I must emphatically state that my ruminations on this video are my own and after talking with Cobra about this video I will edit this article and say that it may be part of a disinformation campaign by NASA to cause fear panick and confusion.

NASA has blacked out the public access to close up views of ISON however IT IS ALLEGED THAT the Chinese and Russian space agencies have released these images of two large cigar shaped ships which are obviously man made. The man made aspect of this video my be entirely photoshopped??? Cobra was very clear that this is his view. He also stated that the Chineese do not have the capabilities to have this type of picture with their sattelite imaging system.

I have edited this article because of my trust and faith in Cobras knowledge based on his repeated physical contacts with the resistance. This type of information should be closely watched by peoples of earth and discernment used in all cases. . We have seen so many of these cigar shaped ships from NASA’s own imaging that I hope some of what we have been viewing is real. Cobra feels above 80% is faked by NASA or others designed to confuse and mislead. It is now time to reveal what is going on either way in my opinion. We deserve the truth and WE CAN HANDLE THE WHOLE TRUTH. May the EVENT  come quickly and be the catalyst for the change we hope to see.

I know the GFL has the ability to nudge such a small object (the comet is 3.1 miles acrosss only) quite easily and would not need any “escorts” around this object. I originally felt I could speculate that these objects may be sent by benevolent space family who is guiding the comet “Safely” through our solar system so as to prevent any geophysical upheaval for life on our world? I do not know! I have been sure all along that the GFL is monitoring this closely and no major geophysical negative consequences would result from this comets influence. Energetically this comet can bring about positive changes in consciousness if I had my way. Time will reveal the truth.

This comet is quite small and would have no real magnetic affect on earth though there are some obvious coronal ejections in relation to the comet. Most of these ejections which are drastically affecting our weather patterns are from the Sun flares which are usual as we approach the magetic pole shift of the sun. However the anomalys in weather are particularly drastic at this time may not just be from the sun pole shift and the comnet may be adding some influence to this phenomenon. In general we should be aware of the possiblity for more drastic weather possiblities in our near future.  I would offer for you all to be aware of media manipulation or fear if any drastic changes are claimed by any media in regards to  this comets influence.

We are entering some revealing times ahead of that I promise you.

Victory of the Light Rob Potter

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