Letters to the Resistance Movement

All readers of the Prepare for Change website are invited to communicate with the Resistance Movement. After discussing this with Cobra we have discovered that members of the RM desire more information from us, the surface?population of Earth.

Cobra has passed this information to us:

(PFC0517) ?Lynn? – Cobra, is the RM the ones that give you feed-back on our meditations, you know the strength of it and the numbers.

COBRA –?Yes, yes.? (OK)

Lynn? – Are we as surface humans? able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA –?It is possible.? It has happened in a few instances but its not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn? – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.?

COBRA –?Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, thats a great idea.? Thank you Cobra.) (PFC0517)

In order to facilitate this for all people and make it easy for both us and the RM, we are using this page with its comment section for this purpose. The idea is simple, go to the bottom of the page and use the comment box to share your feelings about the situation on Earth.

So please ask your?questions or make your comment with your Letter to the Resistance in the comments below.

Published July 5, 2017

[NOTE: Please do not criticize or comment on other’s letters in reply, this page is meant to enable a free exchange from our readers with the Resistance Movement, so please do not respond as though the letters are to YOU.]

868 thoughts on “Letters to the Resistance Movement

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for pursuing the light as it seems on our behalf. I look forward to learning about all of this (disclosure) and maybe meeting many of you.
    I have been reading about the event and am looking forward to it. I am disabled. I have multiple symptomatic, multiple system chronic illnesses and can’t get around very well. My question is during the event, how much of an impact will my disabilities have on my experience or will it be an issue at all?

  2. I wrote down some of my thoughts about my experience here and felt guided to share it. Light and love to all who read these words. Please accept a great deal of thanks for everything the RM and Light Forces have done so far. You are all heros from where I am standing. Victory of the light!

    January 30th, 2017

    Several times I have asked myself some questions about what life would be like after The Event and what kind of existence we would have. Being a slave is all we have been here and most of us don’t know any other way to be. Some remember their life on other unoccupied planets and densities but for many a life on ‘free-range prison Earth’ is the only thing we can conceptualize.

    Real, authentic freedom is a fantasy for most, never-mind the freedom that comes with advanced technology and abilities we are going to get. Here are some of the things I have asked myself since my awakening (I have only lived in Arizona my entire life so this is all I have to go on, I know there are some who live very well but these people are in a minority):

    What is it like to not breath low-oxygenated, polluted air?
    What is it like to eat nutrient-dense food with no toxins or pesticides added grown in fertile unmodified soil?
    What is it like to be free to express ourselves, free from attacks from programmed people?
    What is it like to live in a population where everyone’s goal is the betterment of the whole and each other?
    What is it like to live without being nickel and dimed into oblivion?
    What is it like to not see 100 ads a day?
    What is it like to not see others suffering so horribly?
    What is it like to live constantly in a vibration of Love and Peace?
    What is it like not having to worry about being one paycheck away from being homeless?
    What is it like to not have the water supply poisoned with sodium fluoride?
    What is it like to shower with clean water, without chemicals?
    What is it like to live in a family with total harmony and love?
    What is it like to not live in a society where animal abuse is supported and those who try to help animals are attacked?
    What is it like to not live on a planet where lies and deception are the bread and butter of the control structure and everyday life?
    What is it like to not live on a planet where pointing out criminal behavior is punished and the criminals rewarded?

    Those are the majority of the questions I have asked myself since this whole process of transforming and Ascension has begun for me personally. Like many have said we didn’t know how bad it was going to be before we came here. Now we know and it’s beyond what we could have ever imagined.

    Luckily, this is the last planet to be liberated and we will be victorious but holy crap what a horrific and neglected festering wound we have found here. It can’t be healed fast enough. But it will be and it is being healed now.

  3. It deeply saddens me that so much has been done to prevent humanity on the surface from being free. Without interference from the anomaly, the surface population would already have free energy and so much more. I will try to tell people about this material.

    Theraphi Plasma & History of Energy Healing:



    Thank you for listening,


  4. Hello beloved Resistance, thank you for all your help! I´m writing from Brazil to explain a bit about why we, the lightworkers, fight against each other. I keep receiving from a friend of mine gossip and shameful ‘news’ about a powerful lightworker (at least I believe he is) here in Brazil. Apparently she and her friends know about suspicious things he has done and have lost faith in him and use the stories to undermine him. I don´t even wish to know these things, I don´t know if I believe in them and, even if they are true, I trust his work as a lightworker, I trust his messeges from beyond the veil. Any way, after my friend found out about these stories about him and she felt betrayed, lied to, she started to doubt everything, even her spirituality and her sanity for having believed in the transition, new earth, etc. We humans are very suspicious of everything, we have been constantely lied to and manipulated. When we finally are able to trust something, like his blog and channeled messages, and then the blogger does something to discredit himself and we lose trust, we feel lost, used and betrayed all over again. I still trust him, but my friend and many of her friends that know him personally are very angry at him. So the lightworkers end up turning on each other for lack of trust and fear of being used and manipulated again. She confessed her ego was inflated while she worked for him, she felt special and, after finding out these ‘truths’ about him, she felt like an idiot. Anyway, I hope my comment helps you understand how humans on the surface think. I confess my trust in him is weaker, but I still trust his channels, I feel them deeply in my heart. But we never know, if he shouldn´t be trusted, please let me know somehow. Just the other day she sent me a message saying he worked for the dark side…maybe her confusion is making her work for the dark side unknowingly, I do consider that possibility. We never truely know what to believe in, its hard to trust even what we think is from our hearts, I thought I felt my heart once but I was wrong, I´m still learning to ‘feel the truth’. Thank you for your attention.

  5. Greetings dear friends,

    It is good to hear from you all, and it is also good to know that there is a place like this.

    Please keep up the good work. From my perspective, there is nothing specific that need be done at this time, lest one over-complicates things. So long as the work is done out of love and sincerity, that is enough. Being kind and gentle to oneself is also very helpful. Lastly, it is good to remember that the frequency of genuine gratitude and appreciation is at the same vibrational frequency as unconditional love. The second is unconditional forgiveness without tolerance for violence. The goal is balance and coherence.

    I could post many pages of information, but I have trust and faith that you have enough trust and faith in yourselves to not need it. I don’t want to make it sound too easy, but it should be relatively smooth sailing from here on out. This all, again, from my own perspective, as I have very little to no chance to communicate with others doing this work. My work here was to not rely on anyone or anything. However, I consider myself a reasonable person and so am always willing to help in any which way I can, at my own discretion.

    Thanks and all the best,

  6. Thoughts about the situation here, and much appreciation for the invitation to share our personal perspectives…

    Everything we, the planetary population, have built our beliefs on, regardless of culture, is crumbling around us. (And not even sure if we live on a physical plane.) On the one hand, we strive to raise our vibrations and forgive/overlook the horrific acts perpetrated against us by those we were raised to respect and give allegiance to. Then, on the other hand, we’re told that a blessing in the form of financial prosperity will help to soften the emotional blow of impending disclosure, but must jump through numerous hoops to gain access to the funds. It’s always been my understanding that a blessing shouldn’t have to be chased, but vice versa. (Then add to this the videos discouraging acceptance of said funds due to a possible trap by the elite.) Then back and forth we go … with a final reasoning that, since there is supposedly no more power within the elite, what is there to fear?)

    Then we have ongoing information about the establishment of the old Republic, yet no one has come forward to announce such an event, leaving those speaking of it to appear as fools and kooks. For the enlightened, this has little effect on the spirit. Still, it leaves a great deal of second guessing on our plates, especially since there is such abundant disinformation out there.

    In summation, we humans still are uncertain from where we came, whether our ‘soul contract’ is actually legit (and not more of the same mind control BS) and, more than this, whether the Event is really just another ELE. Who can know anything for sure? And I guess this sums up my take on the whole situation. I hope we find out soon because the frustration and uncertainty is more disabling than the initial acceptance (before awakening) that our governments are determined to exterminate the largest number of us.

  7. How about we all get honest here and state the obvious shall we?
    Corey Goode stated way back in 2016 the following: “The SSP [Secret Space Program] is already engaged with a diverse community of over 900 different humanlike civilizations that they have regular, ongoing trade with, as well as less frequent contact with many others.”

    Who benefits? Definitely not humans as they trade in flesh and blood or as you all like to euphemistically put it “DNA”. Slave trade, sex trade, experiments all fair game! All species of course. And all resources too! No say for the “masses”? Too bad, we have legal documents that legalize our rape and pillaging too!

    Here’s the linky for your thinky. I dare you to post it! Double dare you even! Drac A.I.collaborators and loosh eaters! Yeah, we know. https://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/endgame-part-ii-the-antarctic-atlantis-and-ancient-alien-ruins.html

    SO how does the SSP TRADE? By Hooks and Crooks like they’ve been told. Demons see, demons due. So, maybe a kinder gentler dick traitor is required, humm? Humming…what is that damn A.I. humming in my ear????

    Cory Good with a crooked evil E on the end even publicly admits to being a traitor to the human race and selling humans to the Greys/Whites you love so much and want to continue supplying with fresh DNA skin and blood to make a more human like hack-able host on our souls dime. Bitches who play gots to pay! Loosh debts due in full all interest and penalties due – NOW! DEMANDED AND DECREED HUMAN OVERSOUL COMING THROUGH HERE AND NOW BITCHES!

  8. To the RM,
    I have felt and benefited from the new energies coming through to planet earth. Also there is much more help with regards to advanced soul teachings then there has ever been. I am a different person today after releasing much negativity of past experiences. With this said it seems that we have been dangling for a very long time. It feels like we are living in a narcissistic world where we are isolated by design. And the players (self included) yes we are all players to some extent because we have to live in this system, are programmed to shun, put down, or squash the idea of self empowerment. I think self empowerment is the key to our ascension. While this is good in theory it is difficult to accomplish in a narcissistic world. The more you affirm Love, Power and Connection, the more resistance this world allocates you. It is crazy making. It is isolating. I am glad for the opportunity to be part of this group. I have a heavy heart for all of the suffering that goes on here on earth. How do we deal with our heavy hearts?

