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The Sisterhood of the Rose Organizations that registered using our form are viewable by clicking on the City listing.  

The Organization form is no longer in use and all new Sisterhood of the Rose Groups are using the form available on our site there. If your are forming a local action group. Please go to that site.

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  • Sisterhood of the Rose Group Location/Name
    • Lawrence Kansas
  • The Regular Meeting will be held at:
    • A Private Home
    • State or Province
      • Kansas
      • Country
        • United States
        • Sisterhood of the Rose Website URL
          • Message to your Local Sisterhood of the Rose Group
            • I'm willing to host meetings at my house if people are willing to drive to Oskaloosa. Otherwise I will find a public space or parks and rec location for everybody to meet at. Mostly I just want to meet up with other people near Lawrence who want to do group meditations for anchoring the light purposes.
            • Name of Organizer
              • Martha Kehr
              • Email of Organizer
                • [email protected]
                • Phone of Organizer
                  • (503) 691-5754
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                      • Facebook
                      • Preferred Language
                        • English

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                            • Good evening there. It is my first time to this site, and want to ask you why motivated you to participate at once? And why you are no longer interest in participating? Pls do not offend, I am just trying to understand all. Looking forward to your most kindest reponse. Jesus

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