Dedicated To You

By Rob Potter

The Prepare Change Group is dedicated to everyone who is inspired to aid the planet in an non-violent transition to a New Society. Our efforts are based on faith in the power of Love and an instinctive knowing that freedom from tyranny is our right as sovereign beings. We are committed to creating peace and harmony for all of humanity.

This website, Prepare for Change, is for all people of Earth, but especially for the Light Workers of the world. We hope this collaborative effort will help to heal all aspects of the world’s political and social infrastructure, during these major coming changes. The membership of this group is worldwide. We are confident that all of the information we are receiving from our direct experiences, knowing, intuition, insiders within the world’s police forces, the benevolent Extra Terrestrials, and the higher dimensional spiritual leaders of our world and galaxy is correct.

255476_332125716877119_1255687567_nThis information indicates that we have a worldwide conspiracy of long-standing corruption and greed that must end. This information indicates imminent drastic measures that will ensure real and permanent change and healing for all life on our beleaguered planet.

These long-lasting changes will really come from within the hearts and minds of individuals. Unfortunately, most people will need a kick start to realize that this change is not only possible, but is taking place daily in the lives of people all over the world. We who know, we who are awake and aware, must lead the way.

The end of the world’s current political system is not a fantasy. The end of tyranny is a divine directive, instilled within our hearts and minds. Our collective spiritual will, and our firm resolve towards liberation, is being manifest daily. Spiritual forces, beyond the conception of most people, are aiding us. Divine plans are being implemented that will come to pass sometime in the near future. No dates are known and none will be given for this tremendous miracle of Love.

The time for this is now! The virus of darkness, ignorance, superstition, and fear must be exposed to the light of truth. This will ensure an allegiance to Love, forgiveness and healing; and it will give birth to a harmonious diversity never experienced before on Earth.

We all recognize the need to end the worlds current broken political systems. The process of the transition and change to building a new global society will require the full focus of the entire human race.  Clearly, this will take some time. However, we are sure this will not take as much time as many might think. Though the challenges to such a change are complex, wide and far reaching, the Group is confident this mission will not fail. Furthermore, we invite you to join our cause for Love to reign in the hearts and minds of all. We have a plan!

The changes that are now in process are deeper in scope and more profound than just our political and social institutions. This movement of the Spirit of Truth will affect all aspects of the societal infrastructure. This is paricularly true of the global political corruption. The movement of spirit will also drastically alter our emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

This journey to a New Society must begin with the first step. It must be peaceful, non-threatening and born of patience and compassion. This journey of liberation and redemption for our world has been in the planning for thousands of years. The mind of creation itself has been waiting for the right moment for humanity to “Re-member” itself and to declare once again, “We are sovereign beings of infinite Light, Love, and Power.” That time is now upon us.

Despite the bleak situation in the world with wars, and rumors of wars, we are confident that positive changes can happen very quickly. Soon, the existing evil –that has infiltrated itself into our world (to systematically break the will) and enslave mankind– will be removed in action of just enforcement by peace officers world wide. We are confident that, after these arrests humanity will rise to heights unseen for thousands of years. These lawfully executed arrests are called for by not only the existing laws of the worlds societies but universal laws known as the Galactic Codex.

The hand of the Divine Creator will insure this Victory of the Light upon our world. We have the power within us to bring peace to this world. Know that you also have this power within your soul and you must use it. Do not despair, do not give up hope, and do not give in to hate, violence, anger, fear, or apathy. We hope you will commit yourself to action in service to Light, Love and Truth.


Your Tax Free Donations Are Appreciated and Help Fund our Volunteer Website and Orphanage

Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Thanks Nova,
    I am trying to set up a Support Group in my area. I am working on a masters degree in Public Policy at a private university in my area. I hope to spread this message all over the campus soon. Academia, ready or not, here I come!
    Victory to the Light,

  2. To Rob & Cobra,

    I wish to express my gratitude for your commitment to helping humanity. I was beginning to think I was never going to find spiritual people on this earth, or at least in NJ. I didn’t see mention at The Event of arresting the corrupt judges and lawyers who traffic children through CPS and family courts. I can give you a few names if that would help; These crooks need to be arrested. My spirit has been broken by this Cabal and I need to heal. Then I can be one of the strongest helpers on this planet. But I need to be restored. Count me in, I am following you as long as I have internet. Please let all know who have taken on this enormous mission to liberate us from this tyranny, that I love each and every one of you and thank you for helping us. We could never do it without you. My soul is eternally grateful!

    In Light and Love,

    • Keep coming back, Lou. We are trying to make improvements to the look & feel of the website.

      Once those are implemented, you will be able to interact much more with other PFC participants.