  9. Az előző levelem valamilyen hiba miatt nem volt elolvasható, így elküldöm mégegyszer 🙂

    Kedves Cobra ès Ellenállás!

    Örömmel olvastam, hogy a fekete kővel kapcsolatban sikerült előrelépést elèrni.
    Köszönjük a sok- sok segítséget nektek!
    Már èrződik a változás szele, èrezni az új erős energiákat. Azt gondolom, hogy minden fènymunkás èrzi már az új energiák átalakìtò működésèt, ahogy egyre közelebb èrünk az Esemény pillanatához. Már nagyon erős honvágyam van, szeretnék újra a Testvèreimmel egysègben lenni ès az utóbbi napokban sokkal erősebben èrzem a jelenlètüket a Föld közelèben, mint máskor.
    Cobra, tudnál információkat megosztani az Avian Kristállyal kapcsolatban? Rendszeresen alkalmazom meditáció során, nagyon sokat segített nekem már az èletem több területén, miután a szìvcsakrámban aktivizálódott, de még nem vagyok teljesen tudatában a működèsènek, kèpessègeinek.

    A Fény győzelme!

    google t – My previous post was not readable due to some error, so I will send it again 🙂

    Dear Cobra and Resistance!

    I was happy to read that progress on the black stone was progressing.
    Thank you so much for helping you!
    The wind of change has been violated, and the new powerful energies have been cut off. I believe that all the workers who work in the new energy transform the operation as we are getting closer to the moment of the event. I have a very strong home, I want to be with my Testvéree alone, and in recent days I have a much stronger presence in the Earth than I do in the last few days.
    Cobra, could you share information about Avian Crystal? I regularly use it during meditation, it has helped me a lot in most areas of my mind after it has been activated in my chakra, but I’m not fully aware of the operator, the painter.

    The victory of Light!

  10. “Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.”- The Hunger Games

    Right now I feel like this is the perfect quote to sum up why people are fighting, fear is the main reason and the second is hope.

    People right now who are waking up are experiencing a lot of fear, even the people who are sucked into the matrix political agenda are acting out based on fear. No one knows where the future is heading, and if you are aware of the mandela effect no one knows where the past went! That’s a scary thing. The RM needs to understand that from our perspective fear has taken over our lives, and literally the only thing we have left is hope. Which, like the quote above says, a spark is fine as long as it’s contained. However, down here it’s not contained at all.

    When the RM continually promises that the event is coming, that all of our problems will be taken away, that we can have anything and everything the mass majority of the human psyche dreams of, You are giving people a dangerous amount of hope. When the RM doesn’t leak information constantly and from multiple public known sources, and is very closed off from the people, is secretive, taking years to get to the event, i.e. (The promises you made) gives excuses and can’t provide physical tangible evidence? People lose hope! The cruelest thing of all is false hope.

    People fight because there is too much fear; people fight because there is too much hope.

    Some mainstream disclosure that the event is real would solve most of that problem, yet there continues to be nothing on tv. A viral video that reaches around the world that there is a real galactic war or government enslavement happening would be nice. Some public outrage for the cabal/ETs crimes against humanity, instead of seeing only paid mind control outrage against trump or forced libtard propaganda would help. These are just suggestions, but the main point is if the RM thinks they can go any longer without some massive show of physical proof, then they are seriously mistaken, because people will not stand for false hope.

  11. lack of information of how the infiltrated mind and denied emotions keep us trapped in victimization and blame based experience, combined with lack of tools and understandings of how to deal with this stuck place, along with a lot of us not ready to look at ourselves enough to take responsibility for our experience to stop attacking each other. we cannot heal the outside world if we don’t heal the inside world first.

  12. Shashwat Pranam dear Cobra for all the efforts the Resistance Movement is doing for the good of all humanity from eons , the ground zero level is not very good , universal law has to intervene for the good of all those innocent not ignorant , those who don’t even know the existence of light , now its humanities turn to leave the extreme ignorance behind and try hard to see the light and the knowledge new as enough of this deep cruel darkness , now it has to go no matter how. In the totality , in the harmony of peace , love and unity with the love and law of oneness of the Universe and the blessings of New Mother Earth , Nova Earth with the Victory of the light forever More. Salaam, Namastey, Salute

  13. Greetings to the RM, and Thank You for helping to liberate humanity and our beautiful planet Gaia!!!…

    I am a widow, age 62, and live in the USA. My life has had its ups and downs through the years…mostly downs. The good times have been few and far between, especially in the last several years, as I have been struggling again through financial challenges. I retired early, but still have to work part time (can no longer physically handle working full time) to supplement my monthly Social Security check. I am barely scraping by. I support my daughter and young grandson, we share a home together. I am constantly stressed about lack of money beyond basic living expenses–which are high in my area–feeling always on the edge of disaster should an unexpected expense occur. A medical emergency (I cannot afford health insurance) or my old car breaking down could really wipe us out. I have no money saved because it takes every penny just to survive. We allow ourselves a modest dinner out once each month, nothing more. Grocery shopping is always depressing as the costs of healthy foods are so expensive, it’s maddening! My daughter can’t work, but cannot get any gov’t assistance, so everything falls on me…and I’m very very tired. Tired of struggling yet again, especially at this stage of my life!

    Although life here on the surface is a living hell, we are doing the best we can..but we are exhausted. Many are ready to just give up hope entirely. Others have stated in their letters to you just how bad it is down here, describing all the terrible things that are happening: so much pain, death, sadness, abuse, despair, violence, fear, anger, hopelessness, desperation, suicide, hatred, racism, sexism, corruption, deception, lies, theft, torture, murder, rape, endless wars, terrorism, oppression, hunger, poverty, human and animal cruelty, debt slavery, human slavery, disease, mental illness, ignorance, apathy, guilt, doubt, complacency, poisoning of us and Gaia, etc. etc. etc…
    It needs to stop!!

    As to the idea that humanity (with implants that keep us programmed and under archon mind control, mind you–no pun intended) needs to fix this situation ourselves..?
    Well, after 26,000 years of archon control firmly in place, it seems painfully obvious to me that we humans are trapped in an insurmountable situation that we are INCAPABLE of fixing ourselves, lacking the advanced know-how and necessary technology, even if everyone on the planet were to awaken, and be implant-free, all at once! Some 95% or more of the population are still asleep to what is really happening here. When those of us who are awake try to say anything to them, they tell us we are crazy and refuse to listen! Some get angry, some just laugh and walk away. Even close friends and family often look at us as though we have 3 heads! Sometimes they will smile and listen for a minute, faking a bit of interest just to humor you..but then quickly change the subject or just shut you down. I figure it’s because the info nudges them out of their logical comfort zone..and they don’t want to feel obligated to really THINK about what you are saying..for FEAR of being awakened–for whatever reason, they’re just not ready to hear it. So I don’t push it…but hope that I at least planted a spark of curiosity in their mind?…
    Dear RM, I do so appreciate all your efforts to help liberate this planet, but please understand that we NEED the Compression Breakthrough – along with FULL Disclosure – ASAP! The cabal needs to be removed – ASAP!.. before they completely destroy us and our beloved Gaia. Our time is running out down here!!
    We have had “ENOUGH” for quite some time now. And the “SOON” needs to be MUCH SOONER, if Gaia and humanity are to ever know a World of Peace, Love, Light, Freedom and Abundance, fully connected with Source, and forever free of the dark ones who enslaved and abused us.

    I embrace the Light and do my best to spread it to others however I can. I do the meditations. I follow Cobra’s blog, as well as peruse some other sites that “speak” to my heart and soul, learning as much as I can, gently passing it on to those who will listen. I make a conscious effort to not allow myself to be triggered in anger or fear by all the bad things reported in the news–because I know that is what the dark ones want, and I do not wish to feed them! Though I still care very deeply about the horrific state of affairs on Earth, and it’s hard, to know that it continues and worsens on a daily basis–I must refuse to let it overwhelm me. I must continue to carry the Light and hope that this will all end quickly..because the Event can’t come soon enough for so many already!

    Note: Before stumbling upon info about the Event and Cobra’s blog, I was near the end of my rope..suicidal thoughts..so sick of this life..ALL I wanted was to just be done and to go home!… But now I finally know my purpose, my mission, my reason to stay, and I am so grateful to whomever/whatever force saw fit to point me in this direction! I realize now that this is the answer, the truth, that I’d sought my whole life.(Thank you! ?)

    And again, I whole-heartedly thank the RM, and Cobra, LF, Lightworkers far and wide, for all you are doing for us!… I very much look forward to meeting my Galactic family. ??

    Victory of the Light!!??
    In Love and Light,
    (aka Carol)

  14. As following up to previous message when it get accepted I also of course take part to group meditations always when Cobra announces them and sometimes also do private meditations according Cobra introductions.

    As far as most suffering causing part of experience on this planet surface that would be pretending. Fact that you have to pretend and keep this pretending up and not to tell any of this to anybody else during current system is most painful part of this experience.

    • As last following up from me group meditations was wrong word to use in the rush of morning. I meant worldwide global synchronized meditations on Cobra blogspot.

  15. Due to my illness for over a decade, I have suffered greatly from being sick, without money for any treatments. It is causing me much anguish not being able to work and make a living.
    I hope that the light forces and the resistance movement will liberate the planet and healing technology very soon.
    I personally have participated in the Sunday night Global Meditation.

  16. I partly agree with RM because I don’t understand fully either why most lightworkers and lightwarriors attack against each other when this only benefit dark forces.

    I do however realize large amount of pressure and attacks coming from dark forces many times on this planet and they have attacked against me multiple times sometimes worse than other times but I can handle this rather well. Even regardless this all it still it doesn’t benefit to attack against each other.

    Then there are plenty of engineered issues ongoing on this planet around world that are artificially maintained by current system that are purposefully dividing and distracting. Also there are dark forces infiltrated on both sides of those engineered issues to confuse and divide further but it still doesn’t help to attack others because of different perspective which comes from different experiences on this planet.

    Mainstream religions also do good job dividing and further manipulating people ( effects to lightworkers and lightwarriors also partly) but this also isn’t reason to attack others.

