or History of THE EVENT

Earth and the inhabitants have been in a type of imprisonment and planetary quarantine since the times of Atlantis. At that time the planet was secretly invaded as a hostile force manipulated the planet into an advanced forms of warfare that almost destroyed the planet. The light forces withdrew from the battle in order to save the planet from becoming another asteroid belt. They promised to return to achieve victory and to liberate the peoples of earth from the hostile force.

It does sound like a fantasy but it is not. We do not want to go into great detail on this subject but the fact remains we of earth are not alone, we never have been alone, and we never will be alone. This universe is teeming with intelligent sentient life. Furthermore our planet has been experiencing ongoing interactions with ET races since time immemorial. This must be understood to truly grasp what is taking place at this time on our planet.

Without going into metaphysical details that are unimportant to the Event we must realize that life is sacred and a beautiful gift that must be respected. Unfortunately some beings have not been able to manifest this realization and they have been the cause for much of the universal discord, fear anxiety and destruction on our world.

The world’s societies and political and financial structures that have been corrupted by forces of greed, lust for power, hostile intent, and malicious manipulation are being orchestrated by very sophisticated beings, principalities, and powers. Most of these forces are unknown and unseen by the world at large. They are so far advanced technologically and they have hidden themselves so well that understanding what has been the real situation is nearly impossible for the average individual to discern. We have been easily manipulated, and the nature of the dastardly plans includes genocide and destruction of life upon our world. Imagine someone with a Master’s degree in child psychology manipulating an innocent child of four, and you will have some idea of the cunning nature of these selfish individuals.

These reprehensible beings have exercised their will against the very fabric of light and life for long enough. Now, they need to be arrested and stopped. The center of creation itself has decreed that they must be removed from positions of influence to receive healing and to understand the deep consequences of their actions so that the suffering of life on our world can come to an end.

Just as we have criminals who make hostile takeovers on turf wars on earth, the same thing has happened on a planetary level throughout the history of our galaxy. Our planet was involved in an invasion many thousands of years ago. The result has been ongoing genetic manipulation, implantation technologies and mind control via a very sophisticated technology of which we have been unaware.

We have been controlled and manipulated by what some call “The dark side”. Most people have relegated these advanced manipulations that are the cause of myth and many of the more convoluted histories to fantasy. There are different levels to this hostile force but on earth their agents could be called The Cabal.

We have always been responsible for our actions but the influence to distort our consciousness has been a formidable foe. In fact this negative mental virus dominates most of the world. We are now at the crossroads and an end must come to this tyranny and the attempt to enslave our planet.

To make things simple we will not designate the cabal as ET or human they are simply selfish criminals guilty of crimes against humanity. This site has provided numerous links to other sources to provide ample evidence for these indictments of genocide, genetic, manipulation, murder, theft, racketeering, treason, mind control, genocide, genetic altering, poisoning of Water. Air, Food to name a few. The list is too long and too depressing to detail here but we have links.

This will come as a shock to many but there are members of the worlds military and intelligence agencies that have been involved in on going interactions with ET races for over 60 years. These ET interactions are not limited to governmental agencies in fact the open minded elite intelligentsia of the worlds science technological vocations have been physically contacted or communicated with as well. Many of these interactions have been very benevolent, positive and even highly spiritual in nature.

There are many members of regular civilian population and society who also have been having informational exchanges of varying degrees with our brothers and sisters or space family. Unfortunately not all contacts have been of a positive nature and this has led to much confusion. This confusion must end.

To insure the planetary liberation process the benevolent forces of ET Races have been making plans with various elite corps of earth based military and law enforcement personnel to insure the joint action of arrest of these criminal conspirators. These plans are quite detailed and they have made every allowance for every contingency to insure non-violent arrests and total victory.

The plan of action has been to amass enough evidence to arrest these criminals. The evidence has been in hand for decades in but these criminals are in control the worlds media and military forces as well as the financial institutions and many other key aspects of our societal structure as well. These individuals and their secret societies are deeply involved in the politics and literally control the worlds view by manipulation. The arrests of these individuals has been a long slow and arduous task and the worlds peoples owe a great debt to the brave individuals who have had to remain hidden to see that justice is restored to our planet.

There are very wise beings and spiritual forces who have been promising for a very long time that the curtain will come down on the travesty which is the tyrannical exploitation of an entire planet and all of its life streams. This promise is soon to be realized as ET races will soon coordinate the plan for the liberation of our world, The Agarthan Network, The RM and the earth based ground crew populace will also be very involved in these physical arrests.

Unbeknownst to many there have been major battles inside the earths crust caverns and in outer space as well. This has been kept secret for various reasons and both sides have their reasons for keeping this under wraps. The time for secrecy is over and the truth must be revealed.

There are advanced technologies which can influence and control human emotions and feelings in a powerful way. These have been and are being used against the average unaware human to his detriment. We earth humans as it now stands are not capable of overcoming these technologies at our current level of development and therefore we are being aided by benevolent forces who can match and neutralize these advanced technologies all at once.

Before the actual arrests can take place various elements of the electronic fence and implant matrix which manipulates the human consciousness field must be bought down. This aspect of the preparations is currently in progress and must be completed before the final enforcement actions are enacted. This will take time and no man or angel knows the hour it will happen when it happens and most likely will come like a thief in the night.

We of prepare for change have great faith that what is known as the Compression Breakthrough will occur in the not too distant future however patience is key to remaining stable as we prepare to be of service to our fellow man who for the most part will have no idea exactly what is taking place.

This general apathy and drowsy malaise which is firmly embedded in the human population is now being dispelled by awake and aware individuals who are stepping into their truth and declaring their support for the light forces. This is the purpose of this website, to awaken people to the immanent changes so they are not caught unaware. The more people who know what is transpiring and are active in supporting the Event in a peaceful way the better off the planet will be. The smoother the transition the quicker we can partake in greater revelations.

One of the main plans for the event to be successful is to disable the central banking system, which is the root of the manipulation, and control system on planet earth. There have been tests in this vital aspect of the Events implementation and they have been successful. It is unfortunate but necessary that the worlds population will be somewhat disrupted by the closing of the worlds banking system but this is necessary to cripple the criminals to insure they cannot continue to wreak havoc at the time of the event.

The ET forces have very advanced technologies and they will act as the eyes and ears for the worlds police forces during the actual arrests. This will insure a minimal amount of violence takes place and insure the safety of the police forces.

All in all thousands of years of preparation have been involved in making the way for this planetary liberation process and it is important that you who read these words know and respect the wisdom behind the patience to insure our success. The delays are necessary as this is a fluid model of interaction and the human element comes into play. Rest assured all haste is being made to end the suffering artificially created on our planet.

Research the links here on this website if you doubt the criminal activity. Research the mountains of evidence of extra terrestrial life. Do not look for evidence in your mafia controlled mainstream media as this is controlled by the puppet masters and is designed to confuse and mislead you.

Make no mistakes where you stand we cannot serve ignorance superstition and fear any longer. The whole truth is here and it is setting us free but we must take its hand. The Event is a righteous and just cause and will take place as planned. Please be prepared and think about the information we have shared here and see if there are any other suggestions you might have to prepare for this momentous period.

What Can You Do “Before the EVENT”

We are about to enjoy both a non-violent liberation of the planet along with a bright and beautiful future for ALL of humanity.

