Now that the defeat of the Khazarian Mafia is inevitable, preparations for a new Bretton Woods conference to map a new future for humanity have begun. This means we are now in a sort of interlude between the end of the old system and the start of the new. The implications will be life-changing for all of us.

To understand what this will mean for the West, it might be a good time to look at the fall of the Soviet Union. When I visited Russia after the fall of the USSR one thing I noticed was huge and derelict industrial plants and complexes lying abandoned in the countryside. A system that had been running for 75 years suddenly stopped and the results were far-reaching. Entire industrial echo systems suddenly had the plug pulled on them. What followed was looting and poverty as KM gangsters jumped into the vacuum that followed the collapse. Then, when Christian Russian patriots rallied behind the symbol of Vladimir Putin, living standards doubled within a year. Now a renewed Russia is stronger and more prosperous than at any time under the USSR.

The West is now facing a similar situation. Huge industrial and social processes that have been continuing for decades are being or will be, stopped in their tracks. If the process is not handled properly, the result will be widespread poverty and social decay. This is already underway as Western, especially US living standards plummet. Things will get far worse until the victors of the war against the KM plot a new direction for the West.

The situation facing the West is even more problematic than the Soviet Union because two viciously fighting factions are both facing defeat. The hard-liners, who wanted to start World War III and kill 90% of humanity, are on their last legs fighting a final genocidal war in Gaza. The moderates, or carbon-causes-global warming faction, are facing a collapse of vast industrial plans based on lies.

Both factions have run out of money. The genocidal forces are not getting any funds for their wars in Ukraine, Israel and elsewhere.

The carbon people are watching market reality crush their central planning for electric cars, wind farms, etc.

Electric cars cost more to repair than they cost to build and nobody wants them. The cost of replacing the battery in a 2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 is over $60,000; more than the $55,000 cost of the new car.

Windmills are wearing out and money earned from selling wind power cannot pay for depreciation or repairs. By the twelfth year of operation, higher-than-anticipated turbine failure rates mean costs of deep-water wind turbines exceed their government-guaranteed prices. This makes it impossible to repay their financing costs.

That is probably why Scottish Power admitted 71 of its windmills were hooked up to the fossil fuel supply after a fault developed with their power supply.

Boondoggles of this sort are why the carbon people failed to get funding for various “climate change” multi-trillion dollar scams at their recent COP28 mega party.

The Chinese too, are in trouble because their own massive, multi-decade industrial plans are running into fundamental roadblocks.

The Chinese real estate sector in particular is an elephant that cannot be ignored. Some reports say they may have built 3 billion apartments for 1.4 billion people and yet housing remains unaffordable. It also turns out that moving people into cramped apartments discourages them from having children so China faces a demographic collapse. Their huge bets on electric cars are also going to be upended when hydrogen technology renders it obsolete.

In other words, both China and the West (the rest of the world not so much) need to completely change their long, short and medium turn economic plans.

That is why high-level meetings are being prepared for March to come up with an alternative future direction for Western and Chinese economics.

The victors in the war against the KM are now presenting plans that are astonishing in their scale and ambition. To understand how fundamental the changes will be, consider the basic agreement between Asian and Western secret societies: from now on our purpose as a species will be to increase the amount and variety of life, including human life.

Once the plans on how to accomplish this are worked out, the result will make the Cambrian explosion look like a champagne bubble by comparison.

In particular, the ability to manipulate genes will


allow us to become immortal and create a virtually infinite variety of new plant and animal species. For example, it is now possible for people to enhance their own genomes with cat genes and become cat/human hybrids. At the same time, the old elite was caught in the act of trying to use gene-altering vaccines to make us genetically subservient sheeple forever. The question we must now answer is just how should we proceed with this newfound power over the shape of life itself.

The release of hydrogen technology will make so much energy available that we will all be able to live like billionaires. It also could make the equivalent of hydrogen bombs available to disturbed teenagers. Again, how do we proceed?

Also, access to secret space program technology like anti-gravity, will have bigger implications for the 21st century than air travel had for the 20th century. People will be able to travel almost instantaneously to anywhere on Earth and possibly beyond. At the same time, undesirable people could pop out of virtually nowhere and end up in your backyard. How should we proceed?

The implications are so mind-boggling and far-reaching that high-level meetings held under the glare of public scrutiny will be needed to plan our way into this wonderful yet potentially horrific new future.

Invitations are being sent out to representatives of major power groupings like the Western Illuminati council, the Asian secret societies, the Russians and others to create replacements or revampments for dysfunctional post-war institutions like the UN, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the International Criminal Court etc. When this happens, further public announcements will be made.