    Also I don’t feel like its benefit most lightworkers and lightwarriors to get overly emotional considering dark forces manipulate those emotions rather easily if given change. Problem is most people in comment section of Cobra blogspot are especially overly emotional.

    This area I feel is especially where dark forces manipulate people most effectively.They get people overly emotional so they can easily manipulate those emotions/reactions to way they benefit. It would benefit to those people to balance themselves and their personalities better so they wouldn’t be so easily overly emotional and easily manipulated.

    I rather like to observe and analyze this planet. Not at all times however considering mess that this planet is in because of dark forces but many times I like to observe effects of plasma anomaly and conditions on this planet caused by dark forces and how those effects to different personalities ( this includes observing effects to my own personality and improving personality of my own when possible) on this planet and how those also affects to planet in large.

    Also I feel like this observation helps more easily to understand why some people behave way they do considering how this all hardship that dark forces have caused on this planet has affected to their personality.

    I feel like observation and analyzing is best fitting to me to do during current system. I also feel like calm observation helps to have more balanced personality and better understand situation on this planet.

    So all of those observations are based to analyzation and observation of this planet and my personal perspective to it on surface of this planet.

  17. Dearest RM,
    I am so very grateful for all that every on of you have done on behalf of humanity.
    Thank you so very much.

    Please continue so that it we will no longer have to hear “soon” but rather that the event is NOW.

    Much, much love and peace to all <3<3<3

  18. Kedves Cobra s Ellenlls!

    rmmel olvastam, hogy a fekete kvel kapcsolatban sikerlt elrelpst elrni.
    Ksznjk a sok- sok segtsget nektek!
    Mr rzdik a vltozs szele, rezni az j ers energikat. Azt gondolom, hogy minden fnymunks rzi mr, az j energik talakt mkdst, ahogy egyre kzelebb rnk az Esemny pillanathoz. Mr nagyon ers honvgyam van, szeretnk jra a Testvreimmel egysgben lenni s az utbbi napokban sokkal ersebben rzem a jelenltket a Fld kzelben, mint mskor.
    Cobra, tudnl informcikat megosztani az Avian Kristllyal kapcsolatban? Rendszeresen alkalmazom meditci sorn, nagyon sokat segtett nekem mr az letem tbb terletn, miutn a szvcsakrmban aktivizldott, de mg nem vagyok teljesen tudatban a mkdsnek, kpessgeinek.

    A Fny gyzelme!

  19. I am Japanese.
    Please acknowledge it because it is a translation.

    This world has been time looping for a long time.
    Most people do not know the fact.

    Do Resistance Movement people know the fact?

    If I had not even a time loop, I believe that bad domination was over sooner.

  20. Dear Resistance Movement,

    Hello, this is Amber from Hong Kong, and Im delighted to be here to share with you my thoughts about the conflicts between lightworkers. The opinions are very personal and are based on my own experience, but still, I hope they will bring you a better understanding of the situation.

    Firstly, since were all human beings who live in a 3D world, we have to be competitive in order to live. Its understandable that we get into the trap of comparison — we compare ourselves with others and define whos better or worse. So, some lightworkers try to shine their light so hard that they turn this into a way to show off their abilities and power. When they see someone whom they think is doing better, or doesnt follow their ways, they will react with jealousy or manipulation. Actually, I believe most humans have a tendency to control and manipulate. Of course, these actions are generated by fear. Comparison, jealousy and manipulation are like instincts of 3D humans.

    Secondly, although therere lots of lightworker communities around the globe that strive to bring about the Event and ascension, it seems that they have different interpretation of the Event, and their focus and intention are also different. To me, the Event is a period that allows us to prepare for the ascension to 5D. Its a time for spiritual growth and healing; its a time for adapting to our true identity. However, Ive heard some communities that focus on financial reset. Were still living in a materialistic society, so I can understand why financial reset is attractive and tempting for some people. But the thing is, the differences in the interpretation, focus and intention are one of the reasons for conflicts. Communities argue right and wrong, and then they split further.

    I myself have experienced all those Ive mentioned, and to me, those situations are not easy to deal with. I would love to hear from you RM what you think about it, and what we can do to best tackle the situations. After all, we all serve the Light.

    P.S. Thank you so much for caring about us and bringing Light and Peace to Mother Earth and humanity!

    Love and Light,

  21. Liebe RMs,
    die “Normalos” hier auf Erden sind offenbar kolossal “zu” – haben keinen Zugang zu ihrer Seele, zu einem anderen als dem materiellen Bewusstsein.
    Ich habe zur Zeit kaum Kraft, mit diesen Menschen Umgang zu pflegen und steige aus. Ich habe geglaubt, im Job bleiben zu mssen, weil ich mein Licht dort einbringen kann. Klappt nicht: Die Wissenschaftler und ihre Nachfolger sind komplett vom System vereinnahmt – sprich: unbewusst.
    Da kann ich mich nicht mehr unterordnen als Dienstleisterin.
    Es bruchte einen Lichtregen, damit alle Menschen, die guten Willens sind, einen massiven Anstubs bekommen, weiterzublicken als nur ihr eigenes Fortkommen (materiell und Macht, im Prinzip Auskommen finanziell und Befriedigung in der Forschung, die maximal hinterherhngt) im Auge zu haben.
    Erschttert sie einfach mal ein bichen???
    Herzlich, Brigitta.

  22. So bem-vindos irms e irmos do Movimento de Resistncia da Luz. Sou um estudante Espiritual independente e peo para trabalhar convosco na libertao da Humanidade e tambm na informao e formao dos recm despertos. Nestes tempos de renovao planetria muito necessrio mostrar aos nossos irmos terrestres a Verdade Espiritual, Universal e Uno com a Fonte e Deus Me/Pai. Voltar a mostrar a Esperana aos nossos irmo Terrestres.

  23. Lightworkers are struggling with financial problems. Fully dying in debt live day by day especially in poorer countries. Please help us with some financial support, maybe we could get lottery prizes that we could spread among the needy as we did it before! Our health is very bad, exposed to attacks at all levels! Do not you understand that we are at the limit of our ability to tolerate? We need medical and financial help NOW! We need physical money and healing chambers!

