It seems that other people checked it.
If true very nefarious and magnets and metals are good friends i heard. Metal conducts radiation etc so you can be activated or deactivated or maybe even disposed of at a convenient later time.
Actually in university back in the 90s a friend of mine already wrote a thesis on the topic of radiation in the mobile phones.
11 different videos of magnets sticking to the vaccine site
Stone reports:
I am glad I forced this issue, it went viral and people are now confirming this. They won’t keep this contained.What I learned from these vids: It is not a spurious weak effect. It sticks with enough force to attract weak refrigerator magnets. You do not need a neodymium magnet to test this. AND, you can forget MRI’s, probably forever because the magnet sticks to weeks old shots just as strongly as it sticks to shots from the same day. This means it is not dispersing. I don’t know what to say.
The site may have been boring with this being for the most part the only topic for 2.5 days (3 before I do more updates), but this site is the one that broke this, and it was worth it. The genie is out of the bottle.
I’ll say this: This was all supposed to be clandestine – the horrible reactions were supposed to stay buried. The shedding to other people was supposed to stay buried. And the magnet issue probably would have stayed buried if I did not ram this into the spotlight with my own servers, yes, the original videos still exist but videos have a habit of vanishing when they are not backed up and posted in places “they” don’t control. They can’t get away with deleting them if someone prominent has them up anyway.I wonder how long it
They can’t get away with deleting them if someone prominent has them up anyway.I wonder how long it
Why Are Magnets Sticking To Where People Got Covid Vaccines Injected?! 4 Videos!
Tim Truth
A portion of the spike shares identity with something that secretes a superantigen.( it shares molecular identity with the strep bacteria that induces toxic shock syndrome with varying symptoms depending on where these spikes are distributed.. the toxins are excreted by the body through skins urine, feces, saliva, as these spikes are destroyed by the immune system.. I am unsure if the toxins are visible via microscopy. I dont think so.. from the following link
“PRRA” insert in SARS-CoV-2 spike exhibits sequence and structure properties similar to those of bacterial superantigen SEB” .
( defenitions. , an SEB is a bacterial superantigen that exerts profound toxic effects upon the immune system) staphylococcal enterotoxin B, SEB(noun) a form of staphylococcal enterotoxin that has been used as an incapacitating agent in biological warfare)
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Have good one! Hope the information was useful to you and a spark for yourself to do more research yourself. First we need to define the problem and causes then we go into the healing mode and the solution! Step by step.
Best regards,

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