Since we do not know the exact day, month, or year of the event it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:

  1. Keep an extra 2 weeks of food and water on hand starting now.
  2. Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.
    Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
  3. Gas up your vehicle when the tank is 1/2 empty.
  4. Stay in touch with this website for updates.
  5. Educate yourself, friends and family members.
  6. Get together in groups each Sunday and do the Planetary Liberation Meditation and focus on bringing in The Divine Goddess Energy. Info on
  7. Be sure to remain calm and centered and to encourage others to do the same they will be looking for answers and you will be able to help them so study and prepare yourself to be of service.


The Event will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non physical planes.

On the non physical plane:

There will be a big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun (which is called Alohae in the Pleiadean language) going towards the surface of the planet. It will be a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity. It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before.

It may be a major shock to some but for those who are aware of the event, it will be recognized as positive change whose time has come. This divine flash will trigger spiritual forces, Extra Terrestrials, Agarthan Network Peoples and the Planet X and Earth based Resistance Movement to begin to put long awaited plans into action. These plans are the enforcement of what is know as the Galactic Codex (Galatic Codex).

Motherships will move into the earths atmosphere invisibly to raise the vibrations of the earths atmosphere and to help the populace acclimatize their consciousness fields as the electronic fence matrix is bought down once and for all time. They will not reveal or announce themselves publicly for quite some time although there will be increased physical sightings to prepare the world to accept their presence.

On the physical plane there will be:

  • The earths military and police forces will move into action to insure there is no rioting and to safe guard vital infrastructure from false flag cabal attacks designed to create panic and fear based reactions.
  • The arrest of the Cabal members who have led the way will be the most significant part of the event.
  • The res-set of the Financial Systems / the entire central banking system and all banks computers will be shut down and will not be able to be bought online, so all banks will close until further notice.
  • The main media stations will be taken over by civil authorities who will remove censors and cabal based programs and agendas.
  • Disclosure – The release of secret documents and events including ET information will begin some time after the actual event. Many of the world mysteries will be revealed / who killed Kennedy / CIA drug dealing / the true the forces behind all the world wars / ongoing depopulation agendas / HAARP / vaccinations / Secret space Program / Mind Control / financial crimes and many many things that will shock many people!
  • The beginning of a new fair financial system with prosperity funds and worldwide trusts for healing the planet will eventually be implemented.
  • NEW Government / Political system, Education system, Health care system, History lessons, etc. etc. Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terrestrial races and our galactic connections.
  • Introduction of new advanced technology.
  • The Techniques for spiritual growth will be shared as we learn who we are where we come from. We will discern our unique purpose and our life’s path will reveal itself to us individually.
  • There will be artifacts bought forward from ancient repositories revealing the truth of man interaction with ETs in our recent history. We will understand our cosmic heritage. Ancient sites will unearth space ships from our past and we will have physical proof of ancient technologies.
  • There will be a host of advanced healing technologies released which have been suppressed to keep the Cabal rich and you in suffering. Eventually the present medical system will alter radically in the light of more advanced forms of treatment.
  • Free energy devices will be available for your home and car and an end to fossil fuels and other toxic technologies.
  • Eventually public trials to expose what has been going on to insure a mass catharsis of healing and eventual forgiveness / criminals will get desperately needed healing and counseling for their distorted minds.

Keep in mind the details that are given here are most likely NOT an exact description of everything that may happen. However these are the basic plans, as it is understood at this time. It is indicated that certain aspects of this plan will be enacted. Human freewill plays a central part in this process and the enactment of the plans will be a fluid model that may change hourly to be determined by the progress we make during the event.

This EVENT is not intended to be an Earth type revolution where there are risks taken to innocent people’s lives. It is for this reason that we are called to service to insure a peaceful transition. This massive action demands the type of precision that only The Godhead Him/Herself can decide upon.

It is time now for everyone on this planet to understand that this future coming changes are NOT in the hands of some mad people who might make wrong decisions that might lead to bloodshed.

The coming Event will NOT be a bloody revolution. The Event itself is a lawful enforcement of existing planetary laws. Furthermore this is also an enforcement of the Galactic Codex. On the day of the Event the entire world will be informed that there is now, Peace on Earth, and a return to freedom for the peoples of Earth.

We will all need to remain calm and to support this transition process to a non-violent and peaceful society. We will need all the help we can get, from people all over the world to insure our success. The world’s current political leadership most likely knows nothing about the intended changes at this time. Very few of the worlds major political criminals and players will still be in positions of influence after the event. So we must realize the real changes will come from concerned citizens like us who are committed to finding solutions. After finding answers to the worlds problems we must follow up with actions to manifest the changes in the New society.

Be aware, the changes that will come will be fast and powerful. Though much of the long-range plans will be implemented gradually, many things, such as the media stations will be liberated immediately. This will smooth things over and calm people around the world. For the most part, white hat civil authorities will be given prepared and responsible guidance to leadership and this applies also to the general population. This will be through existing forms of media. Newspapers, television, radio, and some websites will be the most effective and comprehensive source of knowledge about what is transpiring.

We must support and reinforce these peaceful directives as firmly and as confidently as possible. Rest assured, the people are generally peaceful and well intentioned. Keep in mind the reasons for the EVENT will not be known by 90% of the world”s people. Nor will they have any idea what is transpiring or why.

emergency broadcastThe television will reveal the truth to them over time, because the forces of light will control the satellites and the communication systems.

The few media moguls who secretly own all of the world major media and are in charge of systematic mind control (such as, Murdoch, the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s) will either be arrested or rendered impotent. Their censors will be removed as civil authorities will be directed to insure the dissemination of truth from the time of THE EVENT until forevermore. The cabal-controlled, script reading, MK Ultra victims also know as talking heads will be replaced by responsible reporters. The satellites will be in control of the Resistance Movement and other supporting forces.

The media will give us an honest detailed report of what is going very soon after the arrest process begins. This will hopefully calm the populace and insure people are getting the information necessary to help them and their families.

After The EVENT

The actual arrests of Cabal members is intended to take no more than 72 hours on world wide action and enforcement sweep. However the human element will come into play and the initial arrests may take longer. Still the entire process is expected to last no more than 2 weeks. There may be ongoing arrests of smaller fish in the months that follow!

During this 2-week time period the banks will have been closed. Hopefully at this time the media will have been releasing massive amounts of evidence of the far ranging criminal actions promulgated by those major players, both known and unknown to the public eye. This will be a relief for many and riveting news for all. Overall this be a strong cause and impetus for change.

What will come next is up to humanity as a whole. How fast and how well humanity adapts to the revelations on the world stage in regards to the arrests of these criminals will determine the next stage of our planets growth. There will most certainly be a process of denial, shock and anger over what has been going on. Acts of revenge and violence or acting out will not be tolerated. We hope our group will be instrumental in educating the populace and preventing fear based reactions and hostile actions by those in their communities!

Victory of the Light.

Rob Potter

Edited by Dr. Ilya Perlingieri (biography)

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  1. I look forward to the Event, and may we all unite worldwide, and as one to help the helpless, and to open the minds and eyes of many.