  24. Ol Amigos/Irmos do Movimento de Resistncia!
    Primeiramente, Gratido por tudo o que esto fazendo por ns, pela luta para que a luz triunfe e tambm gratido por receberem as mensagens das pessoas aqui da Superfcie da Terra!
    Como o COBRA disse que vocs querem saber como est a situao aqui em cima, vou contar um pouco do meu pas: Brasil!
    O Brasil um pas lindo! Muito rico em reservas naturais, onde tudo o que se planta d. Rico em cultura, folclore, com um povo cheio de criatividade e alegria ? que vive fazendo piadas at das desgraas. S que tambm de muita pobreza, a qual de uns anos para c piorou ainda mais!
    A pobreza aumentou consideravelmente, o povo perdeu a vontade e o incentivo de trabalhar devido aos governos corruptos, que deixaram de incentivar o estudo, a cultura, as artes, as profisses… Hoje em dia, existem diversos pedintes, em todas as cidades, mendigos, pessoas vivendo nas ruas, em favelas. Muitos drogados, muitos assaltantes tambm. As pessoas vivem presas dentro de casa, enquanto os ladres andam soltos nas ruas… Diversas quadrilhas assustam a populao, inclusive o PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital) ? maior faco do Brasil. Que causam arrastes ? passam roubando, machucando, matando pessoas e deixando todos horrorizados. O pior de tudo: essa faco e outras quadrilhas so controladas por pessoas de dentro das prises!
    A corrupo no pas to grande que existem diversos policiais corruptos, que ajudam os ladres.
    Os hospitais esto abarrotados de pessoas, muitos hospitais esto se fechando e no tem recursos para atender as pessoas. Diversas pessoas morrem na porta dos hospitais, por no ter leitos e espao para serem atendidas.
    E o pior: a mdia fez (e ainda faz) diversas divulgaes para as pessoas procurarem sempre um mdico. E ento a populao, por qualquer dor de cabea, j corre ao mdico e aos hospitais. Raras so as pessoas, hoje em dia, que tem a coragem de fazer um ch para curar uma dor de cabea ou um resfriado! A lavagem cerebral to grande, que a maioria prefere se empanturrar de remdios e que, por isso, acabam ficando ainda mais doentes!
    Sem falar nos profissionais! A grande maioria dos mdicos no sabem quase nada. Muitos so corruptos tambm e chegam a colocar prteses em pessoas, quando no h a necessidade, s para ganharem mais com a cirurgia e com a compra da prtese! Inclusive, muitos at danificam a prtese, na hora da cirurgia para poder pegar outra e ganhar duas vezes… muito triste isso! E o paciente, sofre com dor a vida toda depois disso e no tem pra quem reclamar, afinal o problema j foi feito… Tenho isso por experincia, pois em minha me foi colocado uma placa, no brao dela, sem necessidade, diminuindo o movimento e fazendo ela sentir dores constantemente.
    Agora falando das escolas… ser professor no Brasil, hoje em dia, um enorme desafio! Os alunos no respeitam e no querem estudar. Muitos professores so vtimas de violncia dos prprios alunos e dos pais tambm, que no admitem que seus filhos esto indo mal na escola, ou esto agindo errado!
    Tudo isso porque, a famlia, no geral, est desestruturada! Ou seja, a mulher precisa trabalhar fora, para ajudar ao marido (afinal o marido raramente ganha o suficiente para sustentar a famlia). Ou mesmo a mulher me solteira, ou divorciada (o que muito comum aos dias de hoje), e ento no tem como cuidar dos filhos, e larga a criana, muitas vezes, desde beb, nas creches. Ento essa criana no recebe a educao devida e os pais esperam que a escola eduque. S que a escola est para ensinar as matrias bsica apenas, e no educao e boas maneiras… por isso vemos hoje em dia, crianas e adultos muito mal educados, aumentando, com isso, ainda mais a violncia e a falta de respeito s pessoas, aos professores e aos idosos.
    O que dizer das artes, da msica? Apesar do povo brasileiro ser um artista nato, o incentivo cultura das artes muito falho. No Brasil, raros so os msicos que conseguem viver apenas de msica! A msica que algo sublime, que eleva o Ser, no tem incentivo algum. Inclusive, diversas orquestras esto sendo fechadas e muitos msicos desempregados (como meu caso tambm).
    Outra coisa, a lavagem cerebral feita pela mdia to grande, que o povo prefere ouvir funk, rap e essas pseudo msicas que s fazem diminuir a vibrao das pessoas e leva-las a um estado de grande luxria, aumentando ainda mais a prostituio, do que ouvir uma msica clssica. O povo no consegue mais ouvir a msica clssica, no tem pacincia para isso, no foi educado para isso, por isso no gosta.
    Em suma, o povo brasileiro est cada vez mais corrupto e ladro, por causa da grande falta de recursos, pelos grandes roubos na poltica, por toda a corrupo. Eles pensam assim: se o governo rouba, eu tambm posso roubar. E a maioria faz gato ou seja, rouba energia eltrica do vizinho. No perde a oportunidade de furtar alguma coisa. Tambm no est nem a para a natureza. Sendo que a grande maioria das cidades brasileiras esto muito sujas! As pessoas jogam lixo em diversos lugares, no respeitam, dirigem bbados, ou falando ao celular, sem carteira de motorista, sem conhecer as regras de trnsito, com o carro sem luz, causando acidentes e sem se importar com a vida dos outros, ou mesmo com as multas que vo levar.
    O governo cobra impostos altssimos de todos, principalmente dos mais pobres! Os carros no Brasil, so mais caros que em outros pases e no tem conforto nenhum. Tudo, absolutamente, tudo o que compramos tem diversos impostos embutidos, ou seja, imposto, sobre imposto, sobre imposto… o imposto tanto que chega a ser, s vezes 90% do valor da mercadoria! Algo absurdo. Ou seja, o povo brasileiro, trabalha muito (muitas pessoas tem 2 ou 3 empregos) para poder pagar tantos impostos e no tem retorno ou benefcio algum… Enquanto o governo corrupto rouba esse dinheiro de impostos ou faz benefcios em outros pases, deixando os brasileiros passarem necessidade!
    Mas… fico pensando que, apesar dos pesares, o Brasil ainda o paraso, se compararmos com o nosso pas vizinho: a Venezuela! L os pobres venezuelanos esto passando fome. Esto vivendo sob uma ditadura, onde a pessoa pode at ter dinheiro para comprar, mas no tem o que comprar! Nem produtos de higiene pessoal eles tem. Uma situao verdadeiramente catica! Muitos venezuelanos atravessam a fronteira para vir comprar as coisas aqui no Brasil, mas quando voltam, ou so assaltados, ou os policiais tiram deles o que compraram. Situao verdadeiramente crtica e desesperadora! No sei como eles esto conseguindo sobreviver…
    Bom, isso um pouco do que sei que acontece aqui no meu pas e no pas vizinho…
    Agora vou falar um pouquinho sobre a minha prpria vida: eu tenho divulgado, da forma que posso, o Evento. Tenho pesquisado, avidamente sobre informaes de extraterrestres e coisas ocultas. Descobri e aprendi muito mesmo! Sou grata ao COBRA por tudo o que tem ensinado e informado.
    Mas tambm tenho passado por enormes dificuldades! No sei se por estar ajudando nessa divulgao, recebo certos ataques… Mas tive problemas de sade, muitas dores (fiquei exatamente 1 ano, com um problema de sade, e tendo dores terrveis todos os dias!), mas apesar de tudo, eu no quis ir a um mdico convencional e procurei tratamento alternativo, chs e mudana na alimentao, o que surtiu muito efeito e, praticamente, sarei.
    Alm dos problemas de sade, andei tendo ataques de ordem psicolgica e emocional. Parece que, quando estou aumentando minha vibrao, quando me sinto bem e otimista, aparece algo para tentar me derrubar e me fazer sentir pra baixo, depressiva, fracassada…
    Agora uma coisa que, parece incrvel, mas tenho lutado muito contra o tempo! No sei se s comigo, se a questo da Ressonncia Schumann ter aumentado, mas no tenho dado conta do tempo! Ou seja, o dia no tem rendido. Por mais que eu tente, tenho que escolher entre fazer uma coisa ou outra! Isso pra mim, tremendamente frustrante! As pessoas falam que o maior problema o celular e as redes sociais que tomam demais o nosso tempo. Mas j fiz o teste, em deixar o celular de lado, trabalhar sem parar, nem mesmo para almoar e quando vejo j est de noite e no consegui fazer tudo o que me propunha!
    Parece que o tempo pra mim, est cada vez menor. Ou seria minha vibrao que est muito lenta, por isso no tenho conseguido acompanhar?
    At o ano passado eu ainda praticava Tai Chi todos os dias de manh. De vez em quando conseguia fazer meditao, ou relaxar um pouco. Agora nem isso consigo mais fazer! No d tempo! No descanso durante o dia, vou dormir toda noite 1 ou s 2 horas da madrugada e ainda assim, no tenho produzido absolutamente nada.
    Por favor, podem me explicar o que est acontecendo comigo? Por que estou travada assim? Isso s comigo?

  25. This comment should preferably be shown to the RM, responding with clarification and explanation.
    During my pondering, I’ve found some food for thought, for you hopefully as much as for me:

    Two parts from a letter posted by Cobra at 12:23 PM Friday October 12th 2012, reposted by Therese Zumi Sumner 14/11/2012:

    “The Pleiadians and other positive ET races have complete overview of every human being, their thoughts and motivations and they will easily determine who can be a part of the initial fluid physical group that will trigger the Event. They will forward that intel to the Resistance Movement”.

    “As the Event operations will progress, the Pleiadians and other ET races will have complete overview over strengths and weaknesses of every human being that will be part of the operations. According to this, they will give constant real time intel updates to the Resistance about how to shift the roles and positions of people in the fluid group”.

    Source: http://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/bigger-picture/bigger-picture-continued

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  26. To my fellow Light Workers, Warriors and those in the Resistance

    Go to your most peaceful place inside and settle there, then push that sense of peace outward in all directions around the world.

    Let that wave of peace engulf everyone, even those who do not know or realize its importance and intent. We are here together for one purpose now: to assist Gaia to Ascend and established the higher frequencies for all to dwell within.

    Let go of your complaints, focusing on them gives them more power and gives you more pain. Let go of all that troubles you and release the images of hurt that haunt your memories, they are gone from your life and now release them from your soul.

    We are here to help. So help!

    Give no energy to what is wrong at this time and focus on what is right, face the light and only in that direction. See those of pure intent and give them power, see those who lead us into the light and follow them, for they are here be our guides.

    Feel the space around you and calm it with your being, bring the power your inner being to the surface and expand it in all directions, visualize all who encounter it smiling and joyful, know that they are transported to their happiest memories and filled with love and forgiveness for everyone they know.

    Project your sense of peace and tranquility to our entire solar system, fill the space around Earth, around the Moon and throughout the Solar system with your most profound love and peace.

    Do this with humility and honor the creation with your purest intent.

    Know that this is your purpose send it with clarity to all beings of light in our Galaxy. Let the rushing wave of your kindness and joy engulf them and wash away their concerns for us and for our future.

    In this we remove all negativity and doubt from all who know us and that we know, for this is our purpose now and into the future.

    I love you and all that is for now and forever.

    • Dane Arr, your message sounds sincere, no doubt. Only, saying that we’re here to help is a “truth like a cow” as we say in Holland. I’m almost sure that 90 % of those who visit this virtual space know that slogan.
      What we need is practical steps, realizing our dreams now by placing one foot in front of the other.

      The presence of a story that describes an Event aka Big Sneeze, a future happening, automatically urges people to ponder their desired existence….. after the Sneeze. At the same time, people hang back and think “Oh well, if we’re going to be alright soon, I won’t bother with the present situation on planet Earth.”

      Besides, many who find refuge here, at PFC, are in need of help themselves first, as I’ve noticed. We can’t help others when our issues aren’t solved, our direction and inner journey not yet clear.

      To me, the feminine approach to solving issues, is my favorite. It’s through the acknowledgment of emotions and feelings, using them as wayshowers that I see clarity dawning and peace. Behind each hurting, complaint, chagrin, is a genuine desire, a longing that lasts often for a long time in company of frustration too.

      As I’ve come to perceive and experience, these way-showers (our emotions) point in the direction of our divine being. We often leave that connection as soon as emotional turmoil disturbs the inner peace.
      That reaction is and has become a deeply ingrained habit. I call that reaction “The taming of humanity”, possibly designed due to the 3D reality on planet Earth, with a condition called duality consciousness.

      We, appearing as humans now, most of us at least if I’m right 🙂 have our origin in other spaces in the Universe and we’ve played numerous roles, using and abusing power and life force energy. I ponder the possibility that we’re the ones who bring upon ourselves what we reap at this time, sown once upon a time in our past.

      I wonder if “The taming of mankind” is designed through aeons of time by mankind in survival, in need to control others for safety and finding that manipulation can be part of it, keeping the lid on the pan, preventing revolution and havoc. The taming of humanity could well be a result of mankind’s method of survival, in a myriad of forms.

      This “choice” from habit, gaining strength and offering arguments “for a good cause” or “it’s for your own good” may well be passed on in our genes and to this day rule our lives. At the moment I’m in doubt about the existence of external forces that keep us in slavery and illusion.

      I’ve shared my view on manifestation, lately, with a coeo.cc member, who somehow postpones his work on wellbeing in his life by looking forward to a dreamed life after The Event, projecting the fulfilment of his dream to a yet unknown future. I see our past and future as thoughts only and our present moment as real, the playground for manifestation. This is what I wrote in my response “To me it’s the work in manifesting our heart’s desire NOW that will bring about the liberation of planet Earth”.

      The liberation of planet Earth is my heart’s desire in sync with my own, we’re living the fulfillment of a dream the Universe is dreaming with Prime Creator. As within so without. I feel there’s too much focus on a force, far out…. that’s keeping us supposedly veiled. What if it’s us, with the effects of our past existences, that create a concept, project a being with tentacles, with our limited minds?

