Short Situation Update and Ascension Conference in Phoenix

The Light Forces and the Source are clearing the primary anomaly and the primary Lurker with full speed.

In clearing the surface, the Light Forces have encountered two ancient Illuminati networks, controlled by Black nobility and primarily made of Draco and Reptilian entities in human bodies. These two networks are anchors for the huge part of the primary anomaly still extending throughout the Solar system until the heliopause:

The first of those networks is located in India and it firmly established control upon Indian subcontinent after the Draco defeated Aldebarans in a nuclear war in the area of current Rajasthan about 5000 years ago. Since then, Indian Illuminati network has controlled India through dark priesthood network, and it is still the deep force of control behind Indian politics, emanating from certain Indian Black nobility families.

This network is already being cleared, with Resistance Movement and Agarthan and other special forces emerging to the surface from Patala:

The second network exists in subsaharan Africa and is even older, originating in Atlantis. Main anchor of this network in near lake Kivu. Clearing of this network will start after the Indian network is almost completely defeated.

All this will be happening behind the scenes and there will be no apparent progress until Pluto enters Aquarius on January 21st. After that, things will become more interesting again.

There are signs that the financial system is coming closer and closer to its collapse:

And the Cabal is preparing their places to hide:

They are still trying to reinforce the quarantine:

But at the same time, networks of tunnel systems worldwide are becoming mainstream knowledge:

We had a short workshop in Delhi, India on December 20th. You can read the workshop notes here:

(you can find it on the PFC website too           )

The purpose of this workshop was to strengthen the network of Light in India.

Light Forces are asking Lightworkers in India to start creating cintamani Flower of Life grids around major cities in India to bring Light to those cities, improve quality of life of their inhabitants and to help purifying the air, which is in some locations so polluted that it is dangerous for health. People who activated Flower of Life cintamani grid in cities in China have noticed significant improvement of life quality and air quality in those cities.

Lightworkers in India can also investigate and heal the timeline of the Baroda family, which is the key to healing the situation in India:

Also, a network of cintamani stones needs to be placed in ancient temples where Devadasi tradition was practiced, in Durga temples and in locations of Mughal palaces. All those places will be then reabsorbed into the planetary network of Light.

After Pluto enters Aquarius there will be a lot of intense progress, and for this reason we are announcing an Ascension conference in Phoenix, Arizona:

Phoenix is a very powerful double Ascension / Goddess vortex and many interesting things happened in the area:

You are more than welcome to join us on February 3rd and 4th.

Victory of the Light!


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