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  1. i have a question to Cobra : Dear Cobra, if i remember correctly, You once mentioned, that the EVENT would happen, as soon as the Plasma Anomaly known as “Yaldaboath” is dissolved. But what about this “Black Stone” ? imho is this Black Stone also connected to Strangelet respectively Toplet Bombs.
    Wouldn’t we also have to take care of that problem, before the Event can happen ? thanks in advance and may You All be blessed and protected by Source for the work You’re doing for Mama Gaia & all Inhabitants! Shine Your Light

    • that was an excellent question and I loved your user name, reminded me of this song called “Shine your Star”:

  2. 2 Questions from R:
    Question to COBRA:
    First of all, many thanks for offering us, the audience, the opportunity for questions. I learnt that in Japan almost 90% of spirituality movement, or, in a broader sense, new age movement, has gotten the way wrong. Some people get actually defrauded of money. Question is; what is the fastest and the best cure for aligning the people or spiritualist movement as a whole that have been walking on a wrong path to a genuine, healthy one?

    Question to COBRA:
    About President Trump. Provided that Trump is under control of the Jesuits, why is it that Trump’s meeting with Japan’s prime minister Abe was not smooth? Was it just a performance?

  3. According to Corey in his recent intel report on his meeting with Tear Eir, he stated that the orbs are becoming more translucent and letting through more solar energy. Is this influx of solar energy affecting meditation and in what ways? Does it make it easier for us to communicate with higher beings and our higher self?

    You have previously explained that Ascended Masters have a limited understanding of how it is to be incarnated on the surface of Earth after 1996. Because of this, it’s good to talk to them, I assume in meditation and/or letters to the RM as you’ve recently requested. In meditation, is it unusual for a higher self, inner-earth being, Ascended Master or triad of Ascended Masters to hear our conversation with them?

    Regarding the inner earth beings – recently described by Corey as future humans – are some of them the ones he’s described as communicating to earth humanity in their egg shapes? Are they ready, willing & able to heed our calls and assist us? Is it stipulated in some agreement that we have to first reach out to them as them reaching out to us in some way violates free will or intervention? Are we able to communicate with these many beings and should we be specific in addressing our greetings?

    I have a question on Triads – or groups of three Ascended Masters that come to assist those who seek. It seemed like the law of one material was a Triad of beings (or where they four?). Joan Walker has spoken about a Triad of beings that come to her in channeling. Are you aware of this concept and can you comment on how one gains access of them for themselves?

    • If the reincarnation karmic process is a trap, soul evolution is a statement which only concern those who are trap in the matrix in order to escape it? When the negative side manifest the veil, those who have escaped it are called ascended, prior to the interference humans were all in an ascended state? So outside the veil we are ascended. The positive side with superior technology can easily correct our soul deficiencies on all level of our being. So soul evolution to acquire a loving state does not apply outside the veil as we are already with Source? I think the opening of the heart is not a concept to work with the mind or to try to be, it is a real place in the chest a tangible state when opened which really alter consciousness like a drug, without forcing yourself to be more loving, you are not the same.

    • June 2017 PFC Interview
      Lynn – Can you comment on the 3-finger mummy of Nazca that was found recently in Peru?

      COBRA – O.K. What would you like to know about that.

      Lynn – We would like to know if this is it legitimate report or is it fake?

      COBRA – I would approach this with caution at this point. I would not put to much hope into this particular story.

      Lynn – It could be fake?

      COBRA – I would say there was interference in the whole process and not everything is what it seems to be?

      Lynn – Is there any other information that you can give us about this mummy?

      COBRA – Not at this point. But I would again say do not put too much focus on this and too much hope on this particular story (OK, thank you).

  4. Question: During meditations, why is it recommended to focus on hindering other people that are negative rather than inspiring/helping others that are positive? For example on the website it says: “Visualize civil authority arresting those members of the Cabal that do not wish to surrender.” Isn’t this a form of trying to go against someone’s free will?