In the meantime, a snapshot of news from around the world in the past week shows a still frame of systems collapse.

Syrian President Bashar Assad summarized the overall situation in a in a rare speech: “What intersects between the Syrian war, the war in Palestine, the war on Ukraine, the South China Sea conflict, Venezuela and others, is that all these wars waged by the West, particularly America, and are primarily based on controlling not only the land, but more importantly, the narrative…the war is a war of truth, and whoever wins, wins the truth.”

As he says, it is a battle over the psychological process of deciding what we as a species, do in the future. The old guard of the West is losing the battle.

Let us start by looking at the KM mass murder faction holdouts carrying on genocide in Gaza. What we see here is the imminent demise of the rogue state of Israel.

Some delusional Israelis still think they are going to get away with their latest genocide with an Israeli firm pitching beachfront real estate in leveled Gaza. The reality is the opposite, the last of the KM will be hunted down in their Israeli hideouts.

The latest sign of this is, an international trade and shipping embargo against Israel that has resulted in an 85% drop in shipping to that country. “We are in possession of munitions and military gear that can sink your warships, submarines and aircraft carriers,” Yemen’s Major General Mohammad al-Atifi says. “The Yemeni Armed Forces only target ships that are either Israeli-owned or heading towards Israeli ports,” he adds.

Not only has the Suez Canal been cut off but now so have the Straits of Gibraltar. An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander said the Mediterranean Sea could be closed to Israel if the United States and its allies continued to commit “crimes” in Gaza, Iranian media reported on Saturday.

This reflects a military defeat. Decades of turning the Pentagon into a giant pig trough has resulted in the US military spending millions shooting down drones and missiles worth in the region of $1,000. The US will run out of million-dollar weapons far sooner than their opponents run out of thousand-dollar drones.

The defeat in the Ukraine was also comprehensive. The Russian military reports:

Since February 2022, Kyiv has received over 5.2 thousand tanks and armored vehicles, close to 1.5 thousand artillery guns and multiple launch rocket systems, 1.3 thousand antiaircraft missile complexes, over 23 thousand antitank missile complexes, over a hundred airplanes and helicopters, and 23 thousand drones…Close to 100,000 Ukrainian military were trained in the West. Besides, Ukraine received over 200 long-range cruise missiles.

The result:

Modern Russian hardware was rigidly tested in conditions of the special operation and displayed supremacy over similar weapons of NATO countries…The Russian military has changed the general combat tactic and created assault and drone units.

The US has also lost the soft power war because they have long since ceased to have any pretense of being “the good guys.”

“Jewish supremacists have come to dominate American media, finance, politics, and of course foreign policy. They are committing Biblical-scale genocide against the “seed of Amalek” (i.e. non-Jews) in Ukraine—which has lost more than 14 million people, almost all Slavic Christians whom Jews view as their traditional enemies since the current war began. Half a million Slavic Christians on both sides have been killed,” says Kevin Barrett.

A sign of Christians fighting back came in Poland when the Politician Grzegorz Braun doused Hannukkah candlesticks with a fire extinguisher. He was angered by the portrait of Menachem Mendel Schneerson who said Jews should murder and enslave goyim in Ukraine and Russia [not to mention the rest of the world], Polish sources explain.

Now it looks like KM slave politician Chancellor Olaf Sholz has been picked up for questioning by the Alliance hence this headline:

“German Chancellor Scholz tests positive for COVID, a visit by new Slovak leader canceled.”

The switch from genocide against Christians in Ukraine to genocide against Muslims in Judea (wrongly labeled Palestine) has only added to the international isolation of USrael.

A new poll has found that 96 percent of Saudi nationals believe that Arab countries should cut ties with Israel in response to the war in Gaza.

The Chabad death cult will be brought to justice, of this, you can be sure.

“Today, US domination of the United Nations is denounced by a vast majority of member states…the BRICS are lining up to bring the institution back into line with international law,” says French Journalist Thierry Meyssan, reflecting the views of most of the world.

As Archbishop Carlo Vigano points out: “The [KW] WEF threatens the heads of government of the 20 most industrialized countries in the world to carry out the Great Reset. This is a worldwide coup that people must rise up against. All the rulers of the nations have been enslaved or blackmailed by this international mafia.”

Here you can watch a politician explain a milder version of the blackmail: “This is how it works: …some, whatever you’re into—comes up to you, they’re very attractive and laughing at your jokes. Next thing you know, you’re in the hotel room with them naked. You’re getting ready to make a key vote, and some well-dressed person comes up and whispers in your ear, ‘Hey man, there are tapes out on you, and you really ought not to be voting for this thing.’”

