by Chris Black

If you got tired of covid, war in Ukraine and the global economy melting down due to our dear leaders taking retarded decisions, don’t you worry: we have a new ELE (extinction level event) on the menu :


There are not many things to say about this latest extravaganza, other than:

  1. They weaponized it
  2. The jabs have weakened people’s immune system
  3. It’s all just a Psyop to freak people out and guarantee mail-in ballots for midterms
  4. They want us all dead
  5. All of the above

Biden Orders Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines After One Alleged ‘Infection’


It appears that western governments and media are running with what Bill Gates foreshadowed as ‘the next pandemic’. This latest ‘zoonotic’ sensation appears be the obscure and exotic monkeypox virus, which has already grabbed the headlines, as members of the embryonic global government confab, the G7, are already throwing hundreds of millions in public money at Big Pharma supposedly to ‘stop the spread.’ Déjà vu, anyone? 

Over in the UK, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has announced that the government will be stocking up on smallpox vaccines to help guard against the impending scourge of monkeypox. This, despite the fact that to date, there’s still no substantial science which proves or even remotely indicates that such a one-size-fits-all vaccine will do anything to stop the spread of the alleged virus…

Here We Go Again!



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  1. WHO chief has proved his worthlessness in the last false pandemic. How long do we have to tolerate him?
    I Hope they take him out ASAP. These are not simple mistakes, thes are criminal acts which shouldn't be taken lightly.

  2. These morons are determined to sell something to get rich – too bad it won't work out of them because their is no money. This is not monkey pox it is more monkey business and as far as I am concerned they can go and do one. We are not playing your games any more – just keep going as you are and put yourself out of business and crash your stock market we do not need any of it we human beings will survive. They really are not that bright. Fear porn is all they have to offer – you just have to say no to tyranny.


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