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Tom Paladino Explains the Harmonious Convergence of Science & Spirituality

Hosted by PFC Volunteer, author and podcaster Julie Hilsen

The Prepare for Change Ascension Connection team is delighted to announce the return of Tom Paladino for our next meeting on Jan 4th. His debut on November 30, 2023, introduced our community to Scalar Healing Technology and the new Physics of healing using our unique energy frequency and source energy to heal and supplement the light body with perfect balance. Many have been receiving remote healing, compliments of Tom and his team. This Thursday’s call is your opportunity to share results and/or learn more about the technology.

If your unfamiliar with Tom Paladino, here is a short intro video about his work and mission:  Meet Scalar Light Inventor and Researcher Tom Paladino

You can view Julie Hilsen’s interview with Tom here: Free Energy from the Sun and Stars & Scalar Healing

This is an opportunity to share your healing experience, get updates on his current work, and ask Tom questions. Here is a link to his website for more information.

What exactly is illness?

Illness is Merely LOSING LIGHT. When we LOSE some of our life force energy due to stress or illness, similarly, we experience entropy, a scientific concept that is most commonly associated with a state of disorder, randomness, or uncertainty). Vibrant health would be considered syntropy. No loss of life force. So, disease states are a state of losing light.

A human form of entropy

Scalar LIGHT instruments harness scalar energy from the atmosphere, from the sun and the stars. This vital energy is abundant in our universe and is the thread that connects all things.  This technique treats over 400,000 pathogens!

Using the Nature of Scalar Energy to our Advantage

Scalar waves make an instantaneous connection with your photograph because the waves are not bound by time. In the quantum dimension, there is no time. The phenomenon is called quantum entanglement.

Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein called this phenomenon “spooky action at a distance”. And while he OBSERVED it happening, he could not explain it.

This Washington Post article simplifies the phenomenon-proven time and time again, in something called the TWIN PHOTON experiment.

So how does understanding all of this help you understand how Scalar Light works? Understanding TRUE health will make it simple. Be prepared to ask questions.

If you have not previously signed up, you may try this healing technology for 30 days, free of charge! Register here. This is a great time to ask more questions and to share your healing experience during the free trial.

We hope to see you there!

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