  5. Question about group meditation- would it be helpful to consciously set an intent to connect with all the others or their Higher Selves doing the same meditation at the same time? This is not explicitly stated in the instructions but it seems that even if it didn’t increase the power of the meditation it would help to feel more unified. Thank you!

  6. I have several questions from multiple individuals addressed to both Corey and COBRA.


    7 questions from Masa:

    1) Question to Corey: Would you mind telling us about the stance of David Wilcock towards information provided by COBRA, within your knowledge? I’d like to know how Mr. Wilcock regards COBRA’s info. Thanks.

    2) Question to Corey: Do you receive any intel from Blue Avians about what COBRA describes as “Archon” and “Chimera”?

    3) Question to Corey: In a near future, is it likely — the joint interview of Corey, D. Wilcock and COBRA?

    4) Questioin to Corey: how did you come to know and get acquaintance of Dr. Michael Salla? Would you mind revealing how it unfolded and what the initial cause of your encounter was?

    5 )Question to Corey: Are you aware of the fact in details that the Resistance executed special operations on the date of February 18, 2016, of installing information packages onto computers of well-known global news agencies and selected individuals describing the details of SSP; multiple evidence of crimes committed by cabal and so on?

    6) Question to Corey: Are you planning to shoot films etc., depicting the bigger and the whole picture of future SSP?

    7) Question to both Corey and COBRA: Corey, do you know there is a powerful and positive faction in US Navy that [collectively] supports full-disclosure? And also, COBRA: Is the Resistance involved in the full-disclosure movement engaged by US Navy?

    1 question from white:

    Question to COBRA:
    The Law of One teaches us the karma. COBRA once answered in a previous interview, saying “[W]hat Sphere Being [the Central Race?] understands has very close approximation to the understanding held by so-called Ascended Masters.”

    -The source:

    Also, according to you, COBRA, no hard lessons or karma clearance is needed for human’s evolvement/enlightenment ( satori )/awareness. It was a goose-bump effect as I was reading it. Personally, it was the very breakthrough of my old beliefs. That being said, here, I’d like to ask: Though being highly evolved entities, the central race are under manipulation of Archons, correct?

    1 question from Aromaluna:

    Question to COBRA:
    In 2008 book called “Alien Interview” by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, it is introduced that there had been actual interview with scout ship crews of those crashed at the Roswell incident. Is this story true or hoax?

    1 question from sanatk:

    Question to both Corey and COBRA:
    To what planes (e.g. ethereal, astral, mental, causal) do meditations effect?

    1 broad question from MU・KUTMI:

    Question to COBRA:
    I hold the expectation that the emergence of Ascended Master Maitreya, as told by Benjamin Creme through Share Intl. Foundation, is to take place after the Event. Is it of any difference between Transmission Meditation held by this group and the Weekly Ascension Meditation held by PFC? Is the former group, i.e. SIF, a group of light? [If it is, then I’m in total favor of collaborating with such a group.] Question is, how can one discern a group that it is positive, and is on the side of light? If there’s any advice on how to discern a group between light and dark, what would it be? And what is it to be weary of in doing so?

  7. I have just one short question for you two guys, corey and cobra….is there any particular reason why the awakened community has awaited this long for you two guys to come together pushing a mass meditation? Better late than never.
    Love and gratitude❤️!

  8. I have read conflicting reports on saint Germain and some of the groups that follow the ascended masters. My question is is the message and group that is known as the great white brotherhood with st Germain as the leader a real group or was it a fabrication from the certain groups in the 30s and 50s.

    • will lead you to the Spiritual Hierarchy information that Cobra has talked about before. Explore that area because there is quite a bit of information and you may want to re-phrase your question. Thanks

    • Of course St. Germain is a great golden alchemist, father of Jesus with much of gold >100 trillions $ for humanitarian. I am a part of great white brotherhood. Eternal omnipresent St. Germain needs only 1 group, first of all invocations. Read their sites with discernment, such group cant misguide if you want not to be misguided.