      Nova Biscotti

  3. When I read that statement, I envisioned Hulk Hogan screaming it down my throat:

    If the link to the video does not work, search for “Hulk Hogan goes crazy on Mean Gene” on YouTube.

    If you can create a YouTube video of yourself screaming that sentence covered in oil while suffering from ‘roid rage…then I will be impressed.

  4. Természetesen,létezik.
    És hiszek benne, mind gonosz létezik, úgy felsőbbrendű lélek,tudat is.
    A felkészülés egy dolog,csak a feltételek, azt nem igen látom. Lehetek jó, ha addig nem lesz késő. Az ember próbál, munkában hétköznap,tiszta lenni. A gyereknek segíteni kell az első lépésnél,hogy merjen járni. ez érvényes mind vizuális mind szellemi élményre. Nem a hitemmel van baj,de a segítség, mind a gyermeknek,kell. Túl sokk a negatív ember, akik vissza élnek emberek kiszolgáltatottságával. Mind egy bele kényszerítve,hogy rossz legyen, munkában hétköznap.

  5. Just wondering if you should use the “one eye” thing on this page? Most conspiratist relate the one eye to the Illuminati.

  6. I like almost all of what I have seen this first visit, but I have one “bone of contention” that makes me uncertain if I would be welcome here. I don’t buy the ET thing. I am WILLING to believe in ETs – the moment I meet one or am presented with some other compelling evidence. I have had that oh-so-rude-yet-liberating experience of learning that all I thought I knew was a lie… Knowing that the Cabal has long planned a staged ET invasion, I simply refuse to “assume the best” about any ETs I might meet, I am more inclined to assume they are CIA.
    That said, I feel called to a very practical type of healing – we have to heal our relationship with our food. We are what we eat, and most of us are eating animals that were raised in conditions that say “I hate you” then slaughtered by people who will do vile things to them. Now we have a society full of people with hearts full of hatred and minds full of violence. I believe a restoration of “family farms” is key to all the healing; healing the earth, healing the people.
    Specifically, I promote aquaponics, permaculture and fodder feeding. These farming techniques can put individuals in control of their food supply. Local co-ops could end Monsatan’s reign of error within a couple of months. Want to see fossil fuel use slashed? Stop shipping our food all over the planet before it gets to our plate. Want to end depression and anxiety? Turn everyone back into backyard gardeners. We lose our physical connection to the earth when we stop gardening.
    Anyway, if there are ETs who want to help, they could take some of that crop circle technology out to my farm and make me a couple of swales. I have the vision, I know how to make it happen, I just don’t have the money. Excuse me for being just a little practical, but I have some sheep that I suspect will need fed, soon. If anyone would like to prepare for “the Event” in such a way that it does not matter if “the Event” happens of not, I have some really cool ideas to share. If believing ETs are going to save me (or Jesus or anyone else) is required… I’ll mosey on down the intertubes.

    • Claire,
      You are welcome here as long as you do not attack others this site or promote violence hatred or intolerence to others views or use swear words. We would like sincere questions and critical analyses of this site. We will answer questions when asked if we can. Not buying the ET scenario is understandable with so much disinformation on this subject. I wholeheartedly can relate to your reticence to embrace everything hook line and sinker. We are not seeking a foillowing or those who blindly sway with the wind of political correctness. The Truth is not for sale so no one can “Buy” the reality of Space Family per se but we know what you mean. I do myself not care who accepts or does not accept what is presented here on this site. To interfere in anothers path would be to deny my own existence.

      It seems you are into some very positive works and we commend you on your service and interest in the well being of our planet. You are free to support anything you like as far as your spiritual life is concerned. I will hope you will remain open minded about any teacher who promotes love and forgiveness. I welcome you!
      Live Laugh Love or you may disagree but please do so respectfully
      thank you

      • Sounds like you are my kinda people. I am about TRUTH. As I said, I certainly am open to existence and even assistance from ETs, but I see people using many crutches to avoid taking action, and “(fill in the blank) is coming to save us” is one that just does not fly with me. I hope I am wrong, but if anyone shows up to save me, they will find me working hard as I can on saving myself. If that is a problem for them… ummmmm… lol!
        I’ll get myself involved, forgive me for a bit of inertia. I went all in for “political change” where I learned that there is not really any hope for political change… Been laying pretty low since then, I have to find my voice again.

        • Claire,
          No one saves you but yourself by adherence to the laws of life love and the light within. Get involved as much as you want or not we respect your decision!
          warm regards

  7. 1) I subscribed , but have yet to receive anything since this on 11/11: Dear whytlyt This is my auto response. We will get back to you shortly!
    I really would like to RECEIVE info/updates via email.
    2) Is there support or contact info somewhere that I’ve been unable to locate?

