Healing with Balance

As explained previously, any problem, any disharmony, can be traced back to imbalance at its root, and therefore healed by bringing balance back. The two polarities are masculine which is the active, individuality principle, and feminine which is the receptive, unity principle. Everything is unique and everything is one. If you are afraid of the … Read more


The Source/Creator of this Universe is present throughout creation, it is the core aspect of all of us. We all are it. At the same time, it is beyond. It can not be found anywhere, in any time or space in any dimension. The time-space continuum is a creation of Source to explore and mirror … Read more

Getting Ready – Meeting People in your Area

As you may have seen we have entered the breakthrough phase, and things are accelerating. Now is the time to get ready. I would like to highlight a few main points, and offer a structure for people around the world to find people in their area, communicate with them, and organize events. Many lightworkers share … Read more