  9. Hello Cobra and Corey,

    is there a time threshold to achieve a “good state of mind”? The more the better? I’ve heard from Joe Dispenza that certain monks after 2 hours of meditation anchor a state of mind that persists during the day even if they go out and do mundane activities. Personally I’ve used to do one hour and tried one day 2 hours, after a few minutes of finishing I’ve started to feel very anxious, do you have any comments about this situation ?
    Do you recommend meditate several times a day? I mean, twice a day for example, I’ve felt twice a day is more “a grounding experience” even if it’s the same time in total than once a day

    Thank you both, very much

  10. Corey-Cobra interview questions;
    1. Is a TriSphere meditation more effective than a randomly coordinated group meditation with a same number of participants? Any scientific background for this?

    2. At a recent interview program by Corey, there was a comment about a group meditation at a physically closer proximity as having a much higher effectiveness. Can you quantify how much more effective is a physcal group meditation over non-physical group meditation?
    If a physical group meditaiton is such effective, can we have less than 144,000 persons to achieve the same level of results?

    • A few circles of people in astrological pattern sounds very fine. We know that power of meditation is growing exponentially of the number of people (x^2). Golden energy comes when you a gathering in physical groups, then it could be mulplied by all non-physical groups in mass meditations and so on.. 144000^2 is better than 12^2

  11. Cobra and Corey from reading and doing my spiritual work I believe we are in a blackhole with time deletion hence we are cut off from everything and forced too be here in this prison and feed the Archons etc.. my question… is this both your understanding as well? or maybe you can give me a better understanding.

  12. Question about mass MEDITATION

    Cobra, can we use a ‘paper radionics device’ (there was a lot of comment in your latest posts) to enforce our intention and results of Weekly Ascension Meditation and Eclipse Meditation?

    Can you give us some micromanagement details, as long as radionics devices are mind machines that work on the etheric plane in order to manifest our intent on the physical plane?

    Are these ‘paper radionics devices’ enough efficient comparative to physical devices?

    • Do you know and do you agree with the Egyptologist Amargi Hillier who claims that using radionics devices (camera of past events) he has catched images from hidden places inside the pyramides and even underneath?

      And who also claims the using radionics devices we can:
      – Remove harmful ELF, electromagnetic frequencies
      surrounding us.
      – Breaking down time/space grids around our house for truly
      multidimensional living.
      – Accessing higher levels of consciousness and help from
      higher sources.
      – Programming specific energy patterns into anything.
      – Transferring the energy of ancient power

      Concerning the last 2, can we keep out energy from the GREAT CINTAMANI STONE beneath Lake Titicaca (that Rob Potter told about) or from others and project that energy onto the places we desire, as case may be, in patterns of flower of life?

      Can you also give us some micromanagement details in respect of all of these?

  13. Cobra has stated in his “New Advanced Technologies” post that:

    “One of the most amazing properties of this laser technology is that it is the most powerful tool on the planet which assists us in removing the etheric implants. This is the closest technology to the Pleiadian light chamber as we can get on the surface of this planet.”

    so my question is, is there a specific protocol you would suggest that we use with our Light mandalas in order to help dissolve implants? Also, are we able to help remotely dissolve other people’s implants using some sort of protocol on the Light mandala?

  14. 2 Questions for Corey and Cobra. In the various SSP.. do they make you use a fake name or is it just like our military where you have you full legal name known? What are your thoughts on the various points of corroborating evidence for your story that can be found in the Dolores Cannon material?

  15. Cobra, many of us are eager to contribute as best we can via the group meditations, but we lack experience and instruction. I think it would be extremely beneficial to our cause if we could be provided with some good reliable instruction to help us reach maximum effectiveness in our meditations. Can we be provided with some verified sources (youtube videos, perhaps) that can help us in becoming most effective in our meditations? I think this would help speed up the liberation process.