    We will make it happen! And we can bring fourth change in due time, for this is the age of awakening, and for once in our lives we can look forward to this change. 🙂

    • The time has come everyone we will see the truth, the kingdom of heaven is within and may it guild all those who’s eyes have been closed all this tome

  2. I am from Indonesia, and I have just done Global Meditation like Weekly Liberation, Goddess Vortex, IS:IS Portal Activation meditation etc etc,..alone by myself, because afraid all other people around/surrounding me will, in reality, just laugh at me, when I told them about this… how can we know, seriously, if all of this is really going to be very real, and not just another mere fantasy/imagination/wishful-thinking? .. thx

  3. I have felt, from a young age, that i have been here before. I have this feeling like i have some lesson to learn, information to obtain. Something. Im supposed to do something…I watch as everyone around me is brain washed with the BS in the media and through the enculturation process that turns us against each other based off arbitrary boundaries…so many things that i cannot see or understand…I feel like that the english language and many other languages as well are insufficient in their ability to transmit information effectively. If someone reads this, and is compelled to reply to my ramblings, thanks. I normally dont ramble but reading this has had an odd effect upon me. I dont know if i am crazy but i feel as if its everyone else that is and im the sane one…or maybe i am the crazy one…but i think that this is not the case.

    • tbh i feel the same way in most regards. i feel this life is one of many lives on this earth (or perhaps others) and every being we meet, even in a forum like this, is someone we have already met. I’ve had instances where I should be dead, yet lived. Strangely i feel the way you do about everyone being unaware of whats going on around them, yet i have hope because more and more I hear “conspiracy theoriest” and “awake” people speaking about this. I don’t know all the answers, I don’t know if this website is for the good of us or another ploy, but the way you feel, I feel likewise which is why I am replying.

  4. You guys should check out the info about the Tetrad blood moons. I just googled blood moon but the tetrad angle very interesting especially because first of the 4 blood moons happening 15 April 2014 and it’s part of a prophecy.

    This will influence many religions because of it’s spiritual aspect and also having 4 blood moons in a span of one year also don’t happen that often.

  5. i have felt like i dont belong in this “system of things” ever since i can remember. i have endured hardship after hardship to this very day. i realized the matrix is real. i see how the corrupt enslave us through this thing they call money, feed us propaganda through the mainstream media, erode the family dynamic, and usurp power and resources while killing innocence through wars. my eyes well up with tears just waiting for that moment to come when all of our suffering will finally pay off and we will no longer be slaves to these { edited by PFC Language) . enough is enough. ive been fed up with this system for a long time now. i welcome this event with open arms and cant wait to live the way i was meant to live… FREE!

  6. My dream come true ….. the truth, the end of the factory deaths – pharmaceutical industry …. the reality that HIV is harmless and will then cease the poisoning deaths of antiretroviral cease … and my prejudice life back … FREEDOM

    • As I just had to guess, or rather taking a common sense bet a 20th March 2015 or when one of the blood moons. What do you think?

      • well,.. since I am honestly still a ‘newbie’ here,.. I just really hope that this is all going to be really REAL ! . . .

        Reality .vs. Imagination . . .

        -from Indonesia-

  7. When the flash of light comes millions of Christians will be missing. I will be one of them. Gone to be with Jesus hallelujah!

    It will not be happiness as you claim. It will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for behold the devil has come down to you (aliens) and he knows his time is short!

    Wake up now people and come to Jesus this whole new age stuff is mumbo jumbo lies mixed in with the real truth from the bible. This is all predicted just as the website says but its reversed! satan is out to destroy you and comes with all lying signs and wonders he will deceive many and it will cost you your soul!!!!

    • Bily Billy Billy,

      Thank you for your wonderful and positive message filled with so much love hope and forgiveness and tolerence for all. I am reminded of my first time in church at age 6 when I went to sunday school I was a bit distracted by my first visit and was perhaps not paying attention to the teacher who was walking around with a Bible in her hand. My first contact with a bible was when she smacked me on the head with it.

      If you took time to actually read this websie you will notice that we too recognize that this universe is teeming with sentient life. It comes from the many mansions in the fathers house. In “the king james version” this was actually changed from the Aramaic words meaning “Dwelling Places” which is revealed in the dead sea scrolls as the true interpretation. So if there are dwelling places there are dwellers!We are not alone never have been never will be.

      Yes some of these dwellers are refered to as fallen angels in our mythology. The truth and knowing of these things will be cleared up for people to truly understand after a period of time to be determined by god. However dear brother there are more lovers of god than haters. There are many positive beings in the infinite cosmos of gods creation in the material as well as the non material realms. This is MY FAITH.

      The rapture of lift off from earth of some peoples of earth will most likely one day occur. I like you hope it will be sooner than later but it will be somewhere in our future as my intuition senses this is not so soon. I certainly do not buy your interpretation that others will be punished and left behind by weeping and gnashing of teeth! I feel all will experience the glory of going on huge seraphic transport vehicles or large mother space vehicles which have been built by super cultures. These races which have never “fallen” and have kept the covenants with the spirit of truth which rule the omniversal world of time and space are here at the beckoning of spirt and they seek to help us as we mature into a New Order of the Ages NOT A NEW WORLD ORDER!!! The forces of control have highjacked this meaning and many other symbols and treachings to confuse and mislead the faithful. Rest assured we are all in gods hands and her love his light never fail.

      I feel the seven seals of revelations represent the seven spirits before the throne and refer to the seven endocrine glands or spiritual centers in our physical and subtle spiritual bodies.Those people who knowingly or unknowingly err or sin by their own unbalanced thinking and debase themselves with the lower personality vehicles desires and attachments like lust anger fear vanity hate jealousy judgement will find a difficult road ahead.

      These souls will be by unbalanced thought be acting from the Fallen or babylonian energies and be creating their own living hell. In fact this my view of the current situation today for many. This may result in a personal gnashing of teeth until the error is recognized and healed as it surely must for we have a iving and loving god. For the person standing next to them who is linked with the mind of almighty god and the source of all that is good beautiful and true, i feel will find their connection to spirit via the single minded attention to the higher centers higher resonance of frequencies within the “The “Single Eye” Christ spoke of. This is the light that fills the body with love. I feel this will all be healed in due course as the curve of spiritual development comes to the fore.

      I have allowed your judgemental cooment for all to see. If you respond to this please try to not claim to speak for your god or satan by saying either will destroy us. That is not positive or constructive. Does not the bible teach Christ came not to destroy but to nourish and comfort and to rebuild? If so please find this message in your heart and be more kind here or you will find your comment Spammed very quickly.

      Yes we reserve the right to keep angry judgemental or hate filled comments that try to uplift themselves by decrying others. This site is not a trash bin or a place of fear. We are committed to making this world this dungeon into a sacred space worthy of angels and men and women in allegience and attunement to the divine.

      Warm regards
      Rob Potter

      • Greetings Friends

        When I was around 5 years old my mother decided that I should get some religion so she sent me to Sunday school. She did this because she got pressure from one of my playmates. My mother was basically a hippie princess and her personal beliefs were closer to native american.

        So I went to Sunday school and the teacher brought me and a couple of other kids up to pulpit and taught us about Jesus. I was stoked, everybody gets into heaven because of this dude!

        At the end of class, all the parents came to get my their kids, and my mom was last which left me alone with the teacher for around 15 or twenty minutes. During that time the teacher questioned me greatly about my family. Soon she learned that I was a bastard. She told me so. Furthermore, sadly, she had to inform me that unfortunately bastards don’t get into heaven. I believed her.

