We’ve entered a new phase of the event – Israel for last?

I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks for a couple reasons – I want to be an observer and I had some other things to tend to. Both allowed me to be neutral in the face of the new calamities that are occurring: UFO hearings, Biden impeachment proceedings, Peru alien “face eater” attacks, US bond market melt-down, US debt crisis, Speaker of the House vote, Israel offensive, off-planet intervention, Black Sun ultimatums, escalation of kinetic scuffles in the MidEast, Trump “gag” orders aka “election interference”, Ukraine aid and war status among some other things.

Rather than diving into all of these issues and others regarding climate, energy, burning Tesla batteries, food stability, immigrant armies in the US and UK, German energy issues, BRICS alliances, etc. I’ve taken the position to let things play out and observe who is saying what about any of these issues.

It has become abundantly clear that the US is under heavy Israeli influence. At least the politicians and media darlings.

You must save yourself

The overarching thing that has come up is that we have to maintain balance. As when the pandemic broke out, we knew that this was a fear tactic – False Evidence Appearing Real – we’ve come to see that there’s been a lot of false evidence in the Israel conflict. Surprisingly, there’s been a very healthy pro-Palestine movement globally. If we want to judge the ascension of the planet, that right there is a good sign that I see. But, I did wonder if it meant that both sides were being played to create a divide.

How accurate is the chart below? Just put Biden in place where HRC was going to be.

You know I’ve long talked about a desired civil war in the US. This is what the globalists or cabal want. They want to have the public fight amongst themselves and have set up a bureaucracy to support the dismantling of the Constitution. See Trump’s trial if you want to see activist judges in action.

There’s also antifa out again trying to pressure the system, and the shooting event in Maine is creating a lot of loosh for those parasitic feeders.

As the world appears to be descending into chaos, the Trump, patriots, and white hats would like to create the situation where they can come in as the rescuers. Now maybe this is what we’re creating collectively, but I don’t buy it.

I see the Trump program as selfish altruism. Yes, I always give credit to Trump as having saved us. By winning, he gave our movement and message the time it needed to wake up people and the heavy lifting some of us did to get the Zionist, Molach worshipping, sanhedrin, NWO, Black Sun messages out there is bearing fruit.

By their deeds, you shall know them. By becoming aware and awake of this Satanist cult and their horrible deeds, we can make a stand against this evil. I’ve been getting that message out that we need to stand up in this time for positivity. We are seeing a lot of people telling truth to power. That is our hope. And the hope is with us. Ourselves. It’s not with these bought and paid for schills who can’t seem to think anything other than “we must give Israel everything they need.”

Nope, sorry, we don’t. Give them love and support for a peace in the region.

And just so you get an idea of the position of Zionism in the grand scheme of things:

So, stay balanced over the next few days as it’s a cycle for more attempts at the plan. There are positive forces at play too which have by many accounts taken care of everything. But, this needs to play out still so that more can see it.

Perhaps we spend our energy praying for that.

Be well. Be blessed.

Source: NaradigmShift

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  1. We are Higher Consciousness visiting this world, and using animal bodies to navigate. If you identify with this persona and body, then fears of survival, food, sex, affection, warmth, home…can be used to corral and control you.
    So many chat about ascension, enlightenment, …which means leaving this animal vessel, and DYING. Passing over. That's the Liberation. Always has been.
    Fretting about "Masons" misses the obvious point that "God" is the Master Mason, that is, the One or Thing or Process that expresses IT-Self through Nature. Don't prattle on about "Satan." So-called Satan is simply God's Department of Deconstruction. IT'S A GAME!
    Everything born will have a day in the sun then DIE and be recycled, so New Life can rise up again. Over and over.
    Civilizations die, decline, get putrid and corrupted. Like rotting vegetation.
    All this fear about "Israel" (the remnant Shadow Self of Old El reborn as the petulant Yahoo-Weh) is to not see that we are simply in the middle of yet another cyclical Winter of composting of rotten civilizations gotten corrupt.
    Oddly many love video games wherein you get to be in God mode and run around destroying and killing and blowing things up! It's intrinsic. The bonds of Mater in the Matrix begin to strangle us and we long to destroy! That releases the suffering spiritual tourist …
    Let it go.
    THEY want Reset to keep their rotten game going. If YOU want Truth, then Truth is: to die is to ascend…but it all comes back again.
    Ride the Wave coming in.
    You know the Ending of the Story. Get out the popcorn and enjoy. You asked to come here for this rather rare moment in time, the conclusion of a 6,000 year cycle of gradual decline,…and then…the Turn-Around. We came to add our understanding and awareness to help smooth out the Inevitable time when this was scheduled to come upon us.
    Cheers fellow humanoids.

  2. In 2012, the Son of Man's UFO Mothership entered our solar system. His representatives called the elite to Antartica and delivered an ultimatum that if they did not shut down the current reality they would return the entire globe to the stone age. ALL of the elite are in on the destruction of America. What we know as America was an experiment from its inception and is built on lies, genocide, materialism, warmongering, fearmongering and all other manner of evil. There is very little about America that is worth retaining. How can a people programmed with lies, oppressed with propaganda, and attached to materialism possibly have any wisdom or insight? All Americans must be silenced and taught to listen and obey. Our way of life corrupts and poisons the whole world. Our garbage from our materialism pollutes nations around the world because we make so much of it we can't even process all of it. Our wars destroy nations all around the world, (except for the White nations, until recently when we hit Germany with the Nordstream sabotage). We steal the resources of other nations and then turn around and point the finger at their lack of "development" and "advancement". We absolutely refuse to do right by Black people and Native Americans never ever making them whole while giving billions to fake Jews and giving reparations to Japanese and all other groups. America deserves what's coming because it will be the only way to relieve the world's suffering from the mind and actions of the Western man. May all aspects of Western society be washed away since it was primarily built on lies to begin with.


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