    • Laura many of the comments we receive in this website are spam. So there should be someone checking (moderate) whether a comment has any value or not. Be patient please and all of your comments will be shown under the articles you post them, sooner or later 😉

    • Laura
      Moderation it means we do not accept posts that are just spam or trying to promote products or links to negative websites based on fear and intolerance.
      We do not accept posts or comments with swear words.
      we do not accept posts with nothing but negative nasty things to say about other posters or this site.
      We are getting alot of that lately.
      If it slips by for a moment it will be removed asap.
      if you act cilized and respectful all your comments will be posted.
      I hope this explains it to you and you are not offended by our cautious approach. this site is not meant for uncultured or prejudiced individuals to share their negativity.
      although i wonder why they are here if they do not like what is being presented?
      feel free to share and to ask questions or share your love and positive energy we welcome you!
      Rob Potter

  8. Ibrahima,

    It seems you are making a huge amount of generalizations in your comments in regards to “westerners”. You have no personal information on me who wrote the article or the many people working on this website. This site is being produced by a multi-cultural multi-national, multi-ligual, conglomerate of diverse individuals who are willing to step up and be part of the solution.

    We all need to stop being the victims and to claim our power. We also need to understand the depth of the worlds media and programming upon the peoples of the world.

    More importantly we must expose the criminal activity that is responsible for the current situation. It seems you do not grasp that this entire situation is the result of galactic criminals who will need to be incarcerated with the help of responsible and benevolent ET/ ED forces. It is true these forces are using the “western” political puppets to further their agenda but this does not mean the people from those countries are ALL responsible for these policies.

    In fact each country has its own sell outs who take the cash to sell out their countries resources and the liberty of their peoples. This is an isidious plot and work the weaknesss and programming of humanity to encourage and take part in its own demise.
    You say to leave the miracle to god? I am sorry but God helps those who help themselves and we must be inspired by god and still we must move forward with the zeal fervor and enthusiasm required to finish a task and accomplish this sacred mission.
    God is providing awesome and powerful support for the actual EVENT, which is the lynch pin and reason for this sites creation.
    the most basic tactic of the dark forces is to divide and conquer. to pit man against women, adults against children, balck against white ,Christian against Jew, Moslem against Hindu etc. etc.

    To judge this site and our efforts and furthermore to critisize us because you erroneously consider us to be “Westerners” is perjorative, false and short sighted. Your ideas on racism and assumptions are again false but most likely moulded by the media. there is still much racism in the world but this is orchestrated and manipulated by media of all kinds.
    A majority of “Westerners” ARE NOT PREJUDICED.

    I feel compassion for your mis-understanding and I would assume you have suffered under the policies of the “western world” . I too have suffered as has every person born on the earth. Lets try to unify our cause for liberation lets see what we have in common instead of denouncing those who are seeking and offering solutions to the problems.
    Iam your friend and your brother and I live in the west.
    May The whole truth set us ALL FREE
    victory to the light
    Rob Potter

  9. The brainwashing/conditioning runs deep. There was a time when people believed the earth to be flat, & the sun orbited the earth. The prime objective nowadays is to get people to pay attention when there are so many distractions out there. A mainstream meeja which is the propaganda channel for the PTW will be of little help, more a deliberate hindrance. Don’t wait for the truth to ‘come out’, put it out there, even if you’re dealing with people on a one to one basis, this is working somewhat slowly, the results are rewarding, & every ‘awakened’ person begins to pass the message along too. Be positive, we’re here out of choice, to fulfil a purpose, which, for a great many, is yet to be revealed. this revelation comes with the awakening. We are one people, with one earth, it is time to move forward as one, to where we want to BE. Namaste! Boomer.

