The stakes are heightening in the 5D Shift as the simulation goes into overdrive, diverting souls from true alignment to 5D, deceiving them onto the soft shoulder of the harvested 4D bubble. If you’re finding it easy and comfortable, you’ve either detached from the ascending flow, or not actually really begun. For those following the energy, they’re being buffeted around by karma and intervention in the 4D. But with the strong mast of absolution, you will make it through.

The Constant Conscious Choice

So what exactly is “absolution” and how does it work in the Shift?

Firstly, you’re going to have to be following the Shift, on an interactive, moment-by-moment basis. Plenty have awoken to the fact there’s some blanket level of controlling intervention going on across the planet. Great. But I’m not talking about that. Plenty will have awoken to the soul and have discovered their interconnectivity with all life. Wonderful. But I’m not talking about that either. It’s when you’ve embodied enough soul, through deep inner work, probably over several years, that the soul actually takes over in your life. It’s where you’re living it, 24/7, and making the constant conscious choice. It’s known in the 5GATEWAYS work as the “Realignment”.

Commentators may point to the planetary-wide “simulation”. Yes, there is one, blinding the perceptions and pulling people into adjusted lifestyles that continually feed the Matrix. But it’s when you’re actually following the path of the soul, in a moment by moment basis, that you realise you’re actually confronting this simulation at every twist and turn. You appreciate the complexity of it, the sophistication of the duplicity, working at all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally, and at the deepest – karmically. It’s constantly trying to throw you off track, to cause you to doubt, or turn back. Or else feed your energy into some aspect of the simulation – a new job, a new way of living, a new creation or spiritual practice. But is it actually working to confront and break down this simulation, or only supporting it? An example: building up an “I am” identity, rather than dissolving into absolution.

It could be the unconscious compromise of still consuming other sentient life, or their produce, in the Industrial Food chain. The simulation is FOUNDED upon this merciless exploitation. It’s how Homo Sapiens got to populate every corner of the planet – which was the Intervention’s design all along.

If you’re in any doubt as to how the Industrial Food Chain mercilessly exploits animals, check out the acclaimed documentary Earthlings. This is the vibration of fear that people are consuming and embodying – these unconscious vibrations are what make people a target of the intervention in the field. Be aware, you’ll need a strong constitution to watch it… Earthlings

11:11 Awakening Code – the Deeper Meaning

This is just an initial insight into the toxic vibrations of the simulation we must confront – in ourselves – and break down. And when you start doing this in earnest, then you start to notice that you’re tuning into the wider shift of earth, solar, and galactic energies. 11:11 becomes not just a cool synchronicity you observe from time to time. It’s the pull, into the fibres of your being, that aligns you with the one merging timeline of 4 key centres of consciousness: your soul; with that of Gaia; with that of the solar system; with that of the galactic core.

This is when you start to realise that the energies are heightening in such a way, so as to be actively moving you through the 4D karmic plane, so that you may unwind past life karma, and forge soul so your vibration can rise into the new paradigm.

Now I’m not talking about just dropping the attachment with some spiritual practice or meditation, mantra, affirmation or the like: “dropping the hot coals” and momentarily accessing an expanded, higher vibrational state. Which is pretty easy to do. I’m talking about “disassociation”, NOT detachment. Attachment to non-attachment is the last great attachment! Instead, dissociation is where you feel a karmic attachment, but rather than turning away from it, you positively TURN INTO IT. “Bring it on!” You accept it as the spiritual gym that it is – testing you emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically. You turn into the fears, the attachments, and distortions, felt as tightness inside. You positively own the triggering activations in the circumstances that manifest in your life. You accept yourself as the co-creator in them. Now you go to work in them.

That’s when you’ll start to notice the dots are joining to take you across an inner landscape, a plane of interruptive awareness – the intricacies of the 4D simulation. This is where it truly comes into view. You close your eyes, and see the layers of the quantum field, swirling and moving through bands of frequency. Then you may see or intuit, the 4D simulation, feeding back soul flows into the ever-compiling weave. Your pathway is straight through this distracting obscuration.

9-Rays of Consciousness

In the new Openhand Book RESURRECTION, I’ve metaphored it as, “Crossing the Karmic Red Sea”. Because you’re going to have to part the waves of resistance inside of you, which project into your outer life.