  16. Dear CoBra & Corey,
    since the overarching mission is “unity in the community”, I’d like to ask both of you what your respective thoughts about the Resource Based Economy (#RBE), a moneyless economy/society based on the production power of automation on one hand and Earth and her resources being the common property of all her inhabitants on the other hand, as proposed by The Venus Project (#TVP) are.

  17. Dear Cobra,

    I have heard and seen a lot of materials of awakening/awareness published for the “developed” countries but nothing much is said about English speaking “developing or underdeveloped” countries in the Caribbean and South America. Why that is so and what can we do to participate and get notice?

    Yours Respectfully


    I’m from Guatemala, I’m doing the Saq’Be’ (SPiritual journey/preparation/connection) to become an Ajq’ij (AhkIh – Spiritual guide) for 9 years now. From my heart I know, I’ve learned and I’ve prepared myself beside important indiXgenous Old Spiritual Guides from Guatemala, to guide people using the Mayan Calendar and the “Oracle” (Tzité or Vara) and the Sacred Fire Ceremony. I’ve seen from personal Experience and experience from others that this is a really amazing tool, Much enlightening. Also, at the same time, I recognize that there are some practices that seems to be infiltrated by the current “Primary Anomally” but still, the most basic practices are really enlightening. Being in front of a true Mayan Spiritual Guide is sincerely amazing, they get to know a lot about oneself and clear many doubts and shadows.

    My questions, as a practicioner and responsable of guiding others, are:

    – How much infiltrated has this ancestral wisdom been?
    – On the Popol Vuh (wrongly classified as the “Mayan Bible”) the Maya talk about the origin of the “First Fathers” that they came from the PLEIADES! And they tought the people the Mayan Calendar. COREY: Did you talked about this in your encounters with the Maya? Did the black stone you saw when they healed you was Obsidian? We Mayan people use this stone and is very powerful. COBRA: As a Pleiadian contactee, please inform us as Mayan People, about our origin, our practices, the importance of our heritage to humanity and current communication between Pleiadians in these prophetic times that we knew and have talked about. How can we cooperate with you?

    Please, receive the blessings and protection from the Mayan People: Ukuxkaj, Ukuxuleu, Bitol Tzakol, Alom Qajolom, Chipi Kakulha, Rax Kakulha, Nim Kakulha, Jun Ra Qan Kukulha, Chajinik qachalal tewchi’nik.

    Translation: Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth, Creator and Former, Father Mother, *,*,*,*, Bless our brothers and protect them.

  19. Would meditating during the sunset and sunrise be better than during other times?
    Also, would you recommend meditation at certain weather?

    • Monks are meditating 40 minutes per day eating energy of Sun by pointed on Sun eyes-optical nerve-pineal gland. On sunset or sunrise to not burn the eyes. Half-year of trainings! So they are only drinking a water or milk.

  20. “Know thyself” is an ancient concept going back much further than Socrates and is at the root of much of philosophy. With that in mind, what are the most important things to learn about one’s self or is all self-knowledge equal?

  21. Hi cobra & Corey.
    Corey, on one of the episodes of cosmic disclosure with David wilcock, you mention the being or entity Marduk being back on earth on living somewhere in South Africa, can you say anything more about this? who Marduk is why he’s back an why South Africa?
    Also if cobra has knowledge and anything to say about this subject?

  22. If you are made to forget who you truly are or if you are being manipulated/controlled by the dark in any or in every plane (of your existence or beingness), or if you have been fed with lies after lies, how can you exercise True Free Will as Intended by Source?

    • If humanity’s existence is based on an illusionary world created/manipulated by the dark then humanity’s actions, which in this case can be considered as illusionary as well, should not be balanced with Karma. The dark are the ones who should be answerable for how the 3D world ‘exists’ now–they are the ones who should be dealt with the full brunt of the law of karma.