  10. Hello,i see you are on the other side of misery,i explain:im african do you know how many they don’t have food and water enough for everyday?majority don’t have electricity,don’t speak about internet.How many they have spent their last 20years in the war,the war they don’t want ,the war the corporations pushing them to participate in.Majority they don’t have nothing to feed their children,no school….If some of you western you expose them this kind of situation they say :they are not organized,they are stupid to permit their government to follow that ,…such critisizing words.But do they know that all that comes from western world to complicate our life here,during that time no child ,no adult,no senior is living the same misery we are living unless he wants(drogadict or some other sickiness…)How many of our presidents they killed coz they don’t want to collaborate?How many good government they removed coz they were fighting for the people?All that you know that you western.Today after generations and generations of peace,health and wealthy,you wake up and you want to join your spirit with people who have been suffering decades and decades?Do you realise which huge effort you are asking them?To believe that suddenly you western you convert in human????How can these people can believe you and join themseves to you in the galactic fight for ascension?If the will of the Divine God is to save the humanity,these people they don’t need your teaches,God will make it by the miracle.Coz is the way of justice or there is no justice at all.You want to speak obout patience,these people are patient,you want to speak about compassion,go there and see even they know all their misery come from western world they will never hurt you coz you are western.They still they smile to you.Never have the racism most of western people has(i wonder why western and other people are racist if they are the one who are living well???).And you are asking the victim of all that to be patient and has compassion to the ones who are persecute him.?????Crazy no.First fight for the justice for the rest of the world,you say you are lights workers,you must know that the major of the misery of the humanity today comes from the western and you are there so start already to stop your government to go making wars everywhere away from your lands.Stop monsanto to kill those people with their GMO,don’t agree to eat with money corporations facilitates you to shut your mouth and blind your eyes and mind …even if you know that is blood of other souls of your brothers( in human race),you are eating.So brothers,i do call you like that coz we are really ,but you you forgot that.Brothers please don’t be hypocrites,start already acting for where you have really to start,stop your governments to do what they are doing then then the rest of the world will have peace.Nobody will come to invadade you,nobody will come to look for revenge….If you don’t start by there so stop your joking and spending time coz you don’t have any other preocupation.LET’S WAIT FOR THE DIVINE GOD MAKE HIS MIRACLE AND SAVE EVERYBODY,COZ REALLY IF HE WANTS HE CAN MAKE IT RIGHT NOW.WE DON’T NEED MUCH PHILOSOPHY of human kind.THen when these miserable people they will have the good conditions of life as everybody ,then we can join our spirt and concentrate of kicking the ass of these cabals from our earth.,or changing them also in good spirit as really they are ,coz only they are lost like the most of westen world today which is insensitive to the misery of the rest of the world.

    • Ibrahima

      I will forward your comments to the articles author. I have read your comments and hear you. What we are against has done these things, and we know it. That is why we are against them. The suffering they have rendered upon the world is felt everywhere, but most greatly where they have been able to buy or subvert the leadership for little money. They are mercantile and cheap, exploiting as much as they can for as little as they can. Poor regions with real assets in minerals and other natural resources have felt their whip more than areas that do not. They have a global depopulation agenda that makes their actions incomprehensibly evil to most people. We have a hard time beleiving anyone would treat others as they do.

      In the western world the idea of American Democracy has enabled them to own all the natural resources unopposed because they wrote the laws a long time ago, after the US civil war. Today this scenario continues to play out as they use the dumbed down and ignorant to wage wars of conquest or create civil wars to bankrupt nations, in all cases substituting straw man rights for natural rights and taking the nations wealth in the name of faceless corporations, leaving the conquered with little more than the right to die in commercial servitude. It is true that the US people have so much but but where would the slavers get their willing slaves if they did not give them the illusion of having much until they decide to take it back. The plan to use America to do this is older than America, and only the intervention of angelic beings and ascended masters has prevented their total conquest of our whole planet.

      You have borne witness to their depredations as have so many. But you know truth and live it while the well paid slaves of the west live in bondage with invisible chains holding them tightly. They “have” much “to lose” if they stray outside of their boxes, the whip they fear is a media induced accusation of nonconformity, of being a conspiracy theorist or terrorist or “commie”. So they comply with whatever their masters demand.

      Who is freer, those who know and live the truth or those hide in fear of it? The Truth Comes and truth sayers will stand in the Light while they cower in darkness and fear of what they know and have not said. They hold their own whip, build their own jails and lock themselves in. What freedom is that?


  11. Sono un ex scientologist e ho abbandonato la chiesa perché convinto che la stessa sia passata in mano alla cabala da molti anni. Molti miei amici hanno fatto lo stesso ma sono convinti che la colpa della attività soppressiva della chiesa sia dovuta alle azioni del suo leader e dei suoi tirapiedi.
    Vorrei, se possibile, conoscere, anche privatamente attraverso la mia e-mail, il pensiero di Cobra o da ci vicino a lui.

  12. You don’t need to convince anyone. I know that many people don’t want to know the truth and it is hard for us to see them stuck. They are too much trapped within the lies of everyday life and it is far too unbelievable for them. All we can do is to be the wayshowers. We can offer and spread our knowledge and all what we know and they can take it or leave it. It will come the day where the truth comes out in full and all these sleeping souls will wake up and remember what we once have said. This will help them that very moment. We plant seeds which might sleep in the soil for a while but when the time is right and the truth spreads further and further bit by bit this seeds might grow.

  13. this is very interesting! but, how can we convince to most people/humans that this is all very *real* and not just some fantasy / wishful-thinking / imagination only?
    what if *most* people will ask for hard, solid Proofs?

    thank you~
    -from Indonesia-

    • I so understand what your saying, I have asked myself the same question. Stay calm, explain what is happening the very best you can, understand people will be confused, scared and not have the faith we carry inside of ourselves, it’s going to be ok:)


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