        Nevermind the fact that on later investigation, it is clear that Jesus himself was technically a bastard. I was 5 and she was an expert. It must be true. I remember feeling shut out. Shut down. It was so unfair. This is how Christianity was introduced to me.

        For some reason I just could not intigrate with Christianity. Though I tried many times, in the back of my head I always heard this Sunday school teacher reminding me that bastards don’t get to heaven.

        I didn’t realize that she was full of crap until around 23. By that time I had found Taoism. So, for that I thank Jesus. Indirectly he has shown me the way.

        Andrew Osiris

        • O,
          i personally integrate all the teachers and their messages ot truth.Each has their own path towards the one. The message of Christ for me resonates the most. We both can agree the the institutions are run by fallible humans. I am not sure i could do bettter however I would never negate anothers viewpoint or try to claim my personal my preference as the only or superior way.

        • Sir, Jesus had a father, He is GOD Almighty, Yahweh, Hashem. That is his Heavenly Father. He also had a step-father, his name was Joseph. I respect your views but I disagree that Jesus was a ?!

          • Phillip,
            I have edited the last word of your post because t looked like a swear word. I certainly never called christ by any swear word names so unless you will clarify what you think I said where and when I will edit your post. I want honest questions and sincere inquiry so try to be more articulate without swearing or disrespecting people and your voice will be heard!

      • Hi Rob

        I too am Christian and believe in the rapture which I understand will occur around the time of other world changing events, such as a global financial and economic collapse or reset, and perhaps a significant war or similar that will urge the world to introduce a new world order similar to what you outline.

        The largest school in India and the largest school in the world by number of pupils, according to Guinness Book of Records, the City Montessori School, Lucknow, India also hold to a view of a future where humanity will be united as one under a New World Order, One World Government, enforceable international law, a global police force and single global currency. See for example: and

        In fact, my research reveals there are lots of groups and advocates looking toward this new world system with growing expectation and anticipation, from those of various esoteric and spiritual communities, interfaith, new age, world federalists and so on.

        I find your description of “The Event” interesting because I strongly feel this will occur concurrently with the rapture of Christians. I think this incredible and unprecedented event will most certainly give support toward an extra terrestrial visitation. I am aware that some new agers look forward to a similar “sudden” evacuation of people from the earth. For example see here:

        The detailed compilation of these messages is here:

        Benjamin Creme has long been lecturing on the appearance of a world teacher who is named Maitreya. Creme also looks forward to a special event he calls ‘The Day of Declaration’. A brief description of this event is at the bottom of the following page:

        I think there are ample signs in the world today of this event fast approaching. Like I mentioned, I really believe the trigger to these events as promoted by those above and your own, will be the rapture as described in 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18; 2 Thessalonians 2:1 – 12; and 1 Corinthians 15:51-53. The rapture will mark a paradigm shift in the world order, from economics to geopolitics, social and religious. Certainly the world will be in shock and awe even as you mention, and it will be sudden – incidentally as many of those including your version of ‘The Event’ likewise describe.

        Every believer in Jesus Christ who confesses Jesus as Lord and believes Him and His resurrection in their heart (ie: John 3;16; Romans 10:9) will participate in this great taking away out of this world.

        • Jean,
          Yo Tango mucho amor para ti tan bien! How did you know I am in Mexico right now are you just psychic or did you come and see me in your space ship? LOL

    • Greetings Beloved Bill.
      I can understand your well meant seeing according to Christian dogma. I ask; The Kingdom of God is within you/us/all; now, should any doctrine opposes this, it must be a contradiction to that part of the bible, yes?
      Jesus, my friend, brought us the lesson of God’s unconditional Love as main mission. Trust in his teaching; also that we will do greater things than he did, so he said.

      The Trinity, makes him also ONE with God, right?

      As you believe this; how can it be ever possible for God (Jesus, Holy Spirit) to have died on a cross? Where was God those 3 days?

      Rest assured Beloved of God, that all will find Jesus’ Way-teachings!

      Please, look up, even at night, for he IS coming, yet in a huge ‘mansion’ virtually incomprehensible!

      You remain dearly loved, as per his teachings!


      • This is a reply to myself, Berend, asking anyone why my (and others’ here) above message’s date is 2014 and not 2015 (two-thousand-and-fifteen)??? The date on my windows 8.1 is 2015; is there perhaps a different date thro Google Chrome?

        Thanks anyone…

    • Beloved Bill, rest assure, millions more than (some?) christians will ascend, and some has already. Smaller than 10% is still in a non-ascending status (3rd dimension). Ascension is, raising consciousness from one dimension towards the next higher. So more than 90% has already left the 3rd dimension, and “skipped” the 4th *. And most will walk with Jesus, our brother, on this ascended Earth-surface – he can be at many places at one time, for sure! Earth is also ascending towards full 5th. Each dimension have 12 stages; once it reach 5.12, its next step is 6.0 dimension.

      Yes, it will probably not be happy for the less than 10%, whom God loves all the same without measure. Our space brothers and sisters (not aliens) of The Light (Galactic Federation of Light) will come down and, guess who is Chief Commander, in his ship, The New Jerusalem? (the New Jerusalem will come down – it rings a bell, yes?). They will assist us to ascend to full 5th at least – it’s our choice as per our Heavenly Gift. The “devil” is but a remnant of what Lucifer has started, yes? (this (and *) can be too complicated to understand, unless an open and loving mind is present!).

      Jesus is by our side. Some has deeper insight into manipulated scriptures and sees a higher (more correct) truth. His teachings were basically two-fold; Love and Forgiveness! (see also his “A Course In Miracles”, and “The New Scriptures”, if you so choose). It make sense, cause God (Prime Creator), is ONLY LOVE, and Jesus came to portray that plus, plus. So What He Create is nothing less. IT cannot be uncreated (just for those on the perceived higher level of consciousness who are open to receive higher truths).

      Two suggestions offered, beloved of God within: Instead of “satan is out to destroy”, use “Jesus is always with/in us to draw us closer to Who we really are” – what we confess and think sends out a vibration to enhance its manifestation through the collective. Be but in want for more expressions of the Love from our inner Being (our Godlyness – in His likeness).

      You are dearly loved. Blessings, peace and harmony to you and all who come to mind.


    • Beloved Bill – a more detailed reply than previous…

      Rest assure, millions more than (some?) christians will ascend, and some has already. Smaller than 10% is still in a non-ascending status (3rd dimension). Ascension is, raising consciousness from one dimension towards the next higher. So more than 90% has already left the 3rd dimension, and “skipped” the 4th *. And most will walk with Jesus, our brother, on this ascended Earth-surface – he can be at many places at one time, for sure! Earth is also ascending towards full 5th. Each dimension have 12 stages; once it reach e.g 5.12, its next step is 6.0 dimension.

      Yes, it will probably not be happy for the less than 10%, whom God loves all the same without measure. Our space brothers and sisters (not aliens) of The Light (Galactic Federation of Light) will come down and, guess who is Chief Commander, in his ship, The New Jerusalem? (the New Jerusalem will come down – it rings a bell, yes?). They will assist us to ascend to full 5th at least – it’s our choice as per our Heavenly Gift to allow help. The “devil” is but a remnant of what Lucifer has started, yes? (this (and *) can be too complicated to understand, unless an open and loving mind is present!).

