The Source/Creator of this Universe is present throughout creation, it is the core aspect of all of us. We all are it. At the same time, it is beyond. It can not be found anywhere, in any time or space in any dimension. The time-space continuum is a creation of Source to explore and mirror itself. The Source is constantly working, improvising, to explore creation.

Creation is based on infinite quantum possibilities. Among these possibilities, we have what is called contingency. Contingency means randomness, it is the potential for things to happen randomly, unexpected, not by design. This means that certain turn of events are not fully the result of Source design, or of the creation of anybody. They simply are random. However they can be influenced and re-created if we use our free will, because free will is the ruling factor in quantum dynamics. This means that despite the fact that Source is perfect onto itself, it is not all powerful within the space-time continuum. But all of us, as fractal representations of Source within that construct, can manifest the will of Source within the construct.

Originally the whole universe lived in harmony, and nobody knew what intentional harm is, simply because it is not part of Source nature. Source can never mean harm, it is absolute pure Love and Harmony.

Art by Erial Ali

However, certain events were happening because of contingency and they were sometimes uncomfortable, for example a comet could randomly crash on a planet. Compared to present circumstances on this planet, this was still very easy to deal with and people were living in Paradise.

About 8 million years ago, certain poweful archangels decided to absorb contingency into their being, to incarnate and take responsibility for it, in order to harmonize it with their consciousness, and remove the uncomfortable aspects of it.

It was too much for them and they could not handle it, they became submerged by contingency, by this potential for things to not be by design. They became disconnected with what is by design, disconnected with Source.

They could not find their way back, and they suffered greatly. The rest of the universe did not immediately know how to respond appropriately simply because by nature, this event was unexpected. Suffering over an extended period of time caused these angels to loose sanity, and they became violent. These are the beings now known as archons, the fallen angels. This is how intentional harm, evil, came to be.

Archons started attacking planets and the Galactic Confederation was organized to counter this. They liberated planets one by one and we are now seeing the end of this story playing out on planet Earth, where archons have acted out their trauma by re-creating similar conditions to what disconnected them in the first place.

Source has now learned that it needs to incorporate some sort of automatic reconnection button into the template of creation, which will be implemented once everything is reconnected and reset.

This is vital to understanding the world we live in. Disharmony was never needed, and everything is bound to be reconnected into harmony simply because it is the true nature of Source Creator.

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  1. As much as the power of a collective can be valuable, so too is the individual choice and intention of great importance, maybe before joining a with a group. Or while joining it.

    Here’s a beautiful presentation, in words and images, a creation coming from love, as I feel it to be. Please see for yourself,if there’s value in this, for you.

    Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano ENGLISH SUBTITLES-YouTube.flv

  2. Dear ‘Un-twin-e’

    Cobra claimed many time about the feminine energy that was suppressed, but now may be aligned after opening of portals.
    “So is it that there was not enough feminine energy on this planet, or is it that it was always here but it was distorted ?”

    What is surprisingly, is the lack of interest to understanding of this…

    May you bring a bit into discussion this theme if you consider.
    Kind regards!

    • I have actually written some articles on the subject

      I’m very much interested in this 🙂

      • Thanks for answer and for your work.
        By the way! If you allow a question, had you ever healed someone with your bare hands? May you share it now…
        Kind regards.

  3. Dear Untwine,
    you seem rather like an ‘un-twin’,… beside of untwine.
    Do you understand?… A kind of peerless…
    With kindest regards!


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