Are you an influencer or the one influenced?

Rev Kat Carroll

You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to figure out that social media and legacy media are being used to influence our behavior. The sheer volume of advertisements for products and services is overwhelming. Back in the 70’s, you might get a couple of commercials every 15 to 30 minutes. Now, even the videos we watch on our devices are blasted with ads every few minutes (even some for meditation!).

At a time when we should be holding back on major purchases or making hasty decisions, we are being influenced to take on more debt, try new drugs with litany of side effects, or to take a side in current issues when we don’t have all the facts. The big ones of late have been:

  • Climate Change
  • Global Conflicts
  • Gender Choices
  • Economic/Financial Concerns
  • Supply and Cost of Energy, Housing, Fuel, Food and Water
  • Immigration
  • UFO/UAP incursions
  • Freedom of Speech

What some may not know is that there is a battle taking place for our hearts and minds. But it’s not a kinetic war… It’s 5th generational warfare and designed to influence our feelings, our votes and even to accept social changes that may not be in our best interest. Covid-19 was the perfect example of shifting our consciousness. Put a guy in a white lab coat in front of the world and it didn’t matter if he changed his mind repeatedly. Only the many commercials seemed to matter, and we were told frequently what to do, and what to fear. Businesses fell in line to prevent losing insurance coverage, or to obtain financial incentives being offered. They didn’t necessarily know they were supporting agendas that were eradicating our freedoms, health, and even our right to choose.

Those who bothered to conduct any research learned that what we were told was often not true.  But since the information was being broadcast in mainstream media, most believed it, and still do. People were wanting to fit in, not cause problems or be rejected by family, friends and businesses that were going along with the agenda. Many who tried to warn family and friends found themselves on the outside of the argument and often blocked by friends, hushed, or ignored. But there was no evil intent behind sharing the information. Why is it so easy to dismiss valid information from other sources?

In original kinetic war, the standard was to bomb a city, cut off water and crucial supplies in order to soften the population for a takeover.  In this new cyber and 5th generational warfare, it’s all about controlling information. Just as with the Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution), it leads us to make decisions based on false information with the anticipation of a solution. That solution was always the goal of the people behind the agenda. The majority of the population was lead (like sheep) to make or allow that specific agenda, but unknowingly. That’s the psychological aspect of this type of warfare.

There are computer algorithms used to send you only what you are interested in and following (and the system is good at it). But you may miss important alternative views. We’ve had rampant censorship of information and opinions, and it is still taking place around the world. It’s often easier to find information from another country about what’s happening in our nation due to the strong censorship in America. Because these algorithms are so good, people argue, each believing they are right based on what they have seen or read and which platforms or news outlets they follow. Each may be missing vital information. Most don’t understand that it’s a small number of corporations that control all information provided in the media and their subsidiaries.

We seldom get the whole truth, and I learned years ago, there are not a lot of laws to protect us from false information shared by news media.  Even laws regarding government information and lies are ambiguous at best!

How are we expected to move ahead as a society when the truth is often withheld from the public or has us fighting each other? To divide and conquer has long been part of the agenda in warfare.

We influence each other. In a time where the talk is about ascension and raising your vibration, a lot of snarky and fearful commentary is being spread in social media.  Some feel it’s important to share the worst stories regarding war, violence, and corruption. How we respond to information reflects our personality. Do you post articles and comments that are positive, supportive, encouraging, or if you don’t agree, do you bash the person or their comments when you could just ignore it?

It’s also become clear that messaging and emojis don’t always portray the true meaning of what is said. People can be lazy, and we look for shortcuts such as emoji’s and abbreviations. But we miss the benefit of face-to-face interaction, voice inflection, eye contact and body language. A typed message may fall short of the mark and cause confusion when it’s not clear. It can even trigger some into rage. In those cases, I believe it’s best to ask for clarification before jumping to conclusions.

As far as media goes, whether it’s TV broadcasts or social media platforms, we may discern more by asking ourself how the information makes us feel. Is it beneficial, does it cause fear, does it make you want to take a side (is it divicive? ). Is it predictive programming?  If so, you are likely under the influence of someone or group, with an agenda. There are only 6 companies who control the flow of information and it’s part of the psychological warfare used on the public.  For a great video on this topic, listen to Gregg Braden~

‘THE BIG SIX’ & 5th Generational Warfare Who Shape Our Perspective on World Events

These are a couple of memes I saw on religion which is at the forefront of our minds with the current conflict in the Middle East. Knowing that there is often more involved than what the public is told, I don’t take sides and observe the situation.

We’ve been dealing with misinformation, disinformation, censorship, propaganda and bad communication for some time now. It’s up to us to look deeper into situations and discern the truth for ourselves rather than be told what to believe, as in this clip from MSNBC:

You can listen to the entire conversation about Twitter and freedom of speech by clicking on the above image.

Each of us sometimes steps into the role of being an influencer. We need to be aware of what we say and how it will affect others. I hope each of us will find the words to support and uplift each other in this time of struggle and global transition… And hopefully a transition to a much better world once we get through this time of tribulation.

It’s not pretty, but it is meant to wake us up to think for ourselves. What you focus on will expand so choose wisely what you wish to follow and how you choose to respond.

Be a positive influence in the world.

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I've been interested in all things related to metaphysics, parapsychology, spirituality and anything related to space since childhood. I'm the kid who used to let the Jehova Witness and Mormans into the house so I could ask a million questions. I've always wanted to be of service and ended up working as an EMT and later in law enforcement. A family job transfer lead me to Washington State for 5 years where I went back to studying spiritual phenomenon and meeting some fascinating people. I've had several initiations, was taught energy healing and became certified in Reiki III over the final 3 years. I had a larger awakening and understanding of how it Reiki worked, remote sensing and more after returning to CA in 2001. I love researching and now writing and being a spokesperson for benevolent contact with NHIB through the practice of meditation. I experienced a spontaneous healing and not long after the "quickening" of 12/21/2012, began having more paranormal experiences, including seeing the UFOs, and orbs that fly over at night. I'm also a volunteer /Admin for ETLetsTalk and love teaching others how to make that connection that I know will one day lead us out of the darkness and into a brighter future.


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