Links to some interesting information that i will ask you to use discernment with.

China Surpasses US As World’s Largest Trading Nation ID Cards in China: Your Worst Nightmare [30c3] – Vid (39:39) Pentagon admits U.S. fighter jets depend on electronics parts supplied by China Social Sciences And The Destruction Of Individuality Reddit bans intelligent skepticism about climate change; all skeptical comments instantly banned Young US Veterans Suicide Rate Soars … Read moreLinks to some interesting information that i will ask you to use discernment with.

Interview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra

Point Reyes Station, November 16, 2013 Elizabeth:  I’d like to start our conversation with a big overview of the Fukushima situation, largely because so many people here on the west coast have expressed a lot of anxiety about it. There was something in our paper today from one of the columnists about not eating seafood. If you … Read moreInterview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra

Is NASA hiding something?

m I must emphatically state that my ruminations on this video are my own and after talking with Cobra about this video I will edit this article and say that it may be part of a disinformation campaign by NASA to cause fear panick and confusion. NASA has blacked out the public access to close … Read moreIs NASA hiding something?

Background of the Event

BACKGROUND TO THE EVENT or History of THE EVENT Earth and the inhabitants have been in a type of imprisonment and planetary quarantine since the times of Atlantis. At that time the planet was secretly invaded as a hostile force manipulated the planet into an advanced forms of warfare that almost destroyed the planet. The … Read moreBackground of the Event