Something SUPER Exciting in Healing!!!

Oh you guys!

I couldn’t keep a secret for long!!!

It’s the Quantum Resonator, with a complete photo of it in use in my first ‘healing chamber’ I ever had access to, a pyramid.

I also have a full set of tachyonized chakra healing stones that was used in that pyramid structure, that I bought from Cobra. I carry them in my pocket at work every day.

Tachyon chakra set

Tachyon chakra set is an indispensable tool for all healers and people on spiritual path. It is a set of seven tachyon energy cells for each of the seven main chakras. It harmonizes chakras and aura of all higher energy bodies: etheric, astral, mental and causal body. Tachyon energy cells are permanent, are not susceptible to negative energies and do not need to be cleansed.

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Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance

Wed, December 11, 2

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This is one of the key modalities I used to recup from the accident in 2001…am using it now and putting together a system incorporating this technology…it rocks! -A.M. Posted by Dr Sircus on December 4, 2013 | Filed under Medicine

trek1 Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance

Thought doctor McCoy had it good with his equipment on the Starship Enterprise? Wait until you get a load of what is coming to revolutionize the world of medicine. Medicine just got exciting thanks to Russian scientists and over 17 years of in-depth research. The future has arrived and just as three-dimensional printing will revolutionize manufacturing, this technology will revolutionize the practice of medicine.

This groundbreaking medical technology is making many people a lot of money in Russia. Why? Because it destroys the pharmaceutical paradigm and the doctors that practice it, using electromagnetic vibration to diagnose and cure without side effects yet with pinpoint precision. Deta Elis Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices will be sweeping the globe just like cell phones and computers.

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The Meaning of Healing: Transcending Suffering

Thomas R. Egnew


doctorsPurpose: Medicine is traditionally considered a healing profession, but it has neither an operational definition of healing nor an explanation of its mechanisms beyond the physiological processes related to curing. The objective of this study was to determine a definition of healing that operationalizes its mechanisms and thereby identifies those repeatable actions that reliably assist physicians to promote holistic healing.
Methods: This study was a qualitative inquiry consisting of in-depth, open-ended, semistructured interviews with Drs. Eric J. Cassell, Carl A. Hammerschlag, Thomas S. Inui, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Cicely Saunders, Bernard S. Siegel, and G. Gayle Stephens. Their perceptions regarding the definition and mechanisms of healing were subjected to grounded theory content analysis.
Results: Healing was associated with themes of wholeness, narrative, and spirituality. Healing is an intensely personal, subjective experience involving a reconciliation of the meaning an individual ascribes to distressing events with his or her perception of wholeness as a person.
Conclusions: Healing may be operationally defined as the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering. Physicians can enhance their abilities as healers by recognizing, diagnosing, minimizing, and relieving suffering, as well as helping patients transcend suffering.

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Pump the grid with love and light

About 20 years ago, I began to notice that I seemed to see 111 or 1111 with some regularity, whether it was awakening from asleep to see it displayed on my digital radio alarm clock or on the side of a bus or on the microwave cooker.

Over the years the instance of this phenomenon has increased to the point I see it almost daily and some days I can barely look at numbers without some type of pattern or repetition.

I was very recently camping in France and whilst driving around the local area noticed a small sign at the side of the road. Despite my lack of French understanding I wondered if this might be anything to do with the armistice of the First World War, I glanced down at the dashboard of the car to see all the numbers lined up the same on the milometer.

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The Big Sift Is Here – We Have Entered A New Era

December of 2012 was a significant period in time for some. There was that general feeling shared by many, that something big was about to go down – many thought that the world was about to come to an end. When that did not occur, many people became angry lol.

During this time, many of us got out of the daydream that we’ve been having from the beginning of our own existence; and began blinking for the very first time. It was clear to see then, that the kind of world that we were living in had come to an end.

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