Fortunately, now that the world’s military and intelligence community are aware of the nature of the problem, they are taking action. That is why the list of people who went to Jeffrey Epstein’s child torture, murder and subsequent blackmail Island are going to be made public. Here is a partial list:

Adam Perry Lang


Al Gore

Alan Dershowitz

Alberta Pinto

Alee Baldwin

Allison Mack

Alyssa Rogers

Anderson Cooper

Andrea Mitrowicz

Andres Pastrana

Angelina Jolie

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Weiner

Barack Obama

Ben Affleck

Bernie Sanders


Bill Clinton

Bill Gates

Bob Saget (deceased)

Bruce Willis

Casey Wasserman

Callum Hudson

Celine Dion

Charles Barkley

Charlie Sheen

Charlize Theron

Chelsea Clinton


Chris Tucker

Chris Wagner

Chrissy Teigen

Cyndi Lauper

Claire Hazel

Courteney Cox

Courtney Love

Demi Moore

Dana Schneider

Dawid Koch

David Spade

Dawid Yarovesky

Dolores Zorreguiet

Donovan Mitchell

Doug Band

Drew Barrymore

Ed Buck

Ed Tuttle

Ehud Barak

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Spencer


Emmy Tayler

Fleur Perry Lang

Francis X. Suarez

Freya Wissing

Gary Roxburgh (pilot)

George Clooney

Ghislaine Maxwell

Glenn Dubin

Greg Holbert (deceased)

Gwen Stefani

Gwendolyn Beck

Hank Coller (pilot)

Heather Mann

Heidi Klum

Henryk Rosowski

Hillary Clinton

James Franco

James Gunn


Jean-Luc Brunel (deceased)

Jean-Michel Gathy

Jeffrey Jones (deceased)

Jim Carrey

Jimmy Kimmel

Joe Biden

Joe Pagano

John Cusack

John Legend

John Podesta

John Travolta

Joy Behar

Juan Pablo Molyneux

Juliette Bryant

Justin Roiland

Justin Trudeau

Kathy Griffin

Katy Perry

Kelly Spam

Kevin Spacey

Kirsten Gillibrand

Kristy Rogers (deceased)

Lady Gaga

Larry Summers

Larry Visoski (pilot)

Laura Z. Wasserman

Lawrence M. Krauss

Linda Pinto

Lisa Summers

Lynn Forester de Rothchild


Mandy Ellison (assistant)

Mare Collins-rektor

Marina Abramovic

Mark Epstein

Mark Lloyda

Melinda Luntz

Meryl Streep

Michelle Obama

Michelle Wolf

Mikel Arteta

Miley Cyrus

Nadine Dorries

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Watts

Natalie Blachon de Perrier

Nicole Junkermann

Olga Kurylenko

Oliver Sachs


Orlando Bloom

Paris Hilton

Patton Oswatt

Paul Mellon

Paula Epstein (deceased)

Paula Hala

Peter P. Marino

Darrell Williams

Prince Andrew

Princess Carol

Quentin Tarantino

Rachel Maddow

Rainn Wilson

Ralph Ellison

Ray Barzana (pilot)

Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis


Rita Wilson

Rob Reiner

Robert DeNiro

Robert Downey Jr.

Rodney E. Slater

Ronald Burkle

Rudy Gobert

Burger Sander

Sarah Kellen (assitant)

Sarah Silverman

Seth Green

Shelley Harrison

Shelley Lewis

Sophie Biddle-Hakim

Sophie Trudeau

Stephen Collins

Stephen Colbert

Steven Spielberg

Steven Tyler

Swietłana Glazunova

Teala Davies

Tiffany Gramza

Tom Hanks

Tom Pritzker

Tyler Grasham (deceased)

Victor Salva

Wanda Sykes

Whoopi Goldberg

These are the ones who are going to be thrown under the bus for sure. They are likely to point the finger at people higher in the pyramid during their trials. Mossad sources, by the way, insist Epstein was a good guy who infiltrated the murderous elite in order to get a full list of their names. They also say his death was faked. War crimes trials will show if this was true.

We also know the pharmacidial mafia is being taken down hard. Japan has already arrested dozens of top government officials. This came after Japanese scientists found indisputable evidence all Covid variants are man-made and that the subsequent vaccine campaign killed millions of people.

Similar moves are taking place in other countries as we have previously reported.

The other thing that is going on is a collapse of the stock market-centered US economic model. It is also now widely understood to be a massive casino run by insiders and designed to impoverish the majority.

