Are Aliens watching humanity? How Long have they been here and what is it that they want? – New Documentary by Paul Wallis Author of THE EDEN CONSPIRACY.

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  1. So we are now going to base all our decisions on Aboriginal Dream-Time Stories and Hope Indian myths. This sounds like a soft entry into project Blue Beam which we know the Elite want to do. This is a staged invasion of unknown extra terrestrials, using Blue Beam lasers and masking conventional weapons to destroy the Earth. The Elite are planning to instill fear in the population and then provide the solution of a One World Government. We know their playbook and no one, except the sleeping masses, will buy this deception.

  2. He is correct. We would love to have new experiences and we are tired of the "battle for money, land and resources". But what he misses is the "deep centuries of programming" that caused us to "battle for money, land and resources". That "programming" originated from a group of ETs that NEVER want humans to "sit at the cosmic table". The problem is that those who were the victors in the "programmed battle for money, land and resources" are so deeply programmed that they can never figure out the manipulation of the Space/Time continuum because they have been programmed for failure to ensure they never reach the "cosmic table" but they don't know it because they are blinded by the programming and the position of strength they hold by reason of their control over "money, land and resources" makes it impossible for them to step aside and let those who are not program take the lead. This is the nature of the insidiousness of the program. It guarantees failure in achieving real progress for humanity. You can see it in the mindset of our ancestors that caused our slow development in all of the areas that would lengthen our lifespan. For instance, it took more than 300 years after ridiculing indigenous and African slaves for eating with their hands for modern man to "understand" that eating with the fingers controls diabetes and overeating and places beneficial bacteria in the gut. It took more than 300 years after ridiculing indigenous and African slaves for walking barefoot for modern man to "understand" the electromagnetic benefits of grounding. It took more than 300 years after ridiculing indigenous and African slaves for squatting when defecating for modern man to "understand" the benefits of squatting and "create" the squatty potty. And there are hundreds of more examples that modern man is "blind" to how "slowly" they have developed by reason of the programming. ALL Superiority Complexes DEMAND suffering; suffering of those who hold the complex as well as suffering of those who do not. Those who hold the complex cannot consider any idea or process that does not reinforce their perception of superiority. Therefore, they will either ignore it to their own peril or steal it and say that the idea originate with them. At this rate, modern man will NEVER gain an "understanding" of the space/time continuum as this understanding rests solely with the brown people of the planet and until those who have been heavily programmed with superiority complexes have been de-programmed and are no longer leading, that wisdom will never be shared with them. The best first step is for those heavily programmed with the ET program of superiority complex acknowledge same and realize that they must not lead because every idea springs from a mind and consciousness heavily programmed with a self-destructing ideology that prevents their advancement. This is essentially the White Man's burden place upon them by the ETs known as the Fallen Angels who never wanted humanity to have a "seat at the cosmic table" and the only way to overcome this is by telling the Whole Truth loud and clear no matter how painful it may feel. The vibration of the words of truth will break the programming within, the pain felt by realizing this is the pain of the programming being disconnected from the consciousness and the beginning of the first steps of freedom.


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