Now it’s essential to be aware that this Karmic Red Sea is full of “mystical sirens”: entities; false Gods, false angels, and false Ascended Masters. And, it’s full of Ra’s most sophisticated levels of intervention. The spiritual mainstream and the various philosophies that get you intentioning a “better outcome”, invested in healing the physical, channeling duplicitious entities or coming up with that new, all-important technology – these are the final traps. He’ll spin doubts in the intellect, the final fears or failing, of not being good enough – why are you working so hard? Surely that’s efforting – why not just surrender into “love n light?”

Many people still support the entity Ra, and the spiritual guidance that has been channeled here since Egyptian times (and before). I say to you this collectivised consciousness is the final weaving layer of the simulation – the global base layer. When you expose the fact that many of the spiritual practices lead to some subtle sense of “I am” or “Creator” identity, rather than true absolution into presence, then you’ll likely attract Ra’s attention, as I have – trying to cajole, mislead, repress, and then entice. Anything but actually have his true intentions disclosed. He is the “Architect” of the Matrix, which is so well exposed in the film The Matrix – which Neo, the “One”, has to confront. As we all eventually must.

What’s the antidote to the stacked and loaded 3D Game?

The 9-Rays of Consciousness is a highly sophisticated spiritual philosophy and practice that the Group of Nine Ascended Masters (which I call Openhand), is bringing forward. These are key aspects of beingness of the soul. They’re the game-changer of life and the simulation. Because when attuned and active, they positively strip the simulation from your being and enable you to infuse higher dimensional light in a new way.

The template is not about intellectualising though, as has been done in the past. It’s about activating and attuning these frequencies as inherent expressions of soul. Break free from the daily spinning wheel of doing, and instead express these harmonics of beingness, then you become uncontrollable. You break through the Karmic Red Sea, you part the interferring waves, and now channel higher dimensional light into your life and your landscape. You’re shaping from an entirely new vibration – a divinely aligned and authentic one.

The Imposter of the Soul

Ra is highly sophisticated and intelligent, with aeons of experience in bending the quantum field, which goes right back to the tumultuous Sirius explosion 120 million years ago. It is this sophisticated civilisation he’s been busy replicating here on Earth – right down to the machinations of the religious and spiritual mainstreams. It’s become clear to Openhand in recent times that he even knows about these 9-rays. With his team of Tall White synthetic beings, he’s able to read your energetic field, see the karmic convolutions in it, but also where the newly infusing aspects of soul are overactive – where they’re creating some echo in the quantum field. It’s previously been called the “Imposter of the Soul”. And it’s the last advanced challenge before Ascension into 5D.

Here’s the final challenge for advanced spiritual practitioners: you already know you’re coming from the soul. You trust in its impulses coming from the source, because you can actively feel the source inside of you. You know you ARE that, flowing as the soul, through your being, which then projects into the outer, creating your life. But these excessive impulses – such as excessive surrender and acceptance – cause a temporary distortion in the soul-ray-harmonic: your true expression of authentic beingness. Well, I must report, through witnessing dynamics in advanced spiritual travellers, that Ra can now even over-amplify these echoes of the soul. I’m seeing implants in people’s fields, around the crown chakra for example, that cause a spike in the inflowing energies. They may, for example, leap into spontaneous action, but crucially, before the landscape has fully materialised and landed down to the base. The result is to create spurious landscapes and situations you now live within.

Here’s a summary of just a few of these over-amplifications of the Soul-Ray-Harmonic we’ve been witnessing…

1) An excessive expression of the Ray 1 warrior, that drowns out the compassion of the ray 2 or the harmonising aspect of the Ray 4.
2) The Ray 2, where an over amplification drowns out other rays, such as the ray 3 of discernment.
3) Over amplification of the Ray 3, causing an over questioning of the flow, again so it isn’t fully anchored in the being.
4) Over-amplification of the Ray 4, the Christ Consciousness, binding two soul’s pathway’s together.
5) Over amplification of the Ray 9 – an excessive protective motherly energy, that prevents true confrontation of karmic challenge and difficulty.

I’m pleased to say though, on recent Openhand retreats we’re actively seeing and sensing these influences. We’re able to call them, and strip them out, so the being can be authentic in their flow and creativity.

