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  1. Not good Sunny, did you know the report you just made is an absolute Lie ? evidence below .

    please also share far and wide Telegram Channel of Kim Goguens previous members sharing

    Intel & evidence Kim Goguen is an absolute fraud and showing her rite hand Man Thomas Melville

    Recently declared bankrupt $36 Million, with evidence !!!

  2. Like the new concept. Would believe to consider the lure to adj upon all that play to puppet order and are progressed Robotic marionettes in play to again syrup drug their language of persuasion and deceit with deception jagged pills and still all so far empty promise to the zero point Nothing.

    At this time One can only trust "Within"

    A Start in addition like the stop the train into the cement steel bar reinforced abrupt wall. Stopping all payment to tax and all additional ports of taking your monies. boycott the lot. Turn off the TV etc
    Start to Force their hand to come at you where by in the now by their own confusion, We have them in a perfect position to actually pull this off. consider sure is a risky.

    Nothing is gained without risk, conviction and intent to knowing we can do this. They can only make noise and share nothing to anyone but pad their own pocket and yachts Jets.n.castles with our all hard earned. Maybe consider not to ever go to any voting table at all and see how they still continue to manufacture fake votes for themselves. 1 gazillion mules episode 2 for 2000 mules.
    Has anyone actually learned to know.? Your vote means actually nothing. They play Music chair with the monkey they only want to remote control play the fall guy and share empty wizard tricks to convince you different. Cda is playing this role. US guess.
    Consider the shell of the clam who's playing right now. In all an every country wide. All a shrill thrill for the who adrenachrome OD freak o… dead man walking.
    Time To take them all down all govern'munts and start a better system for all without borders and levels. No Tax only a new item short 10% tax an nothing else. Ten Percent will add up very quickly to restart fixing the all broken.

    We human …. "!" ? , your honest idea can fill in the blanks. Time to end old and refresh A New!

  3. Intel From Kim Goguen Previous Members / Insiders

    Don't vote for Trump or Biden they are both Order of the Black Sun and on the same team with the elites !

    & join the new blueprint for humanity for " we the people for the people &
    by the people " the Triality choice created by Thomas Williams and Thi Team details below !

    Come & Join us, 29 Solutions to fix the Mess on this Planet , Once & For the All !

    The New Blueprint For Humanity

    Truth Honor & Integrity Telegram Channel Below :

  4. Although in attempt 2 put a shy humor point. What choice we have now before the Queen in moves out takes the king now almost cornered.
    One mind in of the now might learn what is truth to whom may we Trust in. What is trust anyways how may we read word to anchor such Trust. A brief in review to other materials share to all suggest. Quote:
    Your answer lies inside you. The answer to life's questions
    lie inside you. All you need to do is look, listen, and Trust
    In this now present vibration to all share in our eye ear throat and heart. Let alone our back side or even someone else BS.

    Trust only yourself, no one knows the crystal ball. Carders may edge side flip of what appears to read. Some others in kind may behold their own. Awaiting to see how we simply do Nothing Care about all flyby insinuation plural, while one displays "Nothing wrong here" Others now are being humbled by truths just displayed yet the previous Others Phlack of wrongly disturbed opinions debarking their judgement to force in belief. Has most Journal mud pond drained into front conscious to feel its right I shall take this side. Take no side but your own. Stand back and Think by your own Heart Brain complex and leave all backs side flow for use in the paper cage we have been fooled to embrace whilst others take our all in making themselves rich upon our own tom-foolery. SunTzu an other sim ref Deception is the least expected tool to operate upon a versed enemy.

    Time may share its prophecy to a topic we seem to miss its step in progress all under our own nose hair. Keep the smile upon your 1st awakening see the humor by all things for they really mean nothing. Step Carefully and help others see the light in of all results let alone the meat we call for and leave the bugs alone to their own. "Where's The Beef"

  5. you-tubes just posted below Validates statement from Thomas Williams From Truth honor and integrity show the creators of the new blueprint for humanity link below. That Kim Goguen Lost access to the Quantum system and Trust which contains $ Quadtrillions of raw earth Minerals and assets in December 2020 and remains closed due to Kim Goguens dereliction of duty . The alpha system Kim Goguen Talks about is not the quantum system or Trust so Kim Goguen is trying to continue the narrative of perception of control when she has Zero .

    • further

      as Per Thomas Williams the reason for the dereliction of duty is due to Kim Goguen

      Funding Donald Trump Billions of Dollars for the poison vaccines and scamdemic early 2020

      That's why she Lost access to the quantum system December 2020

      Thomas Williams also disclosed to the world Kim Goguen has a Marduk chip in her brain.

      hence her split personality's and anger management issues

      She is not ground command she is nothing.

      Dont give Kim Goguen or Donald Trump any money

      They tried to exterminate Humanity .

      Thousands of Kim Goguens previous supporters in her groups over the last few years are

      turning on her with the Truth of her Zero Performance !

      As she is now officially a complete Fraud ! and both Trump and Kim Goguen are part of the

      negative alien agenda ! Dont vote for trump or Biden they are both Black sun and on the same team !

    • Don't vote for Trump or Biden they are both Order of the Black sun and on the same team
      with the elites !

      & join the new blueprint for humanity for " we the people for the people & by the people "

      the Triality choice created by Thomas Williams and Thi Team details below !

      Truth Honor & Integrity Telegram Channel Below :

  6. Amazing what a bundle of Mass hot fudge.n.steak twine rolling down a grand hill gaining momentum with the finger stuck in the clam shell closing "with teeth" the rather Large Master John Steel Boot upon the cringe in your shoulder pressing the weight of a humvee 10 tractor tread between your neck line. Fantastic how such a Ball of .hit has out rolled its factors of lies and facade played on anyone with the frontal cortex still in check. Does the word CheckMate clapper in the ear. Weeping in concern. I have 10 bucks in holding in their bank. Should I stay or should I go now!

    What do you want from life. A heated kidney shaped pool a dyno-gym demonstrated in the privacy of your own home. A Gouche shoe tree.

    Guess by the No matter what thought comes to the wink be 'screwed again' you can not win you can ever win.
    How does that Trip to the "Circus Fair" cry bugle out.

    Hey Ya Pays yer monies Ya Pays yer Chances. "Step Right Up"

    All as waiting paint dry is the only choice cornered by the magic of. " Read the really fine line. " This is not money! only a legal tender. Well then guess I'll take all to the back house in reserve of Charmin roll gone blank. flip flip flip. anyone up for twiddly winks for pebbles whilst awaiting all this come unscrewed.

    Next gold chunks are to roll out lined into that imaginary number lined up like Domino's in a Credit fixation of only ones and zero's by its new appearance, I'm holding me Ten Bux be same in ones compliment. after deDust Clears.
    The reality of it is all the same its only the fixation in representations of what one can define as real of imaginary fiction. Stay tuned the Outer limits Limit!. ah a calm to the storm of nothing then.


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