      Jesus is by our side. Some has deeper insight into discerning manipulated scriptures and sees a higher (more correct) truth. His teachings were basically two-fold; Love and Forgiveness! (see also his “A Course In Miracles”, and “The New Scriptures”, if you so choose). It make sense, cause God (Prime Creator), is ONLY LOVE, and Jesus came to portray that plus, plus. So What He Create is nothing less. IT cannot be uncreated (just for those on the perceived higher level of consciousness who are open to receive higher truths).

      Two suggestions offered, beloved of God within: Instead of “satan is out to destroy”, use “Jesus is always with/in us to draw us closer to Who we really are” – what we confess and think sends out a vibration to enhance its manifestation through the collective. Be but in want for more expressions of the Love from our inner Being (our Godlyness – in His likeness).

      You are dearly loved. Blessings, peace and harmony to you and all who come to mind.


  8. I believe in the possibility of this but still have many doubts. What about the ‘evacuation’ scenario many people are awaiting concerning the positive e.t.s?

    What about the theory that an evolution of Earth will happen to push us into the fifth-dimension thus leaving this 3D (or 4D) Earth behind?

    Discernment is key in all things. How easily can the negative state create such a scenario and make it seem like it’s from the positive state?

    I dunno. I’m not trying to be pessimistic but question much.

  9. “I haven’t got it all figured out but…”

    I’ll second that!

    To all my Beloved Ones — May the dawn see you Hale and Hearty that you might follow the Path of Light and live to see Life Everlasting, indeed, the Pearl of Great Price.



    • Can’t figure out how to reply to the main thread. Feels like there should be a forum here to exchange ideas.

      In Cobras Journal:
      The discussion relating to Archons, the Lords of Karma, and the fact that these evil beings are tricking us into re-incarnating into this world is…eye opening.

      I am a big believer in Karma. It has been my refuge in the darkness, as I have assumed that all this suffering is the manifestions of the karma of their souls and mine. This was explained to me by Chuang Tsu. I am having a hard time believing this was a lie, but if it is, I am beyond pissed.

      • O,
        just reply as you have already succeeded here make any comment you like but follow our protocols page and you will not be moderated or removed.
        thank you
        Rob potter

  10. This is far too simple. The pyramid grid was destroyed to keep mankind at a low frequency.

    There are many races here that are also stuck. They have been using stealth a long time.

    I haven’t got it all figured out but to say there was a war and those of light left for reinforcements to return at a later djust jus doesn’t sync with reality.

    There are too many open ends. Lets start with a moon that doesn’t spin on it’s axis.

    The key to understanding this is establishing a localized grid to break through the quarantine field blocking our connection with true understanding.

    A peaceful global take down of beings that have had tens of centuries to prepare just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    What are they doing to us?
    I suspect there are multiple agendas occuring simultaneously at varying levels of sophistication and consciousness.

    This is going to be an all out battle royal.

    Before any of this happens, we have to regain our lost memory of who we are.

    We are all from different places, so why are we here together is the real question.


    • One American,
      You clearly are informed on many things and this is great i have seen your site. Much wisdom there. You state that the pyramid grid was destroyed to keep man at a low frequency. While this may be the result and be partially true this is not the entire story either. Nor do i claim that my article is the entire story. The entire story will be revealed over time as the truth is eventually bought out to the open.

      I will agree with you there are multiple groups from off this planet with various ideas and actions affecting our planet. The Vast majority are benevolent. The ones who are hostile made war in heaven so to speak and are trying desparately to overcome the what I call the Christ Groups.

      The good guys believe in the power of love and trying to help to raise our awareness so we can by ourselves overcome our superstition ignorance and fear.

      Our lack of tolerence for others viewpoints and spiritual understanding has led to divicivness and judgment. Some people claim to represent the greatest teacher of love and forgiveness by judging others and not understanding that the creator has made his truth available through all times and many different teachers who have taught the same truths.

      The father of all lies will say only this way is the right way only this religion is the right religion. Only this story is the true story. this is the old NWO paradigm of divide and conquer.

      What you feel doesnt pass the smell test is the takedown of of beings with thousands of years to prepare? Guess what far more powerful and wise forces have been planning for liberation for even longer. In fact the victory has occurred on many other worlds. You do not have any personal experiences of these benevolent forces nor have you met them in the flesh. I understand your skepticism as you can only validate from your own viewpoint which does not include the reality of space family contacts…. just now.

      Yet this may happen for you and many others. I have had this experience it does not make me any better or worse than anyone else and does not confer on me any special status or spiritual knowing. We are all here on this mad mad mad world trying to come together to share love peace and prosperity. I will offer you to contact me if you like we can chat and see if i can clear up any questions you might have.

      I am aware of the NWO plot to have a fake alien invasion rest assured it will not be allowed. Men make plans and god laughs. The good guys were just insensed at this plot and it will not take place. the curtain is about to raise on humanity.
      People should look closely at where they place thier attention. what are they doing everyday?

      Where are their thoughts words deeds and actions do they spend time making videos trying to negate what others are doing for peace are they stoking the fires of intolerance? Are they painting pictures of doom and gloom for our future with a fatalistic complacency which relegates the future to an inevitable destruction!?

      The future has not arrived and we are the co creators of our own reality. We do have the power to bring peace to this world.

      Here is a metaphysical secret for you, myself and others to ponder. Armageddon and the prophecies of the 7 seals refer to the seven chakras and the individuals stae of vobration depending on where there attention is. If you are stuck in babylon our awareness is in the lower charkas of personality desire and ego. We will have a tough time emotionally as the speed of revelations and changes are moved forward at lightening speed.
      If thine eye be single thy whole body be full of light or in mataphysical terms the alta major section of the body. the thyroid the pituitary and pineal glands we will be resonating with a deeper understanding of truth.

      This is where the body atones or AT-Ones the experiences of life. By transcending the duality or materialistic thinking we can view things form a unified field of love and access a direct knowing of and feeling of truth.

      The false religions of the world controlled by the controllers are have distorted the teachings of christ and all of the other teachers by placing themselves as interpreters of the living word of god. No one needs a priest to find christ or god.

      The truth is omnipresent and is visible like the truth for those who sincerley seek the truth with humility and love in their hearts.

    • Interesting what you say about the pyramid grid keeping the world Fq. low, haven’t heard anybody else quote this. Most people think it’s satelitte’s.

  11. Hi, although reading this page often left me thinking: WTF how is this going to take place.. is this made up… but still something led me to this page. I truly think the world and humanity needs to move to the next chapter. I see so much pain and suffer around me, gentle, nice, honest people that fight for their lives.. and their chances to win are small to none. Why has the world as we know it, to be so unfair, so full of extremes.. poor and rich, healthy and deathsick.. I really wish, with the deepest of my heart, that one day the human race can stand up altogether and just yell: STOP we don’t want this. I often look up to the stars and wish for myself that some kinda aliens that know the purpose of humans, the purpose of the universe, who may know what or where god, the creator off that huge space we call universe… and I wish that if a process like the event begins, that my loved ones are safe and sound. Some people have to leave now in order for something new to begin, that is evolution.. look at the dinos… they had to go and made place for us… Humans are destined to be big, big in their soul and heart but the majority of all humans just care for themselves and their money and success.. Life is no much more and I’m willing.. oh so willing to find out the true meaning of life.. let the event begin.. lets get rid of what hurts us most…banks!