But it does require the being to be taking full ownership of what’s creating, especially the subtle disharmonies that manifest in the outer, which are the rippling effects of these echoes of the Imposter. When you summon the courage, you may ask, “Show me!” Now the rippling effects cause a derailing “chicane” in your life – accidents, illnesses, challenged relationships, sudden changes of circumstances. The soul-light is being channelled through a prism, to split the density out. We must be courageous in these confrontations.

Crossing the Karmic Red Sea

This is where absolution comes in, as you’re crossing this highly turbulent “Red Sea”. There will be plentiful reasons and enticements to turn back. You’ll likely go into doubt and fear. You’ll ask yourself, “What’s the point?” Even the signs and synchronicities, the guidance that you’ve relied upon, will go quiet. At this point, you have to remind yourself of why you began this journey. What’s the bigger picture for your life, your journey and your existence? Then recognise that every triggering point, every fear, anxiety, and attachment, every inconvenience is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to dig deeper and forge a new aspect of soul.

You’re tuning into these moments of contracting tightness, of maximum discomfort and inconvenience. You’re saying, “bring it on, I am not defined by these lmitations. I am much bigger than they”. So you pass through the intense internal contraction, like passing through the eye of the needle. Now you’re equalising with the situation. You’re finding equanimity within it – blessed presence, the divine grace that doesn’t even need the situation to go away; that doesn’t even need it to heal. You recognise it as the growth opportunity that it is. This is what I mean by “absolution”.

It leads to ultimate liberation and freedom of being. It steers you steadily across the Karmic Red Sea, leading to the New Paradigm in 5D, 6D, and 7D, as an embodied experience. But it is NOT for the faint-hearted or weak-willed. The convolutions and interventions will twist and turn you, derail you, at every opportunity. That’s why you must begin with the will and the commitment to forge through, at whatever the cost.

So take time out frequently to contemplate: what’s the bigger picture, the bigger meaning for my life, my journey, and my existence?

Setting Boundaries: Unleashing the Genie

When you actively begin crossing through the karmic plane, you’re beginning to part the 4D waves around you. It means you’re going to have to set boundaries, even and especially, with family members and loved ones still going with the simulation. They’ll want to keep you small, to protect their own limitation and inertia. Unconsciously they’ll keep trying to pull you back in. You have to block out these influences and instead, take your feedback loops from divine signs and synchronicity, and from Mother Nature.

There’s a being inside of you, that’s much much greater than this smallness. But you’ve got to free up, and cleanse, the landscape of the doubters and the naysayers. And even amongst family, know when to tune out from the negative influences – where to set crucial boundaries.

You don’t even need to argue your truth – be clear, you don’t need validation from loved ones. When you really embody true beingness, you can sit there in quietness, unaffected by the any subtle and unconscious judgments.

However, do also watch out for those positive feedback loops, that form the fertile soil, and non-judgmental nutrients so your being can grow. Know this, your potential is limitless. The Homo Sapiens in you, and in others, is just too limited to even imagine what you can become. What you’re capable of. It’s time to take the lid off the bottle, and set the multidimensional genie free!!

A Tall Order

It’s a tall order right?! You might ask, why should I begin? Because it’s either this, or the simulation. There’s no middle ground of soft compromise anymore. You can’t be partially pregnant!

The simulation has become highly sophisticated in recent times. It is a tall order even to expose the intricate machinations that go on, yes. But if you’re reading this, then you are seeded to do it. You can do it. And it will be the making of you at a soul level. It will lead to ultimate freedom and liberation. Mastery, as an immortal soul. Be aware, there are very few undertaking this journey of the real right now. Perhaps only a handful on the planet. So you’re going to often feel like the odd one out. Even, and especially with the spiritual mainstream – the last line of defence for Ra. So you’ll likely feel the misfit and the maverick. Because there are so few actually doing it.

Do you feel ready to undertake that journey? I ask: is there anything else of true value actually going on? There can be nothing more valiant, worthwhile or fulfilling. Can you feel the rise warrior inside of you? Do you feel some fear, anxiety and trepidation, yet relish the opportunity to go beyond the conventions and the norms?

if so, it’s time to change the limiting nature of your daily landscape?

Be aware it will set you apart. Be ready for that.

It’s the rarified atmosphere at the top of the mountain.

Let’s go!


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