  23. What is the teaching of the initiation?
    The universal white brotherhood by Peter Deunov/omraam aivanhov is the way for futur humanity?
    Does sensuality attracted lower astral entities attachment?
    Slow repeated conscious single focus rising of sexual energy to the solar plexus alter my mind, and the white light, the third eye pulsate when the energy reach my chest just below the throat and keep it here, after a while it start, i feel dilated, with humility, smile to other, i look in the other eyes with real sympathy to stranger, want to give naturally, enjoy life without doing anything it last a few hour due to external influence I guess, so i have to keep meditating to rise the energy, otherwise I would usually feel low. Is it the secret chamber in each one of us, the christ energy? Thank you

  24. Cobra & Corey,

    Is there an established protocol/method for making positive ET contact? I would very much like to promote disclosure & ascension topics with my peers, but without personal validation, I simply cannot bring myself to write and promote such topics as truth.

    Thank you both.

  25. I feel like this meditation that is set to occur on August 21st is the choice of the surface human population in opposed to it being a request from the RM or LF to help speed things up.
    If it’s so, would you (both) please post information about it on your blogs and sites?
    I am asking this because your official blogs/sites have more credibility and reach more people than any other blog/site and thus it will help the meditation go viral. With Cobra’s help I am positive we can reach beyond the critical mass!

  26. Hey is it possible to recreate that spark in a relationship, that first moment that caught the persons attention?

  27. Cobra
    I’ve never get any intel about Hong Kong.

    What happen to this densest human population urban and commercial city.

    Why this city being build like this ?

    What is the real rule and purpose of Hong Kong?

  28. Cobra and Corey, in previous information sessions. It was stated that some of humanity may be moved to underground facilities or aboard motherships during what may be a cataclysm.

    Can you ‘both’ please give more information on this? Like will they move families or individuals? How do they choose who goes where?

    Follow up: Does the Galactic sun pulse give us transpersonal abilities like telekinesis or telepathy.? Or anything?

    • What is the teaching of the initiation? Why is it still so secret? And the universal white brotherhood the way for humanity?
      Sensuality attract infernal astral entities in us? Slow repeated conscious rising of sexual energy reaching the solar plexus alter my mind, the white light appear, the third eye pulsate, you feel dilated, kind, you want to give naturally, is this the secret chamber in each of us, the Christ energy?

  29. Why don’t we use all the coming weekends leading up to the Eclipse weekend as a campaign to obtain the necessary 144,000 meditators we keep talking about. It would be nice to reach that number. It almost happened not that long ago.

  30. I don’t have a question per se, but in reading your recent blog post, Return to Light, I noticed you mentioned duality. For most of my life I have thought of true duality as the interplay of dark and light. Most people interpret this as negative and positive, or more to the point, good vs evil. And that’s the first point of distinction here. As long as we can see it as this AND that, we can hold no value judgments on any of it. Once we make it this vs that, we then separate out what is US vs what is THEM, and that’s always a path laden with peril for all of us.

    Now, here’s my second point of distinction: What if it is nothing more than dark and light? You can’t have one without the other. Daytime is the active phase of being, doing, causing. Night is the time of restoration and healing, and in dreams, if we learn to take them seriously as a means of teaching, it’s also a time of active learning. I have always found immense peace in the darkness. I have always thought of it as the place where all potentials exist . . . the womb of all possibilities. It’s the place we can go to manifest the reality we want.

    It seems to me that the whole good vs evil thing has been programmed into us over the centuries and possibly millenia to keep us all fighting and flailing in an existence that can’t be created by the supposed ruling elite without us. What if we realize we have been duped into believing the good vs evil thing to keep us in fear, to keep us in servitude, and to keep us actively creating the reality the elite dictate by their means of programming us?

    And what if we come to a new and different understanding of the true relationship of dark and light, the true definition? And what if, in that understanding, we can reclaim our power and our sovereignty? In the dark, embraced as the field of all possible potentials we can BE and DO anything.

  31. Is one’s level of vibration at any given time the biggest determining factor in how much the Light Forces can assist him or her in manifesting abundance?

    • Often money are not correlated to soul richness. Jesus was poor but great as mage, Hitler was rich. Abundance and happines could be without money. But soon good people would be very rich (10^15 $). Light Forces are answering to the strong calls of a great men.

