By Martin Armstrong,

China is NOT the reason that Congress nearly unanimously agreed to ban TikTok – the final frontier of free speech. America relies on China for the majority of its pharmaceuticals. China is America’s largest trade partner, and most of the products we use daily are made in China. There have been state provisions, but not much has been done on a federal level about China buying countless acres of farmland across America. Congress did nothing when a member was found to be having an affair with a Chinese spy. Congress did nothing about the Uyghur humanitarian crisis in China. Congress did nothing when it was found that Chinese spies were infiltrating embassies. The list continues.

There are videos on the American version of TikTok criticizing the CCP that have not been removed. There are a lot of videos showing the situation in Gaza that cannot be found elsewhere, and they have not been banned either but no one is worried about Israel having control over American data at this point.

So who put forth the bill to ban TikTok, and why did 90% of US representatives agree to pass legislation within 8 days?


Republican US Representative Mike Gallagher put forth the bill to ban TikTok. Palantir and Google are his top donors, as you can see for yourself on Open Secrets. You will see that these companies along with META have bought the majority of Congress. Who else is funding Congress? AIPAC, an American lobbying group advocating for pro-Israel policies. AIPAC was Gallagher’s top donor during the last election cycle.

We know that META and Google are in partnership with the CIA and other powerful agencies. They influenced the last election by removing “disinformation” and repressing stories that would harm the Democrats, although they fund both Republicans and Democrats. They did not want to fund the anti-establishment candidate. Google search results consistently lean left and we saw what happened with their failed AI launch of Gemini.


“The thing I don’t like is that without TikTok, you can make Facebook bigger, and I consider Facebook to be an enemy of the people, along with a lot of the media,” Trump recently told CNBC. “I think Facebook has been very dishonest. I think Facebook has been very bad for our country, especially when it comes to elections,” Trump said.

Trump’s Former US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs alumni, is now attempting to launch a fund to purchase the dangerous TikTok platform. He is recruiting every known Zionist, from Michael Milken to Mossad’s spy chief Yossi Cohen. All of the people who surrounded Trump during his presidency no longer support him.

Cohen happens to be retiring from his role as spy chief. Trump pardoned Milken, the father of the junk bond, before leaving office. I have no problem calling out both sides for wrongdoing.

Liberty Strategic Capital, led by Mnuchin, is currently working to buy TikTok with the backing of an assortment of known Zionists. “I think the legislation should pass, and I think it should be sold,” Mnuchin told CNBC. This is legalized robbery and bipartisan corruption. The Republicans are supporting this measure to purchase TikTok, but it is highly unlikely that Biden would intervene because he needs to discredit his only opponent, and the CIA supports his donors – AIPAC, META, and Google.


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  1. Way too hard to listen to this all, and I did! yet much of the meat upon this post is a dog chasing its own tail, and the dog has been soiled and crapped upon the very ground it runs.

    And yet the dog still has not noticed it has crapped upon itself and continues to have a problem within of its self and its own to promote the chasing of its own tail for such the chase, is its feeling, a meaning for all the mindless empty a cause.

    Around and around and nothing ever achieved or progressed beyond the simple state of going no where and completely stupid upon its own consumed insanity. " the mind fail the good man still continues not to act upon the right thing"

    So what is the dog as to what is the people of its own self, as to why has it become a dog in the 1st place. possibly consider re reading this as to what to why as to how and too of its own thus as it has become!

    for human people have turned upon itself all like a dog of in nature and is No the better. But a fool of fools upon its own demise.

    Mankind has learned how to become a shape shifter in stupid upon of its own dissolve. And continues to carry on as such.

    As a higher level "Creator" considering a creation into thinking it can create a great master piece, and believe such can evolve to an expectation of so mastery to many a thing and return only to find a pile of sh.t in the middle floor.

    Come back and see that it has done nothing but consume itself in a state of constant stupid and nothing has changed. Since the previous repeat.

    Trying to consider what a result would be other than. Stop it and try again. "What now!' A 6th time ??

    or stop it totally and fix the few only parts that have, and swipe discard the rest. does this mean only a small few shall see into 5D. It is time and those are in our space watching us right this now as to what to how we are to correct such a menace of progress backwards.

    Like opening a hardened shell or a clam upon the beach, only to reveal one part has cultured itself and produced a near close to ending result as to what one might be expected of such a creation. Thus choice its retention shall be and the rest completely discard.

    hmmmm Pity.


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