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In a jaw-dropping interview with Tucker Carlson, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, unveiled horrifying details about the notorious MS-13 gang, exposing their involvement in satanic child sacrifice rituals. This revelation comes after Bukele’s successful campaign to rid his country of the gang’s deadly grip.

For many, this news will be shocking and hard to believe. The mainstream media has often labeled such claims as mere conspiracy theories. But now, with a world leader confirming these horrors, it becomes increasingly difficult to dismiss them as baseless rumors.

During the interview, President Nayib Bukele claimed that the gang, which originated in Los Angeles, has evolved into a Satanic organization involved in horrific rituals, including child sacrifice.

MS-13, initially formed by Salvadorans who were not permitted to sell drugs by Mexican gangs, eventually grew into a major international criminal organization with bases across the United States and Central America.

“When Bill Clinton decided to deport those guys, he didn’t tell our government at the time, “I’m deporting this criminal.” They just sent them here. They came, they were few, but unchecked. At the same time, some laws were passed to protect minors from imprisonment. Of course, gangs used that to recruit 15-year-olds, 16-year-olds, 17-year-olds,” said Bukele.

“At the beginning, it was some youth causing harm, assaulting, trying to control their territory, selling drugs—things that are bad, but probably not critical. But they grew, and they started controlling territories. A few years later, they were actually a huge international criminal organization with bases in Italy, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and the US. Basically, a lot of major cities in the US have strongholds outside Washington, DC.”

“They grew and started killing more people to get territory, fight against rival gangs, collect debts, or money, or whatever. As the organization grew, they became Satanic. They started doing Satanic rituals. I don’t know exactly when that started, but it was well-documented,” Bukele added.

In one chilling account, he shared a story of a former gang member who left the group after refusing to participate in the sacrifice of a baby.

“I remember a news outlet that made this interview with a gang member in prison. We allowed them to go into prisons and do the interviews. They asked him, “How many people have you killed?” And he said, “I don’t remember.” Then they asked him, “What is your position in the gang?” He explained how he went up in positions. But he left the gang he said.”

“”Why did you leave the gang?” He said, “Well, because I was used to killing people. But I killed for territory. I killed to collect money. I killed for extortion. But I came to this house, and they were about to kill a baby.” And he, the killer, who had killed tens of people, said, “Oh, wait, what are we doing? Why are we going to kill that baby?” And they told him, “Because the beast asked for a baby, so we have to give him the baby.” He couldn’t resist it, so he left the gang. He’s in prison because he’s a killer, but he left the gang because he couldn’t tolerate what he was seeing,” Bukele wrote.

“So human sacrifice was a part?” asked Carlson.

NBC reported in 2017, “Houston authorities believe two MS-13 gang members from El Salvador held three teenage girls against their will and killed one of them in a satanic ritual.”

Watch the interview:

Bukele expressed his belief in a “spiritual war” against such evil forces and emphasized that victory in this spiritual battle would reflect in real-world outcomes. He credited his administration’s success in improving security in El Salvador to winning this spiritual war.


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