      Let’s not believe without discernment please. Let’s live with the tangible world and the close company of our physical body and our senses. It’s the instrument that allows us to embody our soul here on planet Earth, allowing ascension, a New Earth.
      Does that make sense?

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

      • Yes, I felt it was and is time to stop and take a deep breath and project our power. Somehow the letters have been focusing on complaints about the state of the movement and how it is not moving, instead of sharing our experience as humans. I think these are different and so a pause to project a positive message seems good to me.

        • Please don’t change the subject, Dane. My comment is a request for clarification, that’s the point of it. Beating around the bush so that what’s hidden in it remains invisible doesn’t help much. You need to grow up and begin to choose your priorities, thinking for yourself and not live up to a contract you’ve made up, once upon a long time ago. It’s a significant circle I’ve come to travel all around here in PFC. I entered with great caution and I leave with renewed but similar caution. Gut feelings are valuable.

          • Marian

            Glad to see you are still her. I was worried that my exasperated response had made you feel unwelcome. My attitude about commenting on the letters other people write to the resistance is still valid. They write in honesty to those members the Resistance who need to hear what they feel and think. We should not make any effort to have them feel that they need to explain themselves to us.

            As for beating around the bush, I’m not really sure what you are talking about. We should continue this conversation in personal email.

            Other than that, glad to see you commenting.


  27. Bonjour.
    Pouvez vous nous rappellez les techniques pour nettoyer notre glande pineale et activer les chakra de celle-ci ainsi que de la glande pitiutaire? ou simplement donner un lien utiles (que vous avez presenter a la conference de taiwain en mars dernier.).
    nous expliquer les techniques activant les chakras galactiques ?

  28. “The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that. They are inviting the surface population to share their perspective of that situation here:…”

    Dear RM,
    ARE all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors fighting for the same cause?

    For millennia the Cabal has forcibly and coercively used Babylonian Money Enslavement to consolidate wealth and power for the purpose of enslaving humanity and claiming ownership of our Mother Earth.
    Money is energy that can be consolidated. When money / wealth is consolidated it becomes power and can be used as both the “carrot” and the “stick”. A money based market economy also creates a paradigm where everything and everyone can be “enslaved” and “owned”.

    Humanity is now being told about our Human Breakaway Civilizations that do not use money and we are also being told that most galactic civilizations do not need or use money…yet we are not being presented with these viable choices for a free and sovereign society.

    Instead, on the eve of our so-called liberation from the Cabal and their Babylonian Money Enslavement… we find that YOUR Financial Reset (New World Order 2.0) is simply more of the same…and continues the Cabal’s coercive use of money backed by gold which can be consolidated as power.
    Those groups who have traditionally been in “power” are the very ones forcing humanity to NWO 2.0 so that they can hold on to power. Your Financial Reset once again indentures all of Earth’s Humanity to a master that we are not willing to serve.
    Humanity, individually and collectively, has not been fully informed regarding our options and therefore your Financial Reset is being imposed upon us without our express knowledge or consent (free will) and is NOT in our best interest.

    Coincidentally, your Financial Reset using money backed by gold is being forcibly implemented just as Earth’s Humanity is being prepped for first contact and Earth’s colonization by E.T.’s.
    It appears that Earth’s Humanity is sitting on prime real estate…which in a money based market economy may be sold to the highest bidder.

    Your money / gold based Financial Reset literally sells our home out from under us and your policy or practice regarding human abductions being supported by the cosmic hierarchy so that the Greys can develop a new human / reptilian hybrid literally sells Earth’s enslaved Humanity down the river.

    I am a free sovereign soul and I DO NOT CONSENT to these crimes against humanity regardless of whose agenda they serve.

    Apparently, all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are NOT fighting for the same cause.

  29. Dear RM,

    Education (or mind programming) is one of the reasons why we attack members of the same team.

    When we are children, we are introduced to a system of competition: “I have to get the best grades, I have to be the best one at sports.” Nice rewards follows, like admiration from the others which leads to pride. Even at this very early ages we are under stress, we make strenuous efforts to be the best ones and then, when we fail to be number one, we get very angry, frustrated and envious.

    Competition is thus set as a program for life. So when one lightworker starts to notice his information is of apparent less value, his spiritual pride is touched, envy follows, and then, one way to vent it off is to attack the other so the energy of people can flow back to him again.

    There may be many other unconscious motives that cause these types of conflicts. In any case, when attacks like these happens, it shows just a small part of large problem.

    It takes a lot for a human to overcome such programming, it is very difficult, but it can be done with Love. Once the lightworker realises he is not attacking anybody but himself, and the victories of the others are his victories as well, then the illusion fades away, and evolution follows.

    To all the Light Forces out there, thank you and get closer to us, as we are pouring our hearts to you.

  30. This is BULL why am I writing to the RM telling them how much i’m suffering, why isn’t the RM writing to me telling me how much they are helping?!

    • Sky, I think you’re asking an excellent question. I believe there should be more transparency, from the side of the RM, using Cobra as spokesman and the other
      way around.

      Much of what’s presented as info, about the working of the RM is presented in abstract ways, coded often. Lots of comments to these coded messages are rebellious, for the reader can’t make chocolate of it. If the RM wants us to assist in clarifying our human condition, they should be an example in offering transparency and in that way we’ll co-operate together, building bridges and meet halfway on them.

      I do understand when the RM feels the need to become familiar with the human experience and that even being briefed by the Pleiadean Alliance isn’t satisfactory, due to the great gap between our way of “being” present and their way of “being” present.
      It’s not that I’ve got all the answers, I’m fond of the quest for answers as a great teaching for me now. I’m questioning a lot of what’s presented in PFC these days, by Cobra and the PFC council/writers/whistleblowers/channelers.

      You seem to be in the same boat with me, asking questions too here. We’re free to ask questions and the censorship of questions and comments is a sign of PFC going in a wrong direction. Defensive protecting of “the master’s voice” is never on my agenda. Alas, these are a lot of thoughts. Time will tell.

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  31. The Resistance Movement


    Even since I have received the thought messages from the Star Family in 2013, I have been continuously assimilating all their information. And in an instant it is now 2017. Trump being elected has given me a great wake-up call, as the days for my homecoming are numbered. As you know, everything has happened exactly according to the messages given to me by the family. I know this is my earthly mission. I am only playing a supporting role in this mission. Also, just like the light workers and light warriors that you know, their original intent here is to strive for the future of the light of the earth. You also know that they have descended from a higher dimension to the lower dimension, to have a perception of the dark abnormality. I am also very grateful for your selfless efforts in saving our planet from being destroyed. As a Star seed I must bring up the following points.

    1. As you all know, the implications of the dark abnormality is profound, and they are also the cause for the in-fighting among light workers and light warriors. (As it is too long, I will not go into the details)

    2. Shortly after the event I will return to my true body, as my original body is extraterrestrial, and soul is my nature. According to the family’s message, I will be promoted which is ascension. I hope that during the reconstruction of my body, I will let my earthly parents understand what I am doing, and I will show them the letter that I have already written in advance (such as the reason why I will go to study overseas is written in the letter. I hope they will not worry about me.) 3. As I know I only have about half a year’s time to enjoy the experience of a human being. As a messenger, I look forward to meeting you after the reconstruction of my body, even just for one time, as I may possibly return to the Source after the end of my mission to give an account of my experiences. This is part of the message from the family. I hope you will understand.

    4. Human salvation is not unfamiliar to me. The family’s messages have proven everything. I do not want to say too much, but yet the person I am concerned and hate most is my junior high school classmate. From what I can perceive, the abnormality must have come from him. I hope I will tell him the truth after the reconstruction of my body, and that I did not hate him, I will not hate him, and I still hope that he and I will become good friends. I will tell you his real name after the event.

    5. What I have said and done above may have changed the original messages given to me by the family. But I hope the change is a positive one, and hope that my folks around me will understand.

    Lastly, I will say again that time is running out for me. Perhaps I have left words hurriedly that you do not quite understand, yet I have thought over and over these words which also express my intentions. Thank you for your support. I have had a great time on earth. It’s time for me to do complete this mission.

    Let us chat again next time.

  32. Die Wiederstandsbewegung fragt sich, weshalb sich gewisse Licharbeiter angreifen.

    Wenn man etwas denkt, und das was man denkt, auch nicht so spricht und dann auch wiederum anders handelt als man gesprochen hat, erschaft man selbst ein Chaos.

    Ensteht so Licht oder Dunkelheit……?

    Der oder die andere Licharbeiter/inn, merkt dass und vertraut dann diesem Lichtarbeiter/inn nicht mehr.
    Es enstehen so Konflikte.

    Das sind super Übungen

    Ehrlichkeit im Denken
    Aufrichtigkeit im Herzen
    innere Gelassenheit

    Durch lichtvolle Gedanken und Gefühle ensteht eine Lichvolle Zukunft.
    Das ist im ganzen Universum so.

    google t – The resistance movement asks why certain workers are attacking.

    If one thinks something, and what one thinks, also does not speak thus and then again acts as one has spoken, one creates even chaos.

    Does light or darkness arise?

    The other worker (s), notices, and then no longer trusts this light worker.
    This creates conflicts.

    These are great exercises

    Honesty in thinking
    Sincerity in the heart
    Inner serenity

    Through bright thoughts and feelings, a bright future arises.
    This is so in the whole universe.


    Do the Angel Helpers, and Angel Guides etc… Really understand Anxiety and Stress ? I believe I read somewhere, I think actually on theeventiscomingsoon.com website, that Angels do not nderstand or comprehend Stress ? If that is true, then why are we doing these soul contract tests / experiments, if like 50 – 75 % of the results would really be invalid ! If you are missing the Anxiety and Stress levels that can get Extreme while going thru some tests shall we say, the the true results are missing a Huge part of the true results or outcome !! Think of a Pressure Cooker !! The more Stress that you have the higher the pressure in the pressure cooker ! Why do yu think that we have the terms, “ I had to let off some Steam “, “ I really got Steamed “, “ I blew my lid “ etc…

    If they do not understand Stress, then the Data that they are collecting, in my opinion is worthless. Also do they understand that the Consincess might understand the soul contract tests that you need to take, but your Human Mind does not. So in the process of the consincess trying to tell the mind, it is really stressing out the person !! Most of the tests, are what I would call Negative, like 9 out of 10 or 90 %, so that is why the Human is always trying to avoid them !!
    Yet your consiness is continually bugging you that you HAVE TO TAKE THE CLASS !!! Stressing you out all the time !

