Mount Shasta Conference 2023


Rob Potter a founding member of PFC and occasional content contributor is again donating 4 tickets to his 10th Annual Mt Shasta Summer Conference June 22nd – 25th 2023. Proceeds from these discounted tickets will be used for the Malawi orphanage and the costs of our website maintenance.
Discounted tickets are non-refundable and non-returnable.  First come first serve… Get them while they last knowing the proceeds go to a great cause!
The tickets are currently $320 dollars on the website The tickets we offer here are only $300 for 4 days in beautiful Mt Shasta. Rob’s website prices will increase as the conference looms nearer but, our discounted tickets will be available until  sold out.  Learn more about the conference and speakers by clicking this link: Mt Shasta Summer Conference June 22nd – 25th, 2023.  We certainly appreciate your returning here to purchase your discounted conference tickets after visiting Rob’s site.

This year once again Omnec Onec, the woman who came from the 5th dimension of Venus to Earth’s 3rd dimension, will be attending Rob’s summer conference for the 3rd time. Omnec lowered her vibration from the “Astral Plane” at the behest of the Ascended Masters so scientists could observe her to determine how her body and health would fare on earth.

This is her final incarnation on the 3rd dimension. She has maintained her full memory and shares her knowledge of the history of earth the higher dimensions and the Galactic Confederation of Light. Her love and light radiate, and she is a very peaceful and kind person.  Don’t miss this final opportunity to see and possibly meet her!

Contact information for Rob Potter is below.
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