Here are some of the recent results:

Sixty-two percent of US adults live paycheck to paycheck, one of five children do not have enough food to eat, food banks are dealing with record demand and homelessness is growing at the fastest pace ever recorded.

Now it turns out that elements of the US government are behind the massive crime wave that the country is experiencing. An ex-gang member claims the government is handing out military-grade guns for free in Chicago slums. The government encourages gun crime to create profits for the medical industry through gun crimes, he says. They are also using the crime they fan as an excuse to issue “Police Brutality Bonds… which means Wall Street Banks, and ultimately, Politicians, get rich off taxpayers.” The Chicago government issued $484 million worth of bonds to pay $360 million for settlements and judgments. Most of this money went to the KM either via hospitals and lawyers or via the $120 million in tax payer’s hard-earned money that went to the KM bond issuers.

This is probably the work of the P2 ordo ab chao faction that creates disorder in order to justify military intervention in civilian affairs.

Speaking about which, we heard from the “Q” people who introduced themselves as follows:

Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation…, a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years to expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people. Its’ job is to root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide. Q will return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule.

The people must be in charge because we need them to decide what to do about unprecedented scientific advances. One example is scientific discoveries that it might be possible to use the human mind as Wifi and download your brain into the internet.

We as a species are heading into uncharted waters.


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  1. The video about the crates full of guns is old. It was published 7 years ago on June 16th, 2016:

    Giving crates of guns is an Evil behavior. I appreciate Benjamin's efforts. While at the same time, this video is old news presented as new news?

  2. You can put Putin's face on some pictures but it doesn't prove anything and those numbers about Russian casualties in the war are probably false..You have good articles but sometimes very idiotic too.Americans….

  3. This is the missing sources about the survey: 96% OF SAUDIS OPPOSE NETANYAHU's administration assault on Gaza.


  4. "What To Do" answer for reliable "Free Energy"
    Go back to the "Old World" energy sources (that some group went out of their way to cover up
    through the bombing raids of WW2). Hydroelectric Stations, its association with Electro-Magnetism & the Alchemical Metals: Gold, Copper, Iron & Mercury were the "Old World" Power Grid. Was fused in ways that allowed them to access the "Ether" (in our Blue Sky, the Heavens) "Electromagnetic" clean energy. This Power Grid was documented on maps, such as the Mercator Map, the Whirlpool surrounding Rupes Nigra, located at the North Pole, & represents the "Vortex" below "Polaris".
    We still find remnants of this "Old World, Free Energy" in Capitol Domed buildings, Domed Churches, "Chats-Worth" in England & "Arch de Triomphe" in Paris are just a few examples.
    "Return to me" my people & you will never go thirsty or hunger. Here the Voice, feel the presence in the Sun, the ultimate source of all energy, the Blue Sky is the Heavens.

  5. I do not agree with the Q thing – Q was Donald Trump and yes it is now Donald Trumps handlers playing Q and I would suggest them exposing themselves for their crimes this is the sort of trickery that goes on with these crooks. Trump is dead and has been for almost 2 years now. As for Epstein he was Mossad but he was certainly not a good guy trying to expose these people what a joke – he was exploiting everyone and was every bit as bad as them all. I have that list plus a lot more of these odious creatures named and shamed many of them supposed to be already executed.??? I have thrown out every film and every DVD CD that these people sold their soul to be in to earn fame and riches because the sight or sound of them all make me sick to the stomach especially as I know it was far worse than any of that. The SSP is running that war in Gaza they have done nothing to help humanity they have worked against them and only cared about their own interests the white hats who you are saying were saving us that is a lot of baloney as they were taking orders from Mr X the black dragon man at the top who was Italian and it now dead which has sent ripples of shock to those with the agenda and if anyone steps up to take his place they will be taking the same journey according to sources. The white hats got a rude awakening when they discovered the truth about their operations working against humanity all these operatives are compartmentalised so they only know about their own part of the jigsaw. Those who thought they were doing good have been used to do the opposite as a result. There is a great deal of truth in Benjamin's post but I think it is more likely that at a certain stage the GIA will move in as an interim government they will work behind the scenes you will see no difference because it will mostly be the same people but they will be told what to say and all the dead wood will be sorted out and better and more efficient ways of doing will be implemented. We will likely need to continue with a government of around 75 years because the people have a lot of healing and learning to do before they are able to take the reigns. What is not wanted is people standing up and trying to be in charge we are going towards learning to get on with each other cooperating with each other and uniting. Yes we are in that awful interlude but once certain things are done things will move fast and I look forward to a brighter future for us all – we can have it if we want it – it is up to us to decide that we want it and act accordingly their are no saviours we must have to take responsibility.


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