New Enzyme Breaks Down Plastic In Hours And Enables High-Quality Recycling

Americans throw away 35 billion empty water bottles a year. By Scott Snowden, Scientists have created a mutant bacterial enzyme that not only breaks down plastic bottles in hours, but the leftover material is good enough to be recycled into high-quality new bottles. Existing technology only produces recycled plastic that can be used for certain items, … Read more

Flamethrowing Tractors – Get Rid Of Weeds Without Using Chemicals

By Gerald Sinclair, While the concept of flame weeding might sound insane, it could replace chemical use in big ways. Now, for those who do not know flame weeding is a process through which weeds are killed with intense heat.  Flame weeding can be done with a single flame or even on a huge tractor … Read more

CNN 1985: “EMF Weapons Being Used for Mind Control.” EMFs Include 5G, Bluetooth, Cell Phone Radiation, WiFi

By B.N. Frank, It has been reported that some American Embassy workers in China and Cuba were attacked with microwave weapons and suffered brain injuries from their experiences.  Research has determined that exposure to ALL sources of microwave radiation – including 5G, Bluetooth, cell phone radiation and WiFi – can disrupt the blood brain barrier, cause it to leak, and … Read more


By Mac Slavo, Edward Snowden has a warning for those who are giving up liberty for a false sense of security: the temporary mass surveillance measures put in place will be anything but temporary. Snowden says that these measures are not worth giving up even more liberty. Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government … Read more

Why Do They Keep Warning About a “Second Wave” of Covid-19?

Is it just me, or do things feel a bit eerie right now? It’s now been over six weeks since the Covid-19 agenda launched into full force, and it’s beginning to feel like we’re stuck in first gear. The agenda began with a flurry of activity and fear-mongering. Within a few hours on that fateful … Read more

Benjamin Fulford 5/18/20 Report: Area 51 destroyed as Secret War intensifies

The battle for Planet Earth is entering a dangerous phase as at least three factions desperately fight for domination. This onslaught is now showing not only biblical but even otherworldly dimensions. The biblical aspect includes the occupation of the main holy sites of Islam by unknown forces. The otherworldly aspect includes an attack on area … Read more

COBRA 5/20/20 Update: Dragon Endgame

In January 2019, the Chimera group realized they will be defeated, so they issued a distress call for assistance across the Galaxy and received no response. Realizing that and being aware of powerful Age of Aquarius planetary configurations of 2020, they have instructed the Black nobility families and the Jesuits to activate the endgame New … Read more

Ex-Man In Black; Joseph Spencer Reveal His Secrets

“The world will witness a massive invasion of aliens, thousands of holographic alien warships will cover the sky, immerse people in global panic and real military aircraft between the holograms will deliver a real blow.” – As a result, a single world government will be created and none of the people will be against it. It … Read more

Copper kills 99.9% of bacteria within two hours!

Authored by IWB Copper…plain old Copper kills viruses and bacteria on contact!!! Copper pipes and pennies too??? EPA registers copper-containing alloy products On February 29, 2008, EPA registered five copper-containing alloy products. The registration allows the registrant, the Copper Development Association (CDA) to market these products with a claim that copper, when used in accordance … Read more