In today’s interview recorded on May 17, 2021, Prepare for Change Media co-hosts Mary and Rev. Kat interviewed Gene Decode.  Gene served in the Submarine Force of the United States Navy for over 20 years. He’s an expert in several forms of intense martial art practices which taught him great mental and physical strength. Gene had a life-changing death experience and talked to God for what seemed like years which gave him enormous downloads of information. During this time, God gave Gene an assignment, which he accepted, to assist others with the Great Awakening and to help take down the Cabal.

Gene generously gave great insights into such things as the Cabal’s soul trap technology, the connection between the Rapture and the Great Awakening, Extra-Terrestrials as Christians, the difference between Humanity and Mankind, avoiding the white light, 500 worlds that need help, the Merkabah, President Trump as the 19th President of the Republic, how to use intent soul work to help save children, and Russell-Jay: Gould as an American Hero. We hope you enjoy our conversation.

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  1. Since you deem it necessary to have a pair, you should be his personal body guard, and show your face and true name while you're at it…

  2. So Gene is telling us that those with the wrong genetics must die and that's not a bad thing !!?? Not only is this man a 100% freemason but he's also now a eugenecist? – where did we see that before. . . He can shove his geometry. All people have a soul. Numbers, geometry, space, dimensions etc. are all just the superstitious detritus of a mediocre mind.

    • He didn't say that. However these are the very people that are dragging us down with them, telling us to share their SUBMISSIVE STUPIDITY! I refuse to wear a HYPOXIA MASK! HOW STUPID! One thing for sure, if they take the JAB of poison, that's less people to stress me out when I'm out shopping! I'm tired of trying to wake people up, to no avail! HELLO! THEY TOOK SEVERAL HUNDRED BOOKS OUT OF THE BIBLE! WAKE UP!!!

  3. I think Gene is a MKUltra mind controlled, programmed misinformation provider. All these social media influencers are. Every time they mention 'downloads' you know this is probably the mind control info. Whether he knows it or not Gene is working for the cabal.

    • When he used the word phrase "Weapons of Mass Destruction" he gave himself away. Where have we heard that before, Collin Powell in front of Congress before we went into Iraq.

  4. To Gene, Coming out with the Truth about The United States Fake Moon Landing filmed on a Hollywood production site is commendable, but to create another Ridiculous Fantasy Lie right after, shows your Cards.

  5. Listened to an hour. Unfortunate Gene cannot prove most of his claim's. I get frustrated & judge what is being presented when one mentions the 1930's Era, & Gene failed. I do not doubt the 'Third Reich' advancement in 'Free Energy, Electro Magnetic Propulsion technology' but what makes Gene not think Germany was using it to breakaway from the grip of the current Political force, that controls this Earth?? Does Gene have to keep the Lies alive as to Hitler's Germany intentions??

  6. Thank you so much…So amazing and more than I expected.
    If I may, I have had this question for a long time about the Anunaki. If they can beam up gold into their ships, why would they need slaves with such advanced technology to help them mine and gather gold?? It doesn't feel right.

  7. "Gene Decode?" obviously a cover name. Cute though.
    and won't show his face?
    It's time to come out of the shadows and get real "Gene."
    The time is over for being a "deep background source."
    I'm weary of "insiders" who stay hidden.
    Grow a pair "Gene."


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