitic, cannibalistic group of ruling cabals with all the power, money, and resources of the world — while holding ‘unaware everyday Humans in every country’ as hostages. It is a very delicate and strenuous operation. There will be mass casualties, like what we’ve already witnessed with Covid, Ukraine, weather warfare, DEW, Maui, and now Israel.

Understanding and having clarity on current events and what’s truly going on is not to be obsessed or to lower Human emotions, produce fear, but to know that know that Humanity is going to prevail, with trusting in ourselves, holding strongly to our Faith, standing and embodying as natural Sovereign Human Beings. To view all other natural Sovereign Human Beings as our own brothers and sisters of God.

To all Humans of Earth — You, your families, and ancestors have been caught up in nonstop controlled false flags for centuries, by a very dark, and old entity. Do not recycle, imbue, and absorb this old energy from their old playbook.

Please drop your identities and labels. This has nothing to do with the Love for your race, culture, for your People, country, or your FAITH. They have used and weaponized the labels you’ve identified with, as tools for mass division and conflict.

The only identity Humans should hold in this current spacetime is ‘Divine CHILDREN of GOD’.

We are Spiritual and Energetic Beings having a temporary physical experience within a certain type of Human body — entering from a certain area of Earth. Human Souls have experienced ALL races and both genders, from all walks of life in society, throughout history.

It is a real life horror movie being played out in the old 3D world. We are witnessing a massive global satanic ritual as the old guard is scorching Earth on its way out. The Armageddon program is playing itself out.

Do not fall for the divisive traps of blaming, shaming, guilt, and proving who’s right or who’s wrong. Step away from the battlefields. The physical, verbal, and energetic battlefield is a massive ‘witch cauldron’ to hold and slow-cook mass unaware Humans — for their Loosh harvest season feast.

We have reached the boiling point of world events. Observe it with neutrality. Help those to ease their suffering in your immediate spacetime, if you are able to.

We are in the biggest purge of this old Energy. All karmic debts must be paid and this tab is as high as the old U.S. corporation’s national debt. We are witnessing Revelation and Exodus of the old 3D Human lifestyle. No one will escape their Judgment Day — no matter what title or identity One holds.

It is vital to clear the old programming — purge and cleanse the old Energy from Self. It is better to voluntarily pay a debt back rather than having a collector come to collect with force. Clear your karma. Clear your ancestral karma. Clear yourSelf of all old 3D matrix programming from within.

Repent. Remember. Rebalance. Recalibrate. Recharge.

Delete the division program in Humanity and command Unity with ALL Organic Human Souls in Christ Energy, in all space time continuums, all timelines, all realities, all dimensions, past, present, and future — for ONE Humanity with sovereignty and freedom for ALL sentient living Beings.

Open your body-vessel for Light and GOD. It is also vital to open, activate, and stay in your Sacred Heart — for this will expand your Auric Field and become your Shield of Protection to keep you within the Eye of the Storm.

The Christed Energy MUST be embodied. Godspeed and God Bless.

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light 🙏🏽💜

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  1. Of all the Weekend Awakening, Ascension Connection and Healing Group calls we've had over the last 5 years, the article summarizes so many of the points, clearly and confidently. I'm impressed! Halloween may indeed be the end of the old guard. I'm ready for new Earth!


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