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  1. Please Cobra explain what are black eyed children. They appear wordwide. children between the ages of 6 and 16 with pale skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or panhandling, or are encountered on doorsteps of residential homes. Tales of black-eyed children have existed since the 1950s.

  2. Dear Cobra,
    What is your judgment of Rudolf the Tall White Alien also known as Rudolf of Germany, who has put 403 videos on You Tube during
    the past few years?

  3. COBRA, Andromeda galaxy is consisted of bad ETs according to you. But what about the Andromedans (A’s) contacting Mr. Alex Collier. Would you uphold that they are also from bad area as well? What about Andromeda Council introduced to Alex Colllier, apart from Tolec? Tell us your insights on them.

    • Andromeda is male Galaxy, partner of ours female Galaxy. For your own reflection, Amsterdam is an Andromedian place of influence. Andromedian Council 12 planets-ships were meant for rescuing, healing and transporting people to another systems. Andromedians that travel so far here are their best representatives from Higher dimensions.

  4. Will the dark and deep web be liberated 100 per cent after the Event for the public? How will be the restructuring of the deep and dark web after the Event?

  5. Hi,
    I’m wondering if victims who have been specifically targeted by the cabal with Black Ops and other forms of harassment/terrorism will be officially notified about the specifics of what was exactly was done for purposes of healing and vindication? Also, will victims be compensated financially for being attacked, and if so when?
    Thank you

    • an additional question that i forgot to ask:
      if non-ionized plasma is real then how is plasma defined?(or from what perspective is plasma defined?)

  6. ask Cobra about the validity of George Kavassilas’ work – he says Earth is a universal fractal, Earth is the target of an old nordic vs draco fight, the existence of a synthethic universe with a god/alien god matrix instead the natural universe, and ascension as another control scenario, no different from heaven/rapture beliefs.

  7. Hi my question is about Republic of Macedonia.
    Small piece of land is left since Alexander the Macedonian expand the territory back in Ancient Macedonian time.
    Now for that small but rich in nature and energy piece of land are manipulating all the neighbour countries (some of them) backed by “big bosses” in the world.

    They say the biggest/richest treasure in the whole world is hidden on that territory in Alexander’s grave.

    What is the truth, the secret that most of the people dont know about Macedonia? Why they want to conquer Macedonia, why they want to surpass all the culture and extinct all tradition that exist long long time ago. They say Macedonia is Greek, they say the language is Bulgarian, they decline the existence of Macedonia when Ancient Macedonia is one of the oldest culture ever existed these days…why?
    And is it going to be changed after the Event and how?

  8. Can someone PLEASE ANSWER my question?!!

    Lately I have been noticing many changes to my body like, smaller hands, eyes, head, feet, teeth, mouth, jaw, i’m also shorter, i use to be 5’5 and now i’m 5’3! My forehead is bigger and now has a furrow line running through it, and my hairline has receited a bit, my eyebrows are a different shape & and all my old pictures have changed and show these changes. I did NOT consent to these changes! I know cobra does not agree with the mandala effect aka a timeline change but he has never given another explanation. Can Someone for the love of god ask cobra my question because I am freaking out, this is definitely NOT a DNA upgrade, this is more like a downgrade and I need to know what is happening and if this will be fixed after the event or go will it go back to normal???


    • I believe that not so long after The Event {and that’s not too far ahead!} we will be given keys to health and healing that can reverse ageing and return us to a more youthful appearance so NO WORRIES – all will be fine ! Therese Z

    • If you see ET or mental intrusions, to stop this is recommended to meditate or pray to Archangel Michael etc. 15 min every day. Your laziness is worst weapon than outer factors.

    • if you feel something is not right then often its a sign from the body that you need to perhaps make some positive changes; diet, meditation, proper exercise, relaxation. I personally have felt that when i simply accept the present moment, i know how to deal with the situation including body issues. for me atleast, getting some rest has been helpful 😉

  9. What is the truth behind one of the greatest kingdom in ancient history ‘Macedonia’ and Alexander the Great? And how can the Macedonians these days hope for better future while every neighbour country denies their whole culture and existence?