    • I’m glad that I am *not* alone, in reality, in thinking & feeling like this… same exactly with me too here… although I -sadly/unfortunately- also couldn’t see all these “NON-physical” things/events, and whether if they’re really real or made-up, yet, it is with all my heart that I really wish all of this would be really REAL !..

      you’re right… the whole humanity urgently NEEDS to change now! and, to quote one of my favorite quotations from Batman Begins:

      “People often need DRAMATIC examples/events to shake them out of Apathy.”

    • everything that can happen, does happen. Because this is happening somewhere, it is happening here. That’s the Beauty of the multiverse.

      Life is a dream, become nightmare. Wake us up!

  12. Sorry to inform you all, but your little Utopia is NEVER going to happen. It just won’t. The nature of greed and want ingrained in humans will never cease to exist. This will always create strife and hatred. There will always be those that want to inflict pain on individuals not “like” themselves. Keep waiting for your “Event” though, but don’t hold your breath.

    • SRSLY,
      IAM feeling frisky tonight so let do a mirroring exercise!

      Sorry to inform you but your little pessimistic negative view point has no affect on the changes moving swiftly into our reality.

      Your minds limitation means nothing and those who live negative lives and believe that they are “ingrained” with weakness and fataliistic complacency, will most likely attract experiences of strife and hatred in their lives.

      Some negative thinkers trying to pretend they can inflict pain on others by projecting their narrow viewpoints with their written words probably do not like themselves.

      Furthermore by denying the destiny of love on our world will find themself waiting at the end of a very cold and long series of learning experiences.
      May the spirit of truth warm you on your path and may grace speed your journey/

      Iam fortunate for I have been to the mountain top and seen the other side and everyone makes it. Some people will have some remedial reading to do but nothing a little faith and an open heart cant fix.

      Rob Potter
      Victory To The Light

      PS interesting to note cobras post about this site has doubled our meet up participation groups within 7 days to almost 700 individuals offering their home to coordinate a good feeling of unity and diversity.

      On the otherhand I couldnt help but chuckle when I noted your e-mail address at is a real site that is simply a “misdirect” address? That made me laugh because at least your consistent as misdirection is for amateur magicians!

    • Greetings Beloved and dear one.

      Regarding greed; part of This Major proses is St Germain’s prosperity funds for ALL on planet earth! Watch as also the RV (revaluation of all currencies)happen shortly.

      Worldwide Banks And Governments Foreclosed; as per Public Notice.

      The dark cabal is being cornered with no way out but to turn to the Light. Their greediness of self enrichment caused billions to be greedy for what their inner self tells they deserve – of cause, not judging any one; yet, the wheel keeps turning…

      See, if you feel good to do so; and sister sites mentioned there.

      Blessings and God’s Love,

  13. somebody tell me please, *HOW* can I really know (& prove) the truth/proof by myself ? … I don’t to be heavily disappointed in another false hopes/lies anymore…

    although yes, at the same time, I’m really sick & tired of this everyday’s harsh, mundane, & very limited “reality” here…

    I just wish I could also see/experience all these “NON-physical” realms/beings/experiences behind-the-scenes … but sadly/unfortunately, I still don’t know *HOW* to be able to do that !…

    -from Indonesia-

    • Nicki
      You really want someone else to tell you? THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TRUTH. It inside of you right where you are.
      Here down below this freedom song is my gift to you. Study this website ALL of IT! Awakening of the cosmic heart and many other secrets of how you too can KNOW the truth that lies within. Here it is can you grasp it?
      Best wishes

      dont be afraid its deep inside of you
      try to coax a tear from the angels Eye am
      deep inside of you
      my cup held up to the sky
      to forget all the days gone by
      its deep inside of you
      tears fall down on your lonely
      two valleys less traveled
      deep inside of you
      come along come along
      deep inside of you

      • I have a question. I have been abducted many times in my life. Can you tell me what the reason for this is? Why do we get taken and examined?

        • Glo,
          All Abductions are not good they violate freewill and were part of NWO and Grey enslavement plot. I met a military WH who was one of my first teachers he worked in an old us base where abductees were taken it was not good. He escaped with help of pleiadeans and worked for the light he taught me much about the implant matrix etc. back in 83. As far as we know these abductions have stopped and most of the implants renedered impotent to a certain extent.according to cobra their are still invisible etheric and asteal implant networks in place with current GFL operations underway to dismantle these control grids as well. You may see/read or hear parts of this my personally story on my website in my first coast to coast interview. here

        • Greetings Beloved Glo.

          The energy picked up seems to be a unpleasant experience for you – assessing accompanied photo? All embodiments (except for higher ascended Beings who choose so..) do experience perceived “unwantedness”, yes?

          The Universal Law of Attraction remains unchanged! We attract to us that which present an opportunity to learn and go thro those experiences. Try going within your God-Self Being and ask the Holy Spirit to help you get full answer.

          Why do we get taken and examined? Well, even humans are curious, yes? There were, maybe you know, autopsies carried out on so called “ET’s” – the same “Why” applies, yes?

          One ‘thing’ is sure; God is for NO suffering and NO pain! (both are illusions in any case; it is a belief – have faith in this Truth?)

          Look at the ‘bright’ side e.g. no one needs to convince you about the higher beings’ (though higher dark ones) existence and their ship(s)! Let me quickly follow with; there IS higher ‘space’ being of LIGHT!!! Called “The Galactic Federation Of Light” under command of Ashtar, and Jesus as Chief Commander – all circling earth, in millions, ready for The EVEN, leading to Paradise on Earth!

          I trust this be of a little help.

          Learn from it AND, if there is any lack of love towards those who has taken and examined you; please do forgive them and let it go – and await massive goodness coming your way!

          Blessing and God’s Love to you from your own inner being, as we are All One with God!

          And so it is,
          I am.

    • Greetings Beloved from Indonesia.

      It is wonderful to have an urge to SEE! Yet, try understand that as God is also unseen-able, so is His Creation! We are Spirit. ‘There’ is but Spirit/God/Love!

      Now, the Truth is, that It do not need ANY proof! Proof (may) better be fitting for believes, as e.g. one use wine and another use grape juice, yes?

      If you choose so, do this; lie down, in day time, close eyes, start breathing DEEPly IN and OUT (do NOT pause in-between) for few minutes – then for about 30min, 3 time faster DEEP breathing, or as comfortable as possible for you. And do it daily, and increase time to hours! You Will start seeing wonderful ‘things’ and colors – it is not the same for everyone doing this exercise. It is for sure, that you will see that which is meaningful for you at the time.

      Even the bible say to those who want to ‘see’, that blessed are those who do not see, yet (believe) have faith. So, the faith you have of the unseen, yet want proof, is not constructive.

      Be Blessed and God’s Love to You,
      I am.

