The first public breakaway civilization initiative has been announced yesterday at a press conference in Paris: A Multinational Group Wants You to Join Asgardia, the First Outer Space Nation with a Mission to Defend Earth If you feel guided to be one of the 100,000 people that are guaranteed to become citizens of Asgardia, you can register here: … Read more

Open letter to the Breakaway Civilization Leaders – the once in a lifetime Opportunity of integrating our societies

  Whoever has the proper channels to make this message arrive its intended destination, Mankind wishes that you make that happen. TO: Leaders of the Breakaway Civilizations With respect, We’re writing this message to you with a vision. We, the surface humans that are aware of your existence, recognize and embrace the potential that lies … Read more

Secret Mars Colonies Trade With Up To 900 Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Source: An inspection tour of a secret Mars colony that took place less than two months ago, on June 20, is the focus ofepisode seven of Gaiam TV’s Cosmic Disclosure. Secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, had earlier released a detailed report of the incident on June 22. In the Cosmic Disclosure interview with … Read more

Event Reference Page #1: The Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization

Event Reference Page #1:  The Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization (Note – these “Event Reference Pages” are ‘in progress’, which means they will be updated periodically in order to improve readability and provide additional critical information.  A page will be set up on the website that will ultimately function as a ‘Table of Contents’ … Read more