The first public breakaway civilization initiative has been announced yesterday at a press conference in Paris:

A Multinational Group Wants You to Join Asgardia, the First Outer Space Nation with a Mission to Defend Earth

If you feel guided to be one of the 100,000 people that are guaranteed to become citizens of Asgardia, you can register here:

asgardiastationAs the applications are coming in very fast, it is expected that the 100,00 mark will be reached within 6-12 hours.

According to my sources  this initiative is NOT connected to the Cabal, and the Eye of Horus symbol in their logo was added for the purpose of energetic protection of the project against the dark forces by the suggestion of a certain positive secret occult society.

If enough Lightwarriors and Lightworkers join the project, their group consciousness can ensure that this breakaway initiative will lead in the right direction, away from technological dystopia and more into spiritually aware society.

Victory of the Light!


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  1. Salaam al ekum, namastey , hello dear friends, I truly believe in the Asgardia space program, the symbol that is used is an ancient symbol of wisdom and all ancient symbols were miss used and misinterpreted by the Cabal , the dark souls , creating a confusion and created all questions for us to debate forever in this dark world they have manifested for us, its so hard for every soul to push through this darkness to see the light. Like Swastika is a traditional symbol of all good in many cultures but it has been made a symbol of horror and fear by the cabals , “the Nazi’s”. I wish everybody can understand the real and true meaning of this ancient knowledge of wisdom and light. Victory of light, peace and love. Shweta Anwar

  2. How is it poseble so,n big ship hiding for the Darkies?Is there a age to go on board?Isit poseble to visit Earth?are you gone died on that ship?Is this with help make with the SSP? A lot of questions have i,and no answers.Way Cobra post this,maby to see the reactions.ore to notifacation

  3. Breakaway to the Biospheres of Andromeda?
    Here’s an interview with Tolec, who is a representative for the Andromeda Galaxy .

    This is part of an article, written by Cobra on the blog of Therese Zumi:

    “…..I was just checking to see if I could find it to give you the date, so you could listen yourself. I did not succeed but I did find the U-Tube interview with Tolec by Tim Bravo. This u-tube interview is very easy to find Just Google “Biospheres”-Tolec Andromeda Council and you will find it. Tim Bravo’s interview with Tolec is 90 minutes long. I will now just add some facts that were written on the first screen view of the Interview.

    Tolec is a representative on Earth for the Andromedan Council. is the direct link to him, and if I remember correctly Tolec has his own website too. The Andromedan Council has 12 Biospheres all in all. {At least the ones Tolec is talking about}

    6 of these planetary Biospheres are “Multipurpose” ones, one of which is the home to the Andromedan Council’s primary command. On this biosphere {size of Pluto} the Council has its meetings 4 times in a “work week” (your guess is as good as mine as to how long a work week is on a Biosphere?). These weekly meetings are for The Council, the Sub-committee, and the Advisory board. At these meetings, which are attended by representatives from star systems in both The Milky Way and the Andromedan Galaxy.{ sorry but I have to interject here and say to you that this feels like I am writing about “Star Trek” which incidentally was an absolute favourite of mine back in the day-only thing is THIS IS FOR REAL!} The Andromedan Council is an intergalactic body of aligned benevolent {kind} Galactic Council members which consist of people from 12 races from 12 worlds.

    Some of these people are 3D like us, but mostly 4D, 5D, and 6D people. It’s like an intergalactic United Nations.

    1 Biosphere named Viera {about size of Mars} which is a Milky Way Intergalactic and Interstellar multi-communication Biosphere.

    1 Biosphere named Sarsta {about size of Venus} and it takes care of Engineering.

    1 Biosphere named Centoria takes care of Defence.

    6 Biospheres (among these 12) are Hospital Biospheres {“ships”}

    2 Biospheres are transport Biospheres that I started to mention at the start of this article. The names of these two are Nemanstae and Pleidra and they both have the same purpose. The “Luxury Cruise Liner, all- included, everything available,” ones, that can transport those that would like to go to another 3D planet.

    NB all work, living, recreation etc. takes place inside not on these Biospheres”.

  4. If the resistance is working on our behalf, why do we need to develop a space project that will be years in the completion for our protection?
    I’m just really confused.
    Unless, after the event we will need future protection. The wave comes through every 1,000 years.
    If everyone who is bad is either sent into the galactic sun or restored and released from evil, then what will we need protection from?
    If Earth is the last planet to advance and we are able to be rid of our demons, that means all evil will be vanquished. So, why protection? Protection from WHAT?
    I’m so very confused.

  5. well what about the SSP why do we want to do this when we are supposedly already up there… i too dont understand why cobra would back such a ponsy scheme, besides if what cobra says is true then the galactic federation wont let any dangerous asteroids come within earths atmosphere, i find cobra to be in total contradiction of himself.

  6. I had vision last week and saw the flower of live appear on the Sun exactly the same that you see I also
    This I be leave has all the hall marks of the cabal wanting if you look closely around the flower of live symbol you will see what looks like the lens around a camera which also looks like M15 from a aerial view also the same symbol you see at the start of the BBC new TV. also on the film Iron man also around
    Cern. Now I am very weary because I know they want to wepponize space and will want us to pay for it and once they have done so then every country in the world will is not be safe we would all be come salves easy targets for the cabol.
    I can’t see how Cobras backing this unless ?
    lets sort out this mess on Mother Earth first before we start anything like this.


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