  14. Just remember Law of attraction ! So please stay positive and believe and trust in “miracles”. That is only way … look around … there is some positive changes every day …

  15. Last November I self published a book that was channeled to me, I could not possibly have written this book myself as I am a mid stream educated ordinary person. I also edited myself and designed the cover, all well in advance of my capabilities. The book is a complete dumb down of many of the theories about secret societies etc. The sole purpose I was informed was to wake up the people to the truth, which is why it is a dumbed down text, a sort of “conspiracy theory for dummies”. A simple principle to start people with no knowledge of the truth and encourage them to learn more. After just a few weeks of publication my PC was hacked and back up information was removed. Could it be that by writing this beginners book I frightened “whoever” with the idea of waking up the people? The guide who related the text to me over a period of two years has been back this week to inform me that there is much happening behind the scenes RIGHT NOW. This guide also had interesting words about whistle blower Edward Snowden.

      • Edward Snowden is a stooge, without knowing it he was set up. Files were allowed to be seen and copied so that he could announce them. Remember, the cabal rule by fear, allowing the news out that they are monitoring everything, logging it and forming personal profiles on everyone is aimed at silencing us and have us fear using the Internet. Lets face it, they have tried to silence the Internet and failed due to huge protests, this is their latest ploy. Edward Snowden was hand picked as a likely patriot who would “spill the beans” and given the opportunity to do so. His passage to Russia was also “allowed” and he was purposely funneled in that direction to spice up the hate for the man in his own country.

        • A plausable theory but one that has not been proven. A long way to go on Snowden as far as the truth goes. always use discernment. Especially with channeled information a calculating eye is advised.

    • Oh, how I wish we could still access “Conspiracy Theory for Dummies” – an idea whose time has come! I know quite a few people this would be helpful for! Hope you can get this out somehow. Please let us know if you do.

  16. What does “The RM” mean?
    (This promise is soon to be realized as ET races will soon coordinate the plan for the liberation of our world, The Agarthan Network, The RM and the earth based ground crew populace will also be very involved in these physical arrests.)

      • Who are you hurting if all this is saying is to be prepared with some food and water and dont panic and freak out?? Hoax Shmoax what evs!!!Life is short be happy and positive not angry and negative!!!

        • Being *realistic* is NOT the same as being *pessimistic*. Remember that always. Or else, you are just going to be a very naive, gullible person who just believe every single “beautiful lies”.

          • There is a lot of evidence in the support that the situation on earth is what is stated in the article. 10,000 crop circles thousands of books on UFOs and videos on the net and the former Canadian minister of Defense openly stating that there is cover up and the UFOs are as real as planes in the sky.

            But NASA says they can’t find much life out there and people believe them instead. It’s word against word. Logic dictates clearly who is wrong, who is lying. It’s just too weird that we are in a situation that is more incredible than Hollywood fiction, but it is my conclusion that it is so.

    • What if we are right? Have a little faith to keep you warm it is only your souls fire that will see you through the storm.

      • also are we all just confined to a ufo attached to machines comatose and only able to dream our reality? Weird question I know. matrix stuff.

        • glo,
          not like that but we are projections from our soul selves in dimensions beyond the physical plane and this is how we have been corrupted by the “fallen ones” // we r not comatose slaves as the matrix would have you believe!
          we are all divine spirit sparks of the living word of god embodiements of love

  17. Thank you Mother,Father God, Sananda, Aschtar,St. Germain for your tiredless work to help us to be free. Also many, many thank you for our beautiful Anne,Lady Nada and Kathryn,Lada Portia and all the helpers.
    Last night I saw all of them in the sky and called out to come to get us.
    Love, Light and Happiness and Heart Love to ALL,
    always Gisela from Germany

  18. A llegado el tiempo en que deben fluir los corazones tranquilos. No os dejéis llevar por los pensamientos contrarios, deja que se exprese el amor por tus semejantes, siente el amor que llega desde todos los puntos, y refleja tu corazón para que se expanda hacia todas partes, como respuesta amorosa y que esa sea tu LUZ de expresión.
    Sé útil, sé beneficioso, sé colaborador. Sepárate de todo lo complicado y maléfico.
    Bienvenido AMOR Universal, tus hijos os esperan ansiosos.

  19. Much LOVE To ALL ! Rock n Roll , Locked & Loaded ! Warriors of Light – Let Your Sword of LOVE Shine Bright , It Will Lead Your Path ! NO FEAR — MUCH LOVE 🙂

  20. With GREAT gratitude; I thank “Our CREATOR” (All that IS); Mother/Father God (Of our Galaxy; & the legions of helpers for being a part of this adventure. Thank You, THANK YOU!
    “Truth & Justice” have been a long time coming – Hallelujah!! A quote I like that reinforces the struggle, is: “At these times, the adversary appears, holding two boards. Written on one board: “Think more of yourself. Keep your blessings to yourself; otherwise you will lose everything.” The other board reads:”Who are you to help others? Can’t you even see your own defects?”
    “A “Warrior of Light” knows he has defects. But he also knows, he cannot grow alone & distance himself from his companions.
    So, he throws both boards to the ground; even though he believes they contain some truth deep down. They turn to dust; and the “Warrior” continues to help those near him.”
    – Paul Coelho – “Warrior of Light”.

  21. Very urgent questions (from Indonesia)!! :

    1) With so many made-up lies, false promises, false hopes, hoax, scams, more lies invented/made-up by mere human beings/people everywhere (because of their disgusting & lowly EGO!), I am so afraid that what if this “Event” one will turn out to be another very disappointing lie/false-hope/fantasy/wishful-thinking too??… What can I really *DO* then, to be able to know & discern FOR SURE 100% that this one is going to be really REAL ?… is there anything that I can really *DO* myself to experience the PHYSICAL PROOF ?…

    2) it’s easier said that done to tell some (or even most) people/humans to “just patiently wait for The Event”,.. especially for them who are barely even struggling to live/survive everyday in this ‘harsh’ reality!… No wonder majority of humans/people STILL can’t believe in all these “too-good-too-be-true” things!.. Is there really seriously any way that can convince the ‘skeptic’ me that all of these are really going to be REAL ?…

    3) What should I really *DO* then, if I NOW want to really help the preparation for this coming “Event” ? … although unfortunately/sadly, the reality is, I still can’t see nor experience any NON-physical, or “psychic” abilities/realms/contact with all those NON-physical beings/ET etc !…

    Please, anyone, really help me answer this very urgent & pressing question,.. because I am at this point SO desperate to want to the answer & PROVE by myself! .. as my everyday/daily’s harsh, mundane real-life/reality here is getting harder & harder almost out of control here…!

    -a “truthseeker” (& potential ‘Starseed’?..) from Indonesia-
    ([email protected])

    • i don’t know what to say to you. but you have been heard. i love you.

      a very thin white burning rod, infinite in length, extends into the heaven’s mirror. from tiny whole on the top left center of temple. there the eternal white throne. within you, you look down below. it’s above you. and again back within it. your mind gets blown. the ego falls.

    • What can you do? Become the change you want to see. My heart and my soul resonates with everything that is being said here. The change will come when more people exhibit the power of love than those with the power of darkness. Darkness will be overthrown and love will prevail.
      The revolution takes place inside of us.

      Peace and love! I so want to be a part of this movement.

    • Hi Niki, again from berend.

      Your 3 questions.