    How Your Brain Can Turn Aniety into Calmness – University of California Television ( Youtube ).

    Also I have noticed that you can put someone or an animal into survival mode, lets say for example, a lady Jennifer has a really cute Kitten called Fuffy in her apartment. She mets a guy goes on a few dates for say 3 months. This guy is a real Creep !! and is always poking a stick at the nice calm and friendly kitty ! After 3 months of this Crap the Kitty goes OFF on this guys attacks him and tries to scratch his eyes out ! Finally he stops and kitty is now better calm and happy again ! Now the lady Jeniffer gets rid of the Creep, and starts dating a real sweet guy. Problem is now Fuffy seeing the guy and thinks, I do not want this Crap to happen again to me, jumps up and attacks him also ! Now both the Guy and Jennifer are wondering what happened to Fuffy ? This is an Example like the Elephant and Monkey ones that I have seen posted ! If problems keep going, things get worse and worse, and Worse.

    What really happened millions of years ago, between the say Retilians and the other Light side ? To cause the Hostage type situation that we have now ? What were there demands like millions of years ago, most likely very simple, like a few seats in a council, and few timy demands etc… Now it has gotten way out of control ! Is it really that hard for the Local universe councils and them not to be able to work things out ? Do you think seeing as the Reptilians originally came from the Local Universe that was so bad that they had to Uncreate it, and then came here, maybe just trying to survive, that they have always been in survival mode !

    History of the Pleiades – Conscious Matrix Communication – YouTube


    A Historical Perspective of Maldek – YouTube


    Destruction of Maldek 2.5.5 – YouTube


    Adronis – Downloads from Sirius – A Historical Perspective of Mars – YouTube


    Adronis – Downloads from Sirius: Venus and the Venusians – YouTube


    After all this is all just a Game, that we are a part of, the Light is one side, and the Dark is the other side, like a Football game, Chicago Bears on one side and the Greenbay Packers on the other !! Which side is who, depends on where you live !




    How to Manifest Money, but Ralph also talks about the Game – Step 1 get Pissed off at the Game, Step 2 Play the Game, Lightworker vs Dark Cabal. Step 3 Create our Own Game, because we are all Co-Creators !! This guy is very good, and I like him a lot !



    What Alcohol and Drugs do to your soul. I do not drink alcohol or take drugs, but have friends that do. I also heard that it makes your soul look like swiss cheese, even from some Shaman’s that do Energy / Soul Healing work, and yes that includes Pot or Weed ! Also I heard really need at least 50 % of your soul intact to make it to the next level, is that true ?

    Negative Entities – Sacred Serpent


    The Effects of Drugs on the Energy System


    Negative Entities & Addiction – Keys to the Spirit World


    How Alcohol and Drug Use Make You Vulnerable To Spiritual Attack |


    What Drugs And Alcohol Do To Your Aura


    Maybe do a post on Energy Healers and Shaman also House Clearing with White Sage or Ceder, I have done to my home, cars, truck, boat and office where I work. I feel a lot better, and do truely believe that I was able to remove a lot of negative energies / entities etc…

    DO NOT NEED TO POST, just wanted to let you know ! Doing a Great job keep up the good work !


    • A Letter to the Resistance Movement:
      Namaste !!!
      Thank You for helping our Earth planet. I would like to offer a few suggestions. 1) ask for volunteers ( from the Resistance Movement) to come & spend some time on the surface of our Earth planet: to gain first hand all around knowledge & information about how we Earth Humans deal with & trying to survive on the surface of our Earth planet. Its better to ask for volunteers from the Resistance Movement: because surviving in a lower density on our Earth surface can be alot of challenges to deal with, so the Resistance Movement can understand better what we Humans on our Earth planet are dealing with. 2) the time spent on our Earth planet probably can be at least 6 months. Its not that easy especially dealing with the money system on this planet. One of the ET.’s contactee ( Alex Collier) said in his past lectures: that the advance benevolent ET. civilizations don’t use the money systems on their planets, anymore.
      So, that can be quite a challenge. Thank You.

  34. A los hermanos del MR: deseo agradecerles todos sus esfuerzos y ayuda en la liberacion de este hermoso planeta y de la humanidad que lo habita.
    Dios nos bendiga por el triunfo de la Luz.

    google t – To the brothers of MR: I want to thank you all your efforts and help in the liberation of this beautiful planet and the humanity that inhabits it.
    God bless us for the triumph of the Light.

  35. Bien mi objetivo, es llegar a todos las provincia del pais para dar el mensaje, en siento decirlo con el nombre del Grupo NH…..” Tengo Algo que decirte ” es una charla interectiva del todo lo que es.. mi properidad vendra pudiendo dar… lo que llevo dentro..

    google t – Well my goal, is to reach all the province of the country to give the message, I’m sorry to say with the name of the NH Group … .. “I have something to say” is an interective talk of everything that is .. my property will come can Give … what I carry inside …

  36. Look I’m not here to tell the RM what an amazing job you are all doing like the majority of people on here because we all know it’s a lie. The hard cold truth is that the RM (if there even is one, and not a hoax) has been doing an absolute HORRIBLE job!

    If you were doing a great job, then light workers wouldn’t be suffering and attacked on a daily basis! The elites/archons would be dead and taken to the galactic sun, men would calm the F down, and stop being so disgusting towards women & everyone would be treated equal. INSTEAD, the RM has been playing devils advocate, and instead of giving sympathy or HELP to the LIGHTWORKERS and people of this planet, & UNDERSTANDING *OUR* suffering. THEY GIVE SYMPATHY TO THE F****** ELITES!!! They ignore their actions!! Allow them to still live and breathe, and use their energy weapons, weather control, poison, bio weapons etc. THEY ALLOW THEM to control our media, our finances, our minds, our bodies, our health. THEY ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE TO RAPE WOMEN AND CHILDREN. They allow murder, and human sacrifice, crime, illegal immigration and fear.

    INSTEAD of getting the people behind all of this off the planet, Instead of simply just killing all these criminals and taking them to the galactic sun, THE RM WOULD RATHER GIVE THEM 800 BILLION SECOND CHANCES!!!

    MEANWHILE, light workers like myself who are only 24 years old, have been attacked EVERY F****** DAY of their lives and the ELITES have NEVER ALLOWED US TO HAVE EVEN 1 F****** SECOND CHANCE!!!











  37. Hi RM, actually much is very good, so I will go directly to the problems. I guess we already have a very good connection, since I get a lot of input about thoughts. One of the biggest problems, unfortunately, are the teeth. I know another friend, who also suffers from it. Is there a quick way to improve this problem? I’m not concerned about beauty, he’s about health. The pain is very painful. Also the communication is very difficult, because it triggers a bad picture program with the other beings. It also gives me problems with the diet, where I have already got a strong impulse. So I try to change my diet. I thank you for the good work you have achieved so far. It has so much value, for all this being. THANK YOU Gerrit

    • Gerrit, I’m glad you bring up the attacks on our teeth and gums as I have been experiencing that too. It is extremely painful and debilitating. I have found essential oils such as peppermint & lavender dropped on (non GMO) cotton balls and placed between the gums & cheek overnight & taking baking soda & minerals eventually gets rid of the pain, especially if I take Vanquish OTC drug as well. And anyone with the Morgellons rash from chem-trails – I take Zeopure zeolite powder till it’s gone.

