As you may have seen we have entered the breakthrough phase, and things are accelerating. Now is the time to get ready. I would like to highlight a few main points, and offer a structure for people around the world to find people in their area, communicate with them, and organize events.


Many lightworkers share Love in their daily lives and this is great. However, as quantum physics have proven, working together in cohesion in space and time amplifies the effect of our work, and our collective power becomes greater than the sum of our individualities :

This applies to the Weekly Liberation Meditation, working on the ley line grid, which Cobra has confirmed is important work to do (click here for guidelines about how to do this), and any other type of work you wish to do together.

When the event happens, there is most likely not gonna be ships dropping bags of food, so that we can all instantly go and hang out in a resort in the Bahamas. It will be a gradual process. Prosperity funds will still have to be translated into food, housing, etc, and somebody will have to do it. We’ll have to be healed enough in order to be truly admitted into galactic society. To be liberated means to be a sovereign being. We are all the creator and therefore we need to be able to create ourselves. The obstacles will be removed by our star family, and we will receive a lot of help, yet we still have to be actors or we would not be truly free.

Community leaders (food and energy supplies leaders for example) might freak out about their business, workers of these companies might refuse to work when they realize they have been slaves all these years, etc. The military has plans in case of disaster to help society be provided with basic needs, and the positive military will probably put this in place. The Resistance Movement knows who the lightworkers are, and they are likely to contact those who are ready to help organize things in our community, to open doors for example to council community centers to organize healing and support meetings, etc. We can organize grassroot community efforts, find out who would be willing to volunteer to help (yoga and meditation centers for example), as we can’t do everything ourselves and this will be a global effort. The priority will not be to overload others with intricate stories about galactic wars, but to focus on making sure everybody is taken care of during the transition, so it will be important not to get stuck on belief system differences. It’s important that this liberation happens from the population also, and not only from military and off world groups.

We all came here with a purpose, a mission, which means that we all have gifts, and any gift can be used for this shift if we focus our energy. You can find some inspiration here :

To do all this work effectively, requires that we work together physically. Plus it is a relief for everyone to find people that we can resonate with, and many synchronicities can happen. So here is our newly created forum, it is very easy to register and to use, it is organized by location so you can find people in any area, create a thread for a specific event and share the link to it with your contacts, etc.

We are still gonna use Facebook also, and it is good to use both platforms as they both have different advantages. There are many people that can be reached on facebook, however not everybody wants to use it, and it might be interfered with by their owners. The forum offers easy access to any and all locations in one single address, for example for people who are moving, and is also a space to discuss projects globally.

You can find the list of Facebook groups here :


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  1. Having trouble making a new group for prepare for change. Whom can i contact to get it added in? The link for it appears to not be working, cause i don’t see us listed. Thanks!

    • If you are creating a facebook group you can send the link to it to this address : [email protected]
      (or send a message to the facebook web admin leader here, it’s the same thing :

      To register contact information such as email you need to fill in this form :


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