  32. Is it possible to invoke higher dimensional ETs and angelic beings to remove implants and entity attachments from your energy field during meditation?

  33. Cobra has mentioned multiple times that many Light workers/warriors are not carrying around the things that they had agreed to prior to incarnating in this lifetime. I believe one of the main reasons for this is that people do not remember what they agreed to. What can we do to help remember?

  34. I wonder, why doesn`t ET`s help their important contactees-whistleblowers such as Alex Collier and Corey Goode financialy as it was clearly admitted that they were struggling this way. And mainly of going public with all these secrets. They are dealing with all sort of attacks and threats etc. ET`s could easen life for them a bit in this way surely. Why tehey doesn`t do that?

    • 1) simple soul contracts before the birth
      2) many rich people care only to be richer
      3) they have a happy life, much better than ours, heart attacks is only adventure for them

  35. Hi Cobra

    How do you explain why I’ve been unemployed for 6 months? Interference from dark forces or I’m being prepared for even greater things?

    I’ve noticed that lightworkers are moving to new cities and states, including myself, right now. What is the reason behind this?

      • Viva, you don’t know that. Before responding, remind yourself that these questions are NOT addressed to you. You’ve been asked many times to stop posting these responses.

        • My answer is adressed not to you nor others but Andre first.
          The wiser (main) Tibetian monk was silent daily. Moreover who wants to answer must speak.
          Noone found a lie in my answears, but many could say “I dont belive” – they have not such lore and discerment, please read a big diversity of books/sites many months or years, sorry, then you will be a good debater.
          The wisest holistic answer is: soul could opt any day for ensoulment, even few years before the conception soul is observing a life of the parents. If you have not arguments please be silent as that monk.
          Briefly: I have a deep discernment, long time of invocations and meditations, spiritual sites, Cobra, Corey… I’ve ordered a 4 Cintamani stones and the moldavite cross. I dont need any attacks on me and such a troll wars, thanks.

          • Viva, you are being neither trolled nor attacked. My only concern is the possibility that unreliable information is being disseminated by an unconfirmed source who the questions were never addressed/directed to. The administrators of this site have attempted to make this clear to you as well but you are obviously reluctant to comply with their requests.

            Again, I want to be clear that you are not being trolled or attacked. We welcome your opinion but the responses are typically better left to the man the questions are addressed to. Surely you understand.

  36. Cobra, if my memory serves me right, i believe that you are the 2nd Cobra. What happened to the first Cobra? Thank you!

  37. Cobra, are you familiar with the teachings of Samael Aun Weor? His teachings emphasize the elimination of the ego(s) and the need for us transmute sexual energy.
    In his writing he states that he is the coming avatar of Aquarius, could you tell me what you think of this?…also, is he an ascended Master?… and what is his connection to the to earth now?
    Thank you.

  38. What is going on with the “Atlantis Bank” project to drill to the Earth’s core…? Judging by the project’s name, someone must know that this type of experiment brought us to the brink of extinction thousands of years ago??

  39. A question:
    What happens if we put a cittamanni in pyramide top.
    May the pyramide 5th dimension energy will anchor with more efficience? Know about this can help some starseeds in their radionics experiments

  40. What is the difference between the higher-self / higher-mind and the I AM presence ?

    In the hostage situation with the Chimera, how many hostages are we talking about? Are these hostages of special value, or are we talking about the whole world population as a hostage.

  41. COBRA, what advice and pointers can you provide to help us integrate our ‘shadow selves’? I believe this task, if worked on daily, would greatly hasten the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.

  42. Is the Earth a globe, as the majority of humanity believes, or is it another shape? What proof can you offer to this point?

  43. COBRA, you have stated in a previous interview that Planet X is no close, and that it is outside the orbit of Pluto. Is the Planet X system outside of our solar system, and if so, can you comment on any of the planetary objects people the world over, such as myself, have seen in the sky? Does the Sun have a twin star(s)? What information can you provide about Planet X? Can you provide its name?

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