New study that claims to debunk the bra-breast cancer link ironically confirms it

This article is for the ladies……
After being told for years that there is no connection to breast cancer from wearing bras, new research now confirms that there is a distinct connection to the restriction of the lymphatic system’s decreased ability to remove toxins due to this restriction. There is even more restriction with underwire bras. Now, I know not everyone is going to burn their bras like in the late 1960s or throw their bras away; however maybe rethinking how and when they are worn in now in order. Never sleep in a bra. Night time is a time for rejuvenation with sleep and at least at night being braless is a good idea.
Happy learning!

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Anonymous Official Movie – How to Kill the Illuminati/New World Order

This is important! This is a video that clearly explains the difference between authoritarianism and anarchy. It is over an hour long so sit down, get comfortable and learn. Please share this video with everyone that is still asleep and not aware of what is really happening behind our backs. No one tells us these things! Our media is controlled, dictated and owned by a very small ultra wealthy group that want a “One world government” Most people in our society are too busy working and drinking the fluoridated water that is dumbing us all down, keeping us indifferent to all that is around us affecting every aspect of our lives. Our food is being altered by GMOs which kill us slowly. We are robbed by government that spends our money on how they see fit and doesn’t let us really know how they are plotting against us by creating behind the scenes technology that is so advanced we would find it shocking! Brilliant people have submitted for patents that would revolutionize our lives and instead of having the patent approved it is confiscated under “national security”. Then the government exploits all really good ideas that eventually are used against us.

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Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

This is a powerfully-presented and
well-documented and convincing talk
about geoengineering and numerous
cataclysmic ramifications, that will
leave you bolted to the screen.
“The western US is under an all-out
climate engineering assault, California
most of all.

“The Weather Makers can shut the
hydrological cycle off from the once
“golden state” for as long as they wish.

“Satellite images and NOAA maps shown
in this presentation are shocking and
revealing to say the least. Whatever one
wishes to consider as the agenda of those
in power, one conclusion is certain; the
drought in California is a direct result of
the ongoing climate engineering insanity.
Weather warfare is now being waged on
the American population.”

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From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

This two part lecture looks at the future of humanity that is occurring now!
For our own information it is important that we understand the contents of the following videos.

These videos explain in a scientific manner Geo-engineering and how we are being changed at a molecular/cellular level by our environment and GMO foods that restructure us into human robots.

I found this quote by Sophia Smallstorm to be key:
We are going to go way out of the box. We are stuck here in third dimension reacting and responding. We have forgotten who we are creatures of intension, of creation. If we can remember that….wake that up in ourselves…..we have a chance. That is where we need to go.

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ALS-1 reidtara2

We’ve been duped. America is filled with fun-loving and caring people. The viral ice bucket challenge has combined both our sense of responsibility to our fellow human with fun. And it has been fun! Who didn’t love seeing Sarah Palin doused?

But wait? Ice Bucket Challenge donations are nearing $100 MILLION. Where is that money going?

According to the ALS Foundation, not towards ALS

Over 73% of all donations raised are going to fundraising, overhead, executive salaries, and external donations. Less than 27% is actually used for the purpose we donated for.

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Dear PFC,

I am going to try and provide some relevant information on a daily or weekly basis. I make no claim to the accuracy of these stories as these have all come from the public domain on the internet. I personally feel there is more truth in some these postings than you will find on MSM media, however you must come to your conclusions.

This information presented is not to incite fear or anger or revenge or any negative thinking in your minds. I intend these links to provoke awareness and critical thinking toward our planets problems at this time. This site does not endorse or promote any political agenda or viewpoint of any of these sources nor the articles themselves. We do  promote non violent positive changes in our world through self realization, community outreach education and service. We also hope to support the lawful arrest of criminals in the worlds banking and political infrastructure during the EVENT.

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News Report on CDC Lies and Fraud/ VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM

Dear PFC Family,

Please see information here and know the level of the criminal activities being committed by government agencies is exposed here or all to see. DONT EVER TAKE A VACCINE OR LET ANYONE YOU LOVE DESTROY THEIR HEALTH BECAUSE OF IGNORANCE.



The CDC Whistleblower Story Just Keeps Getting Better

By Tim Bolen

September 1, 2014,w_600/v1409539190/CDC-whistleblower-confesses-to-MMR-vaccine-research-fraud-in-historic-public-statement_gw4ibs.jpg

Last Friday, August 29th, 2014 I attended, and spoke at, the combined AutismOne/Thriiive conference in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Cancer Control Society held at the Universal Sheraton Hotel in Universal City, California. Brian Hooker PhD spoke just before me. Dana Gorman right after.

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Cobra Monthly Interview

COBRA’s monthly  interviewe by Rob Potter 8/26/2014.   Interview & transcript at:  


Watch the Youtube version at: 


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The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! August 25, 2014


Hello, fellow PFCers!  I have been asked by Rob Potter to write a brief update on his behalf.  His life is very, very busy these days – his health is recovering from where he was in late July, he has moved back to Mt. Shasta, and he is preparing vigorously for the MT Shasta Portal Conference September 12-14, for which you can register by clicking on the link.

Several members of our PFC leadership team will be in attendance (at least 3, perhaps more), and the following speakers will be there in addition to our very own Rob Potter:

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Hi, it’s GypsyLove again. I hope our readership is feeling well. July and August continued with huge energy upgrades to our beautiful planet, and I’m sure we have all been feeling it.

I would like to begin sharing some personal recommendations of tools I have used for my own ascension process. I have been racking my brain on where to begin, since our ascension is not only physical but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. My own journey has been full of trial and error, and not easy, to say the least.

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