  10. Many people are suffering from Lyme’s desease. What is the origin of this enigmatic, modern pandemic? Is there a treatment within our reach? Chronic degenerative deseases like this effect many young people as well as old and may in some cases lead a person to consider suicide.

  11. Cobra, please comment on the “UFO Battle” seen in the sky above Henderson, Nevada on February 19, 2018. Was this a real event or simply light reflections?

  12. Cobra, perdona pero en la web china que también diriges. Salió una lista de direcciones donde operan con cámaras de curación en muchas partes del mundo. Pero en la realidad sólo puede ser para gente rica o con mucho dinero. Estoy muy decepcionada porque la gente normal de éste plantea necesita ser curada de verdad, no con falsas ilusiones. Ya se engañó bastante a toda la humanidad.

    • After the Event many people would be rich and tachyon chambers also would be easily accesible for all people, maybe in 1 year.

    • Ayahuasca has DMT or what is wide known as “God Molecule” therefore Ayahuasca open doors to others realms and just like any door friends or foes can show up & come right into you… It is your choice to try Ayahuasca but keep in mind that just like Angels show up and give you a wonderful mystic lesson Demons or Archons can show up an attack you to the point of physical death!

    • So mush solar flares we have, no one had erased this data. Pleiadians and RM would broadcast on all the TV’s in the world at the Event, so answer is rather no.

    • i am listening to a past interview (december 2016) and he states they do not expect disruption to electronics at time of event

  13. Cobra, would you say that the number of toplet bombs in (the area described by you as) “the area close to the Earth surface, not extending beyond 3 Earth radii from the center of the planet” is higher or lower than the amount of toplet bombs in the “sublunar space” that used to be before the Resistance started clearing it? And if it is bigger or smaller, could you give us an estimate of how much?

    (NOT for COBRA: It took the Resistance ~two and a half years to clear the sublunar space. since this post: )

  14. Cobra said the US dollar will devalue about 50% during the financial reset, some countries or areas linked their exchange rate with the United States , such as Hong Kong dollars, Will these currencies be devalued together with the US dollar?

    • i definitely have witnessed OPs 🙂

      cobra has said there are/were human looking cyborgs that dont have human souls. i dont believe there are humans with no soul, less soul yes

  15. Bonjour Cobra,
    Vous avez annoncé le 07/12/17 que 80% des forces négatives ont été vaincues, en Antarctique (Merci infiniment aux Forces de la Lumière !)… Les Ummos (ou Ummites) ont envoyé, en Oct/Nov 2017, par twitter un texte, comme quoi “Ils s’installaient en Antarctique, avec 2 de leurs alliés” (?) et qu’ils revendiquaient ces terres suite au Traité de 1959 , et qu’ils revendiquaient l’appartenance à l’humanité (ils se considèrent comme Humains)… Au vu de ce que vous annoncez, la déclaration des Ummos me parait très bizarre… Font-ils partie des forces négatives ou positives ? Pour les français, c’est une réponse importante, MERCI A VOUS TOUS !!!!!

  16. 1. What does the Asura mean in Buddhism?
    2. Please rate these people.

    1 being most positive and 10 being most negative

    1-bill gates
    2-steve jobs
    4-mark zuckerberg

  17. If we have free will, I have one question.

    – First, why all the souls in the Universe will ascend sometime and come back to Source? Can´t a soul live without the necessity of coming back to Source?

    • Event is very soon ~2018. 3-6 months from now ~56%, or sooner ~30% (Jesus Sananda). Every 5 years would be surges of energy from higher dimensions. Last about ~2036.

    • im guessing cobra would answer that yes its under quarantine until the event n cabal is removed.

      my feel is the quarantine IS lifting…its a process. if it happened too quickly, perhaps many unawakened would be too burdened….my sense 😛

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