The head of the Shirat Moshe Hesder Yeshiva in Yaffa, Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, incited his students, who are serving in the Israeli army after graduating from the yeshivah, to commit massacres against the residents of Gaza. He stated that according to Jewish law, all residents of Gaza must be killed. When asked about the elderly and children, he replied: “The same applies to them.”

According to reports by Ynet News on Friday, the rabbi’s statements came during a conference held in the Yeshivah yesterday and focused on dealing with the civilian population in Gaza during the war.

Mali described the war waged by Israel on Gaza as a “religious war”. He said: “The basic law in a religious war, and in this case in Gaza, is that ‘you shall not leave alive anything that breathes’ (Deuteronomy), and if you do not kill them, they will kill you. Today’s saboteurs are the children in the previous military operation whom you kept alive and the women are the ones who produce the saboteurs.”

He added: “It is either you or them. No soul can live on the basis of: ‘If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first’ (Babylonian Talmud). This applies not only to the 14- or 16-year-old boy, or the 20- or 30-year-old man who points a gun at you, but also to the future generation. This also applies to those who produce the future generation as well, because in reality there is no difference.”

In response to a question about the killing of elderly people in Gaza, Mali claimed: “There is a difference between a civilian population elsewhere and a civilian population in Gaza. In Gaza, according to estimates, 95-98 per cent want to annihilate us.”

When asked, “Children too?”, the rabbi replied: “It’s the same thing. You can’t embellish with the Torah. Today, he’s a child, tomorrow he’s a fighter. There are no questions here. Today’s terrorists were 8-year-old children in the previous military operation. So, you cannot stop there. Therefore, the ruling concerning Gaza is different.”

This rabbi indicated at the beginning of his speech: “Since this is a sensitive issue, and they informed me that it would be published on the Internet, I want to keep it brief and say in conclusion that only the Israeli army’s decrees should be implemented.”


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  1. Palestinians & Hasidic Jews: Were dealing with the Same Coin. It is a constant "flip of the coin" when there is a rise of the people.
    Pay attention to how these repeated historical events are playing out. "Protest in Canada & the United States for the Palestinian's. Same thing happened in New York City by Jewish leaders, March 23rd, 1933. 20,000 Jews protest at New York City Hall, Boycotts & Rallies are directed on German goods. March 24th, 1933, London Daily newspaper headlines "Judea Declares War on Germany."
    Point is, Do Not let yourselves get involved, any longer with these tricks of either side of the coin. Right now, look at your Local governments of school's & businesses & villages & notice how these Palestinians are taking over here in The United States & Canada & all of Europe!

  2. Its simply quite shocking that one can say in actual words "according to Jewish law, all residents of Gaza must be killed"

    This is simply nothing of how Basic in GODS law is all people of this planet are Equal all the same. In regards to Created in His Image. Well this will go very deep in reference but. Source is Pure All True Energy we are created of in this all same Energy only a small Candle per Magnificence. Think about it. An Energy compact of consciousness placed in this Animated 3D carbon base life form. To Experience this reference placement upon planet and stage of life.

    No one has any dominion nor clause to say who can do what to whom and for why to what reason.
    Let the All greater Light of GOD in and lets see clarity of all thing. "Time"

  3. What about the law according to the 99.5%+ of earth's inhabitants who are NOT Jewish???

    There comes a time when Jews must be confronted, particularly the most radical, racist, maniacal, violent and genocidal ones……

  4. Yaffa Chief Rabbi is inhumane, he is not human only appeared as natural human a remnant minions of the dark forces in our universe,

  5. can only read a few words of this post. Perfect example as to how This particular in thinking is there a good side (guess not) the radical side, the dark, and extreme dark sides, of this so call tribe to call a nation something or another.
    Amazing to how some can believe to think such. Karma is a trusting meter when used for such.
    Universal wheel, What you give out is what shall be returned an given back.

    Now easy to see to what how had been the run rule of all history wars killings savage etc etc etc. as well recent attempts to destroy an entire world populace by such mind set.
    The rest of the world is good.

  6. No, these liars are incorrect. According to the lawbooks of Manu, the law God has given to man, not through the wicked, parasistical, tribe of pirates known as the jews, but through the mode of goodness residing, Supreme Lord worshipping, followers of The Vedas, any and all of the zionists may be killed at any time, by any method, without incurring sin, for these zionists have committed all of the acts for which one may be killed immediately. Jews MUST ALL reject zionism or die.

  7. SO I'm German in WW!! and I say the same thing about Jews. "We must wipe them out, otherwise they will retaliate". Not AT all different to what the Jews are saying now!
    These people are more insane than the Nazi's! They want to irradiate Palestine because they are worried about the consce3nces of their actions….. THAT IS TOTLLY MENTAL!!


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