Tribunal rules employers responsible for jab injury compensation.


A South Australian government employee who developed a heart condition after getting a mandatory COVID vaccine has won compensation against his employer.

Daniel Shepherd worked as a child and youth support worker with the Department for Child Protection when he had a third dose of the COVID vaccine in February 2022.

Directions made under the Emergency Management Act in January 2022 required certain workers, such as Mr Shepherd, to get a booster shot to continue working (mass coercion).

SA Employment Tribunal documents showed Shepherd experienced aching joints, cold and flu symptoms and minor chest pain after his first COVID vaccine in August 2021.

He had similar symptoms following his second shot.

In February 2022, he felt severe chest pain the day after he had his third shot, which grew steadily worse until two weeks later he experienced pain so “unbearable” he thought he was having a heart attack.

The 44-year-old was taken by ambulance to Ashford Hospital, where cardiologists diagnosed Shepherd with post-vaccine pericarditis – an inflammation of the membrane around the heart.

He made a claim for workers compensation, claiming vaccine-related injury, but was rejected.

Tribunal Deputy President, Judge Mark Calligeros, ruled that the vaccination mandate and Shepherd’s employment were “both significant contributing causes” of the applicant’s injury.

Daniel Shepherd COVID-19 vaccine compensation claim
Daniel Shepherd gets compensation from government after COVID-19 vaccine reaction.
Photo: NNA

“Mr Shepherd was required to have a third dose of the vaccine to continue performing duties and be paid,” Judge Mark Calligeros said

“The connection between employment and the injury is a strong one given I have found that Mr Shepherd would not have had a third dose of the vaccine if he had not been required to in order to continue working.”

He further added: “It would be ironic and unjust if Mr Shepherd was denied financial and medical support by complying with the state’s desire to preserve public health.”

“It is not surprising that some people who receive a dose of COVID-19 vaccine will sustain injury as a

The judge ordered the state government to pay his weekly income support and medical payments.

A great result and a fantastic step in the right direction.

This precedent means that businesses (whether private or state government-based) will be responsible for compensation moving forward under existing laws, at least in South Australia.

A day of reckoning may be coming to those who suffered under these mandates, but in the process, it may actually further sink Australia down the hole. As the government knew this day would be coming.


I don’t mean to damper on any of the positive news, as I feel those who were injured or harmed under the false pretext of ‘protecting their community’ deserve recognition and compensation, but..

I can’t help but think of the dominoes effect all of these cases will unleash, and what it actually means.

During this case, Shephard’s employer argued that his injury was a result of the Emergency Management Act directive and liability would be excluded under the same act.

But Judge Calligeros rejected those arguments, as he should have.

Businesses were told during the pandemic they would eventually brunt the costs of any injuries that would apply from mandate directives.

The federal government never created any new special laws to underpin mandates, and as such, we all know directives issued were never really legal.

The government knew this, and actually threw all employers under the bus by making them use existing workplace laws to order employees in ‘high-risk environments’ to get the jab.

I can’t help but think of all the other businesses that may be forced to pay out compensation in the future. Again, as they should, but the bigger picture is that it was all designed to bring everyone down.

If businesses pay out, the economy worsens.

Even if the government pays out, its your taxpayer money.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Again, not to damper any positive news, but those actually responsible for all of this will still get away without accountability, while departments (your money) and private businesses take the hits for costs.

In a statement, a state government spokesperson said they would review the decision.

“This decision means that if a state government employee is required to become vaccinated as part of their job, and they fall within the very small cohort of people who experience an adverse reaction to a vaccine, any injury they experience may be covered by workers compensation laws,” a spokesperson said.

“That is consistent with ordinary principles of workers compensation, which ensure that workers are given appropriate support for injuries which arise from their employment.”

It’s a good result for those injured, but the fact this crime against humanity is swept under the rug as a section for ‘workplace health and safety’ is my largest criticism.

Either way, the challenges are mounting.

Pfizer is facing a lawsuit here in Australia by a Victorian GP who is accusing the company of covering up the inclusion of GMO substances in the jabs, without regulator approval.

Even more victims of these jabs are also seeking accountability, with an ongoing class action lawsuit organised by Queensland GP Dr. Melissa McCann, which also alleges government negligence.

Business owners are also currently locked into their own class action lawsuit, with over 1,300 of them in Victoria seeking justice for suffering through the world’s longest COVID-19 lockdowns.

The cards are stacked against the employers who issued these mandates now, and this huge compensation win is the first step towards more jab-injured being able to get justice.


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