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UPDATE [July 10th, 2024]: We’re still under attack, which is still affecting our ESP, however, I’ve created a workaround for the ESP which should being or newsletters back online. Thank you everyone for all your support. *blessings

As you’re probably well aware by now our newsletter hasn’t been going out. In fact since the 4th of July… There is a reason for this and it’s not due to us not posting.

Since the 4th July, our website has come under heavy attack from a botnet, designed to deliver a DDoS attack (denial of service). At the same time, all the big tech companies, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo plus others like Ahrefs, Yandex, Bideu, and many more smaller players have sent their bots to crawl our website. (usually normal behaviour) When it’s this many crawling all our pages at once, plus we have a directed DDoS attack against our login/register pages, and some other endpoints the CPU is maxed out.

We also noticed a pretty new but returning visitor to our website. Welcome, openAI’s gptbot: Clearly it’s training the latest model on our material directly. *Waves

This is since the 5th July:

The website is up and still delivering web pages, albeit sometimes very slow, our CDN takes the load for most frontend page views. However, it’s made it nearly impossible for the volunteers to access the website backend and work, or use some of our other services. It’s also had the knock on effect of stopping our newsletter, as our 3rd party ESP cannot access our feed and is caught up in this power struggle.

I’ve made some changes that have improved the situation a little for the volunteers trying to access systems and hopefully this attack will die down and we’ll recover the ability to use our newsletter again.

Since I can’t easily stop bots attacking the login page, we’ll have to ride out this storm (to the technical minded, saying use a recaptcha, we was and it was getting hammered, but was also adding to the problems by calling internal functions causing more load on the CPU.)

I am going to be increasing the lockout window from 12 hours to 2 days, if you don’t login correctly. This is to try and block large chunks of the botnet from rotating it’s IP’s and continuing the attack. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

So until further notice, or you suddenly start to receive the newsletters again in your email, this is why the newsletter is been temporarily suspended.



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  1. That explains login and posting issues this week. Thanks for the heads up. Pls advise if there is anything we/I can do to help.


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