      The seriousness picked up from your no 3 question, put no 1 at high in the 90%, yes? And you want 100%. Let it be for u according to your faith.

      no 2. Here is but (only) guidance, if you freely choose to follow:- Before the Wright brothers, who could be convinced of airplanes; then satellites, then to the moon, then space ships, Roswell incident, NOW the LOVING GODLY rescue of flight 370 by The Galactic Federation Of Light etc. Please be calm and ask Holy Spirit to assist in your urge to feel convinced. Also, important; we create our own ‘reality’. Let’s join hands in Trust and Faith that our time for Heaven on Earth is currently underway; let’s DO our share (“they” will not interfere by “doing” any FOR us, as we have God’s Gift of Free will) by strengthening our prepare-ness. Look up, even in daytime, in faith, we ARE going to SEE many loving-intended space sisters/brothers with their Federation Ships!

      Watch when those on board 370, start contacting their love ones on the surface! They are safe! Have Faith in it, just as this sharing comes to you out of love and hand-taking-request.

      I am

  22. Thank-you Rob,
    We are preparing healing sanctuaries for the mind, body and soul in West Stirlingshire, Scotland.

    Our group is called SeedEcology and we are walking our wild woods, wild foods and connecting our communities. We support Forestry, healing and arts and are a Not-for profit org open to members for no fee.

    We will Register soon as a support group for our area.

    sending love and light

    Anna Gower

  23. “Well doggon it – It’s about time!”

    Let’s all get with the Divine Program! We’re all about it- whether you want to be or NOT.

    Send much love and light to all! In fact. . . just go to UTUBE and look up Carol King’s “Beautiful” and listen! This time – I hope we all HEAR it!

  24. I have been practicing loving myself and it has showed me alot in the past 6 months. I personally can see why people are frustrated with how long its taking. If you guys would live in the moment there would be no frustration. I go through cycles of high conciousness and lower conciousness but I still am enjoying this time.

  25. Hi Rob,

    We met through Andrew Bartzis at the Mount Shasta Conference last July. Looking forward to the changes. Hope to see the Dinar/Dong RV tomorrow morning as well.


    James Evans

    • James
      Nice to hear from you again. It was afun time in the magical forests of shasta thats for sure. I would not hold my breath for a dinar revalution if i were you.
      The RV has taken place but is being blocked from being implemented. It wont be tommorow I will say like like a prophet, however “We shall overcome some day”
      V Brother James

      • Rob…at the risk of sounding selfish, before the Event, we who hold foreign currency need to have the RV first! Why? Because a lot of people who do are hurting and unable to help others having a hard time helping themselves. Post RV, however, we’ll be in a much better position both emotionally and financially to react in a helpful and positive manner.

        • Freedom,
          We are all under the oppression of a satanic system which has distracted our thoughts and we have give n the “Money Debt Slavery System” its power. We must take back our power through a step by step process of awareness, realization and actualization, individually and as a society.

          So many people have so miuch less than you and I. The RV has been accomplished but NOT IMPLEMENTED. It will eventually come. The RV will be most beneficial to the undervalued currencies of the world who have been artificially suppressed as the countries resouces and populaces labor has been exploited by the New world order Profiteers. These countries will after the RV soon have ample resources to buld sustainable infrastructure and to help their people towards an abundant future.

          The Event and the global currency reset/RV is not about a bunch of regular folks getting rich on some new age insider trading scam. As much as we all deserve abundance and as well intentioned most people are most people getting their dinars or whatever revalued will not become millionaires overnight. This is NOT about a lottery type windfall for light workers.

          The first phases of planetary liberationis about dismantling the control matrix which has been foisted upon our planet for thousands of years. the deliberate cheating and stealing from the poor the weak and ignorant must end. The Event is the first step in a very complex process on the physical reality of our societal structure.

          The Event/ RV currency reset is about implementing Basel 3. which when enforced lawfully will enable a transparent and honest finacial system. It is very simple really once there is integrity whithin the world finacial insitutions. A universal economic system exists that cannot be misused or abused. The human element of greed and error can be mitigated. When the basics of finance is openly taught and the the lies exposed it will be quite a natural occurence as we learn universal laws like : allegience and allowance.

          When this new system is in place the manufactured lack and suffering that has resulted from iniquitous beings will in a large part cease over a very short period of time. Vast new projects will invigorate our world as we joyfully work together for the common good. Water projects new technologies and charitable service will become the “In” or “Cool” thing to do. We will reclaim this planet for the light and remove all of the toxic lies and waste we have allowed.

          This plan is being realized at the highest levels behind the scenes as I write these words. Just because we do not see it or hear it on TV does not mean it is not happening! Dont hold your breath for the RV or the Event. Be the change be the light act responsibly in the here and now. I am not waiting for anybody to save me as I alone am responsible for my own actions and alligence to truth.
          I hope this helps

    • I have been a huge supporter of the even since I learned about it about August of 2012. Since then I have gone on HUGE emotional roller coasters with several different occasions of “any day now” announcements. Also while going through the websites of several channels who spoke of the “imminent” event I noticed several RED FLAGS and inconsistencies in their materials.

      I have come to believe that there is not going to be an event… at least not the way they describe it and not in time frames that us Earth Humans would call “soon”.

      It’s 100% obvious that in order for the Golden Age to come about we all on Earth must learn about the corruption that has gone on behind the scenes and learn that we are not alone TOTALLY OBVIOUS! It MUST happen for things to come full circle. However the Dark always uses the trick of lacing TRUTH with DECEPTION. ALWAYS!

      Think about it, how are people supposed to go on with their lives if they are BUSROLLED with this kind of change? Also whatever happened to free will??? The kind of Event described here I believe would be a HUGE violation of the free will of humans to reclaim our own planet and honestly I DO NOT think we are powerless to change it!

      Honestly, do you think the Light would tell you you are POWERLESS to determine the fate of our planet and they must SAVE us??? Why would they HAVE to not have a war back in the day, but now after a few thousand years of rape to the planet and our species they are going to save us? Do you really think God said, NOPE wait a few thousand year – I want to see how this plays out and then you can go in and save their asses, but NOT YET… Doesn’t really make any sense to me…

      I think we as the Earth Humans are going to, slowly but surely, individually and when is appropriate for our soul’s growth, awaken to the truth, advance in our spiritual awareness and understanding, shift our lifestyles to living in sync with the Earth and bring in the Golden Age OURSELVES!!! WE as a collective make this experience, we are not so powerless as not to be able to change it.

      STOP WAITING. START CHANGING. STOP eating their food, stop paying your fucking bills, stop paying your taxes, stop wasting resources! If you want the Golden Age to come ACT LIKE YOU WANT IT! Don’t just sit around waiting to be saved.

      • Hi Travis,
        If you realized that you too are a galactic, then you would realize that WE ARE doing this for ourselves…..there is only one life force/love and you are an aspect of that.
        The event is not divine intervention, it is a matter of human/galactic history and has already happened.

        • Yeah I think the words that you are saying are a bunch of Concepts that don’t have a basis in reality. Again I’ll post part of my earlier comment to make my point…

          “Honestly, do you think the Light would tell you you are POWERLESS to determine the fate of our planet and they must SAVE us??? Why would they HAVE to not have a war back in the day, but now after a few thousand years of rape to the planet and our species they are going to save us? Do you really think God said, NOPE wait a few thousand years – I want to see how this plays out and then you can go in and save their asses, but NOT YET… Doesn’t really make any sense to me…”

          • Travis, l
            If you look above at some of my replies they might shed some light for you or not? I empathize with your viewpoint to a certain extent. Still i will encourage a deeper reflection on your part to see the positive side of things.
            Warm regards


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