  38. chers amis de la résistance, bonjour,

    je m’appelle Nathalie, j’habite en France. Cobra dit que vous ne comprenez pas qu’il y ait des rivalités entre les travailleurs de lumière. Moi je crois surtout que les travailleurs de lumière et les
    starseed sont fatigués et épuisés. Les starseed ont beaucoup souffert, car beaucoup avait depuis la naissance cette sensation de ne pas appartenir à ce monde, de ne pas être à leur place. D’un coup
    on se rend compte que tout ce que nous pensions être vrai est faux et que beaucoup de choses que nous pensions fausses, comme votre existence sont vrais. C’est tout notre monde qui s’est écroulé
    d’un coup, nous avons perdu nos bases et nos repères. mais en même temps le monde continu autour de nous à tourner de la même façons, les gens qui ne sont pas éveillés continuent à faire les
    mêmes choses, à penser pareil comme si rien n’avait changé. Alors nous nous sentons encore plus isolés. Nous n’avons plus confiance en personne, à qui nous fier alors que tous ceux en qui nous
    avions confiance nous ont trahis ? Nous avons déjà beaucoup de mal à croire en nous car nous ne savons pas qui nous sommes, d’où nous venons et pourquoi nous sommes ici ?
    Voilà pourquoi nous avons du mal à nous regrouper, nous avons beaucoup d’ego c’est vrai, nous avons été conditionné pour être en compétition les uns avec les autres, mais aussi nous ne nous
    faisons pas confiance les uns aux autres.
    Vous nous parlez d’implants, de protocole de protection, mais des protocoles j’en ai vu des dizaines sur internet, j’en ai essayé plusieurs et rien ne semble fonctionner. Ici en France nous n’avons
    pas accès à toutes les informations, tout n’est pas traduit, Cobra parle d’un livre mais il est en anglais, et je n’ai pas compris ses explications très succinctes.
    Pourquoi ne faites vous pas des instructions claires, et simples, accessibles à tout le monde ?, comprenez que nous sommes épuisés, beaucoup d’entre nous avons des soucis de mémoire et de
    manque de concentration, même les non éveillés, je ne sais pas si cela est dû a des manipulations de notre cerveaux ou à l’augmentation d’énergie, mais nous sommes beaucoup à avoir du mal à
    nous concentrer et oublier des choses.
    Pour ma part j’ai des implants qui sont programmés pour m’empêcher de dormir, à chaque fois que je sombre dans le sommeil, un son dans mon oreille, ou un membre qui bouge ou un sursaut de
    mon corps ou du lit, me réveille, cela plusieurs fois par nuit, et parfois quand je suis dans un demi-sommeil j’ai la sensation d’avoir la tête sur vibreur ! comme si quelqu’un me tenait la tête et la
    secouait. Je ne sais pas ce qu’ils me font mais je perds la mémoire, j’ai l’impression d’avoir “la tête vide”. Les méditations me semblent très difficile, il y a beaucoup trop d’instructions et de
    visualisation, ne serait -il pas possible de les faire plus simples ?, et aussi pourquoi parler de l’événement et du contact avec vous dans les méditations? Il me semble que si les méditations étaient
    plus simples et basées sur la paix, l’abondance, la santé et la dépollution de notre planète beaucoup plus de gens, y compris ceux qui s’éveillent à peine pourraient y participer. certains sont a peine
    éveillés et ne sont pas encore prêt a entendre parler d’extraterrestres ou de déésse…
    Comprenez que la pratique de la méditation en France n’est pas du tout notre culture, les gens commencent à peine à apprendre à méditer, certains n’arrivent même pas à visualiser, et d’autres sont
    trop épuisés pour le faire.
    Je crois que nous avons besoin d’outils simples avec des instructions courtes claires et précises pouvant facilement être traduites dans toutes les langues, pour nous protéger, nous débarrasser des
    implants, nous connecter à notre âme, et des méditations simples et facile à faire, cobra à parlé aussi de protocole d’abondance ? nous en aurions tous bien besoin, car beaucoup de starseed sont
    totalement fauchées !
    Comprenez que ceux qui sont actuellement éveillés sont ceux qui souffrent le plus, en plus de toutes les attaques qu’ils subissent, il y a un phénomène psychologique. Imaginez un animal élevé dans
    un box depuis sa naissance, comme il ne sait pas que dehors il y a des champs d’herbe il s’accommode de sa situation tant bien que mal, même si au fond de lui il n’imagine pas le monde comme
    cela, mais c’est le seul monde qu’il connaît. D’un coup quelqu’un ouvre une fenêtre et lui montre qu’il y a un grand champ d’herbe immense dehors. D’un coup ce box qui lui paraissait grand, voir
    peut être même confortable, lui parait minuscule, laid et triste. A coté de lui il y a d’autres animaux qui eux n’ont pas vu le champ et donc continuent leur vie dans le box. Mais pour lui tout cela
    devient insupportable et on lui dit toujours “attend”, “bientôt”. Je crois que nous venons de comprendre que non seulement nous ne sommes considéré que comme des animaux par certains, voir
    même pour des rats de laboratoire pour d’autres, mais qu’en plus il y a un grand champ dehors. Alors je comprend les gens qui vous écrivent pour dire qu’ils veulent en finir, ou qui sont déprimés,
    tout est tellement difficile ! encore plus maintenant qu’avant !.
    Pourtant nous essayons de toutes nos forces, mais comment pourrions nous-nous aider les uns les autres alors que nous sommes tous plus ou moins en train de couler ? nous avons tellement a
    apprendre !
    Je sais bien que vous faites de votre mieux pour nous aider, et que tout cela n’est pas facile pour vous et j’espère que cela vous aidera à mieux nous comprendre et comprendre nos besoins. Je vous
    remercie pour tout.

    google t – Dear friends of the resistance, hello,

    My name is Nathalie, I live in France. Cobra says you do not understand that there are rivalries among the light workers. I believe, above all, that the workers of light and the
    Starseed are tired and exhausted. The starseed suffered greatly, for many had since birth the feeling of not belonging to this world, of not being in their place. At once
    We realize that everything we thought to be true is wrong and that many things we thought wrong, as your existence are true. It is our whole world that has collapsed
    Suddenly, we lost our bases and our landmarks. But at the same time the world continues around us to turn in the same ways, people who are not awake continue to do the
    To think alike as if nothing had changed. Then we feel even more isolated. We no longer trust anyone, to whom we trust,
    Did trust betray us? We already have a lot of trouble believing in ourselves because we do not know who we are, where we come from and why we are here.
    That’s why we’re struggling to get together, we’ve got a lot of ego that’s true, we’ve been conditioned to compete with each other, but we do not
    Do not trust each other.
    You talk about implants, protocol protection, but protocols I’ve seen dozens on the internet, I tried several and nothing seems to work. Here in France we
    Not access to all information, everything is not translated, Cobra speaks of a book but it is in English, and I did not understand its very succinct explanations.
    Why do not you make clear, simple instructions that are accessible to everybody? Understand that we are exhausted, many of us have concerns about memory and
    Lack of concentration, even the unawakened, I do not know if this is due to manipulations of our brains or to the increase of energy, but we are a lot to have trouble to
    We focus and forget things.
    For my part I have implants that are programmed to prevent me from sleeping, whenever I sink into sleep, a sound in my ear, or a limb that moves or a burst of
    My body or bed, wakes me up, that several times a night, and sometimes when I’m in a half-sleep I feel like having my head on vibrator! As if someone was holding my head and
    shaking. I do not know what they do to me but I lose the memory, I have the impression of having “empty head”. Meditations seem to me very difficult, there are far too many instructions and
    Visualization, would it not be possible to make them simpler ?, and also why talk about the event and contact with you in meditations? It seems to me that if the meditations were
    More simple and based on peace, abundance, health and clean-up of our planet many more people, including those who just awaken could participate. Some are hardly
    Awake and are not yet ready to hear about extraterrestrials or disaster …
    Understand that the practice of meditation in France is not at all our culture, people are just beginning to learn to meditate, some can not even visualize, and others are
    Too exhausted to do so.
    I believe that we need simple tools with clear and precise short instructions that can be easily translated into all languages, to protect us, to get rid of
    Implants, connect to our soul, and simple meditations and easy to do, cobra also talked about protocol of abundance? We would all need it, because a lot of starseed are
    Totally mowed!
    Understand that those who are currently awake are those who suffer the most, in addition to all the attacks they suffer, there is a psychological phenomenon. Imagine an animal raised in
    A box since his birth, as he does not know that outside there are fields of grass he accommodates his situation as well as bad, even if deep inside him he does not imagine the world as
    But this is the only world he knows. Suddenly someone opens a window and shows him that there is a huge field of grass outside. At one stroke this box which seemed to him great, see
    May even be comfortable, seems tiny, ugly and sad. Beside him there are other animals that have not seen the field and therefore continue their life in the box. But for him all this
    Becomes unbearable and is always told “wait”, “soon”. I believe that we have just understood that not only are we considered as animals by some, see
    Even for laboratory rats for others, but that in addition there is a large field outside. So I understand theS people who write to say they want to finish, or who are depressed, everything is so difficult! Even more now than before! Yet we try with all our might, but how could we help each other when we are all more or less sinking? We have so much to learn! I know you are doing your best to help us, and that it is not easy for you and I hope this will help you understand us better and understand our needs. I thank you for everything. namaste

    • Hello Nathalie !
      Oui, très difficile ! Comment faire ? Je ne sais plus … Difficile de rester “positif” … Le manteau de la lucidité n’est pas confortable à porter ces temps-ci … Je cherche encore le protocole qui me soulage réellement et durablement … Il semble qu’il y ait toujours plus fort et plus rusé en face ????
      Aller courage, courage et encore courage, nous en avons tous besoin !!!
      Bien à toi,

      google t – Hello Nathalie!
      Yes, very difficult! How to do ? I do not know … Difficult to stay “positive” … The coat of lucidity is not comfortable to wear these days … I am still looking for the protocol that actually relieves me and lasting … It seems that there is always more Strong and more cunning in front ????
      Go courage, courage and still courage, we all need !!!

    • Your comment and example of the little animal in the box is excellent. No matter how difficult or easy an individual’s physical life is, this story applies to all of us. I would add that our evil caretakers are abusing some of us very badly, while the others, in the box, must watch. And, the strong box which is our home is also showing signs of abuse. The air, water and food are all poisonous, in the box. The animals are crazy and the box is falling apart.

  39. The Reason lightworkers attack each other is the reptilian DNA we have built-in, triggered by all the astral-etheric implants and deep space and interdimensional attack devices and entities.
    The crazy part is that we truly have to become Christs, being able not only to represent, but also to ascend above, both polarities, being evil and angelic, and also being and transcending those not only from one second to the other but also back again to the next second.

    We are forced to be able to use evil thoughts/actions (like being service-to-self with not helping the one hundredth homeless on the street) one second, then using divine-angelic energies the next second, then again an evil, then trascend both the fourth second, and then again the former ones.

    We are not only transcending Christs, our hero’s journey forces, this planet aggressively forces us to be able to use devil and angelic every second alternately

  40. Dear RaM
    I never say anything because you have your reality and I have mine however there is a lot of talk about light-workers attacking others in there work. We see it, just as you and we forgive it because they are dealing with things we dont know the fullness of and you can do the same, forgive those light-workers who make a mistake. I dont focus on it and you would do well not to focus on it either. Remember you call yourselves the resistance. You are creating resistance, conflict and continuance of that by your focus and your very name. I forgive you and overlook that.

    I dont understand most of the surface population but I have become more and more proud of us and am able to say, I am one of them, which I never would admit to before. I am able to say, I have skin in this game and it is game on right now. Do you have skin in this game, really? If you did then you would have come to understand the adult population comes from the former adult population and so on. When I was born here, the adult population was insane. They tried to make me into one of them and I just kept my mouth shut until now. Now adults are waking and now there is change but sadly many young are stuck in their phones.

