By Emily Mangiaracina,

The popular, anti-globalist president of El Salvador slammed education contrary to God, nature, and the family as ‘a plan to destroy the future generation’ and affirmed the importance of God in schools.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — The president of El Salvador recently declared that anti-God, anti-nature, anti-family education in schools “must be eradicated.”

Nayib Bukele, the popular anti-globalist leader of El Salvador, told Catalina Stubbe of the U.S. parental rights group Moms for Liberty that taxpayers are forced to fund an education that is “contrary to God, contrary to nature, and contrary to the family.”

“In the schools, it must be eradicated. It is a plan to destroy the future generation,” said Bukele.

The president, who was recently reelected with a whopping 84 percent of the vote, added that he thinks it is “also important to be informed and have a voice and vote in what your children will learn.”

Stubbe asked Bukele what he thought would be “ideal” to include in public education, suggesting that it might include “God in the schools.”

Bukele affirmed that he believes “it is important to get back to God in the schools” as well as “civility” and a focus on traditional subjects such as math and history.

In late February, the X account Salvadorans against Gender Ideology circulated videos showing school curriculum for eighth grade students incorporating teaching about “sexual identity,” which claimed that sexuality is not only biological and cannot be reduced “exclusively to reproduction.” The curriculum informs students that one can have a “gender identity” incongruent with one’s sex, as well as a homosexual or bisexual “orientation.”

After these videos made the rounds on social media, the Ministry of Education disputed the claim that gender ideology was still being taught in El Salvador.

“Given the misinformation that is circulating in the videos published by this account, we want to clarify that all this content has been expelled from guides, books and other educational materials that were made and disseminated previously,” wrote the ministry on X in response to videos showing gender ideology-infused curriculum.

El Salvador’s Education Minister José Mauricio Pineda clarified the following day that he had pulled all such educational materials from the country’s public schools.

“Confirmed: We have removed every use or trace of gender ideology from public schools,” said Pineda in a Tuesday X post.

Bukele, who was first elected in 2019 and has become famous for bringing crime rates to record lows in his once gang-ridden country, recently gave a rousing speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), declaring that globalism is now “dead” in El Salvador.

“If you want globalism to die here too, you must be willing to unapologetically fight against everything and everyone that it stands for,” said Bukele.

For decades, globalist organizations such the United Nations (UN) and even government arms like the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have been pushing pro-LGBT ideology around the world, often by mandating “sexuality education” as a condition for foreign aid.

Such efforts are strengthening and multiplying. For example, a USAID representative declared in a promotional video for its new “LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy” that the policy is a “blueprint for USAID’s staff and partners around the world to champion LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development” as well as so-called “human rights of all LGBTQI+ people.”



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