    Still, I try, and still I carry on with forming community, being a source to others where none existed when I was coming up. If you wish to be good, and do good then be a source of knowledge where it has been lost. We will find you and find the knowledge as we seek it. I have wanted to be an ambassador from home and to that end I am working. Yes my form is toxic and it is not pleasant but I have a greater mission than this form. I am embedded in an area that is quite unpleasant but it needs my light and I will continue to be a light source until I am given a new location, a new program to work and I continue to do as any human would do, have fun and give that to the creator of all that is. Love and Light from the one infinite creator to you. Annon

  41. To the beloved interstellar family
    Everyone working together to liberate the planet, it’s wonderful! Often feel the rich love!
    This is the message and advice from Taiwan Lightwork (For personal)
    It is obvious that the earth is getting better every day, but the current situation on Earth is still quite critical
    This includes government control, Syria and the Congo continue to be attacked to create panic, Lightworks between the united, Lightworks in the family and interpersonal relationship does not understand
    The government is under control and the war around you
    Lightworks’ solidarity is also being tackled recently
    Lightworks is trying to organize a party, live, meditation together to build a strong light grid and send a lot of love energy (Taiwan use the way that I know)
    But there are still some photographers holding a skeptical attitude, in the virtually suffered Darkness attack, or Darkness into the Lightworks group, and even Lightworks suddenly disappeared
    These are not what we are willing to see and feel sad
    In addition to Lightworks in order not to be affected by the government and the soul of the contract, began to do a lot of compliance with the Galaxy Code and follow the guidelines
    But these actions in the “normal people” eyes are unrealistic, not gregarious, weird
    For example: Be Vegan (in Taiwan’s restaurant is not friendly to Vegan), meditation (in Taiwan involves the body and mind on behalf of religion), Development business, propaganda “event” (my partner think I am weird)
    Because our “weird” by the family and friends of the cold, ridicule and quarrel
    Family and friends are our closest, most beloved, feeling sad and helpless

    Based on the above issues of solidarity and interpersonal relationships
    Request help from Resistance Movemant
    Maybe Resistance Movemant can not interfere with Earth for now
    But you can have more links to Lightworks
    For example: show the sky miracle (UFO or beautiful sky), increase the ability to receive sacred guidance, and Lightworks link in dream
    Thereby increasing confidence and solidarity
    Make Lightworks konws, we are not alone

    In fact, I do not know any details of the way to help, only in a known way to express my ideas
    Expect better practices to provide assistance

    Wish in the dream of the meet! Looking forward to the change! We love you! Victory of Light!

  42. Here is an A432hz sine wave chord. These are the exact frequencies of 72, 144, 108, 216, 288, 432, 576, and 864hz. Sing to it and become more awakened 🙂


  43. Hi all !
    I am out of practise with english, so it can be little bit difficult for reading. However it should be still easer for you than I would use slovak language.

    I can see the most problems for people come from massmedia. People are programing with TV and radio and “official” web sites to be agresiv. Almost they want people to be agresiv to the best persons in the nation.
    We know that the most corruption in politics world is in US, EU and UK. Canada, Australia, Mexico, Sweden – just free masons goverments…
    But in media they talk 24×7 365 days per year about scandals people, which are completly nothing in compare to the real corruption. It is just faiting and shooting for good ones. This is chazar bastards manual for media called – “negativ silence”.
    It is very old, I think more than 70 years.
    If there is some good poilitcs in nation, for example Putin, Orban, Fico, Kalinak – all west official media e.c. Reuters, AP, BBC,…. Slovak TV, Hungarian TV always say some negativ things about them and always tell notihng posistive about them.
    Many weak people are than programmed to be agresiv not only to those politics but also to all people who supports its poitic. You can have easy get in troble at work if you are talking open for example in kitchin by coffe…

    The second big psychic terror come for good people from boses at work. There exist (since cca 1944) CIA manuals for occupied coutnry ec Germany, Japan, now all EU protectorats … In that manaul are described which people are protect for leadr functions in politics and also for business area. If they are not CIA agents or free masons bastards they should be STUPID. It is VERY efective for destroying national economy and to capture all strategic companys for bastdar corporations.
    Now it is still running, managers are very often very stupid and they do not want have smart people in order. So lower management became also stupid and now many teamleadrs became also stupid or completly prepared to destroy anybody who is not in line and maybe even smart.
    Good people are terorized at work and they have often not anough power to carry out. Than they leave jobs or are fired and must search for another job and so on and so on …
    I had alerady 8 jobs (including mandatory military service 9 ) and I am long time unemployed. I am not gipsy and I am not illegal imigrant so I do not get any money for monts from state. Lukely am had some spare money.

    The third problem for good people is loosing firends. If you are aweak you want still to go forward for information and for experineces. If you try to explain reality to your friends you are supprised how deep they programmed by media, family, work, absorbed in worries. Even you try to begin with easy things you will be stoped. You know them very well, you know they are not bed , but they will not listen to you and next time it will be more or less imposible to meet them.
    You can still feel in your nearest family but you must be careful with talking about reality.

    The 4. problem is differnt mentality of nations. All west people for exmple english think more about themselfs and tehy looking for Slovak , Polen, Russian, Hungarian as for lower people. In reality it should be oppositely. There is lot of dirty things in history of english, just for money they became the worst murders in the world (India, Asia, Africa, Caribic…). Even the most gold came to Chazar bastards -Queen corporate and they get just leavings. So if I meet good english who is awake I do not have problem with hem now, but I not sure about Hem.
    There are also problemes in relationships inter slovenian nations. I am with Russia and I am with Hungary because there are Putin and Orban. But I am not sure with Polen I do not understand their goverment – oposit EU – super OK , but in the rear chazar US bastadrs ? I am sure there are many many good Polen, but in goverment they have still a lol of chazars…
    Ukraine is the big problem. There is still stupid fasist goverment which was establish by US foreign ministry. It is time free all peole there and to join it to Russia. It would be helful also for us Slovakia – no problems with gas and oil …

    The 5. problem for good people are bad news from world. It is big stress to read about capital crimes of terorist in Ukraine, Syria, Lybia, Irak, Jemen, Afganistan, …. The war with terorist which began Bush is in reality US terorist war aganist free nations and states. All must know it. However dirty prossi in massmedia are lying non stop. If would be helpful I will go to war against ukrain fasists, US and UK payed terorist in Syria or to help Maduro in Venezuela or in other place of world. But I know I am not so good soldier over fifty.. So I try to do my work – to go oposit dark. Czech big soldier – Husita sad – faith there where you are staying !

    The 6. problem is special. I do not know if you had these experiences. If not it is better do not read it.
    Sometimes during the late night can come to you alien beings. Som times it can be like shadows of spider som times it looks like shadows of human beings. It is nesesary do not be afraid. If you are awake just send them away or ask them if they are Godlihgt beings working for God plan, Ask it three times than they must answer (for example they turn head). If they are not from light send them away.
    If you sleep very deep, may be you will not awake. In the mroning you can feel gorggy because they took from you some energie. But it is not so dangerours and you stil can live with that. Even is better to awake and send it away from you :o)

    Ok I think its enough for the first letter from me. All the best for all good people on the Midgard Earth !
    Victory of the Light !


    Bratislava , Slovakia.
    July 29 Year 7 525 by old slovanian calendar.

  44. Hi, brothers and sisters of the RM! Know you that we love you, we thank you so much for coming to help us! We admire you and the work you”ve been doing. If we had enough capacity for that, many of us would be beside you all, joining the RM. Please, be sure. Although you see us as complicated beings, and we are (with such a diversity of emotions), it’s very hard not to remember of our family, of our home, we’re just awakening from a long, long sleep. We sincerely expect things may happen soon, so that we can finally know our brothers and sisters. In the meanwhile we’re trying to expand our consciousness the best way we can! Here from Brazil I send you my Love and Gratitude! Blessed you all! Victory of Light!!!!!

  45. It is important to take note, the Divine Reality is always already the case.
    The victory of humanity already occurred by the very human born appearance of the Avatar Adi Da Samraj. The Divine Light, unbroken Consciousness Itself, is readily realizable, always right Now.
    Lets stop fooling ourselves, in the play of conditional existence, so deeply blinded in the ego/body/mind and its mere “activity” of contraction, as falsely separate self and presumed limited, threatened. Whether esoteric or exoteric, lowly or cosmically high, none of that is inherent reality itself. We do not know what we always already are. Whatever arises or does not arise is irrelevant to the Present.
    What really is the mission? Self transcendence. Important to note self does not transcend itself. Ever. There must be grace. There must be a conscious recognition of the Source Presence here, who is Da.
    That is what is real. Having studied everything and all the varied terminology of intermediate tradition’s understanding that is played within the domain of mind dharma, the heart itself tacitly knows what is Truth. The rest becomes just garbage to be dropped.
    The efforts of the RM here and others is to awaken people. I see their valiant effort. They are now in my “sight” as a meditator, helping to invite the clarity of the Heart into all these processes. So this is my letter response to RM as a humble devotee and prior shaman lightworker. Truth is at the Root Now. The Seventh Stage Revelation of Ruchiradam has already been given. There,… is the gift yet to be ‘noticed’ by most of the world. Now is the Present.

  46. You have a power to reset cabals finnace/bank systems. Why are you just steal small amounts of money and give them to humanity or just reset that global banking system? We are very short on money in all countries and hardly manage to handle between paychecks. When we pay all that taxes, mortages,loans dont have for basic stuff like food and water. I am sure that you can dispatch physical cash through you channels on surface. Free as from money slavery!

  47. “The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that. They are inviting the surface population to share their perspective of that situation here:”

    I cannot speak for others but for myself there seems to be an inner acknowledgement that my emotions are more important than my beliefs. My belief in good and bad, so if another person “lightworker(good)” offends me or hurts me(made possible due to my lack of compassion or maybe unawareness), my initial response is to get rid of that pain. This pain perhaps is due to the suppression of how I feel and thus comes the release of that pain through attacking the light worker back. Sometimes we are walking around holding so much pain even the smallest thing sets us off. In that moment of anger we let go what we “think” we shouldn’t do, and just be who we are which is still the limited unawareness of consciousness, otherwise we wouldn’t be in pain in the first place, but when your pissed off who gives a shit lol. It’s hard to work with other when we are having trouble working with ourselves… saying this triggered a release just now. Maybe a better way to release is to be honest with ourselves I wish it were easier.

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