Whoever has the proper channels to make this message arrive its intended destination, Mankind wishes that you make that happen.

TO: Leaders of the Breakaway Civilizations

With respect,

We’re writing this message to you with a vision. We, the surface humans that are aware of your existence, recognize and embrace the potential that lies in a future conciliation of our current displaced societies.

We acknowledge hereafter that the current rift that lies between us is obviously sand in the wheel  of our evolution, slowing down the quantum leap that we should have done long ago.

What happens is that one way or another, our current relation is one based on distrust and unleveled playing fields, which is based on the supposed ignorance by the masses of our planet of your existence, your stealth appropriation and use of assets and our workforce, which of course you depend less and less in face of your thousands of years ahead technological rift.

However we, the aware Humans, recognize that this current state of affairs is aberrant in the Galactic Context, which is openly based on balanced and honest relations between extremely leveled civilizations, despite all the differences of context and origins.

This proves to bring unlimited prosperity. Even on Earth the few experiments that worked out, where society was transparent and leveled proved to bring well being to most of the population in those “experiments”.

We must understand that a “separate” civilization that takes advantage upon other is doomed to fail sooner or later because that’s not the “standard” in the Universe. It’s an anomaly.

We also know that anomalies sooner rather than later are deemed to be “fixed”, either naturally or unnaturally, being the current situation on this solar system a blending of both we believe.

The point here is: the way things are now we have absolutely no chance of integrating with the greater Galactic Community. Neither will they accept a civilization who lives at the expense of another, neither will they accept ours with our current limited understanding and primitive behavior (collectively of course because there are a lot of “exceptions” out there, on both sides).

Should we remind you that, despite your great technological advancement you’re pretty much confined to this solar system, and you’re seen with distrust by other peaceful civilizations, which is limiting your ability to explore the cosmos and reach a broader understanding and knowledge. You also may live under constant siege since you spent your whole life fighting, on guard and preparing to defend from something which you probably came to realize it wasn’t quite as you been told.

Moreover living for so long at our expense and taking advantage of the manufactured ignorance of the population on this planet, may have developed in you a sense of superiority and the thought of “you really don’t have anything we need, we have everything provided to us”.

But here’s an outrageous idea: we may have many things to offer beside blood and sweat which has been the norm so far.

You may feel a certain degree of “freedom” inside the works of your society but please consider what you’re about to read.

It’s true Human societies have been enslaved and intellectually and spiritually strangled. It’s true we collectively are fragmented, generally ignorant of our true nature and driven in our daily lifes by things you may see as “meaningless” through your eyes.

It’s partially true but, because you really don’t live among us, you also can’t really see all the other things that make our society, which was poorly treated by so many other species along the ages, also beautiful and interesting.

You may also fail to see the things that you could gain in living “with us” instead of living “from us”.

This change in perspective is necessary to torn down the wall which is keeping us in bondage instead of creating bonds.

The change in perspective has the potential to drive both of our societies into an endless stream of prosperity, mutual beneficial  trade, fulfilling lifes and jobs, fertile and pleasure social relations and general wellbeing for all.

You probably believe that all of this is wishful thinking, or maybe that the rift is just too big. Maybe you even think that we don’t have what it takes and we give importance to things apparently irrelevant to you.

But MAYBE just because we, as Humans living on the surface, despite all the attempts to grind us down, STILL have a glimpse of the most beautiful things in the Universe, we are the ideal partnership for you.

And MAYBE, just MAYBE, because you have access to knowledge and technologies that could heal us and the planet faster than the eye can see, and many of you are still nevertheless Humans bond to us by your history and genetics,  you’re the ideal partner for us.

See where I’m getting at?

Of course, for this partnership to work it should be preceded by your own disclosure.

You’re probably afraid that we’re too “primitive” to understand the context you’ve been living under and that we’ll be incapable of forgiving once the truth comes out.

I can’t speak for all Humans. But what I can say is that, under “normal” circumstances, if interferences and trauma based behavior are removed, most Humans tend to forgive and live their life’s focusing on theirs and others wellbeing, personal development and spiritual evolution.

You see, we have better things to do than witch hunts. But that doesn’t mean we don’t we want people to take responsibility for their actions.

However most of the Aware and Conscious Humans, at present, do not conceive the idea of keeping a person behind bars for the rest of its life.  We Conscious Humans believe more in repentance than punishment. Punishment is a concept of a control system that was forced upon us.

We also believe that it’s possible to heal the deepest of rifts between people. We have examples of that. We, the regular Humans, do that all the time, despite what our pretentious and supposed “rulers” told you so.

If you come out in the open, recognizing your actions and help us to create a truly abundant system for all, think of the possibilities.

See how this could change both of our lives.

You’re probably thinking that we’re suggesting converting your civilizations into one of tourist guides and stewards for Humans to have a glimpse of cosmos and our true history.

We’re not going to lie about that and probably most of us would like to do that someday. And we shouldn’t forget about the cities below the surface of our planet which have much to teach us too.

But to focus solely on that is very narrow minded.

The truth is that an almost unlimited range of opportunities could come from that “joint venture”.

It’s not just “tourism”. Think in the range of knowledge transfer and all the services related that could transform the very essence of our societies. We’ll have to radically change our Education systems, Healthcare, Economy, social structure and pretty much almost everything.

IF we are able to create a true abundant economic system which provides for all, the fact is that you’ll get 7 billion people eager to learn and to expand their understanding. You’ll get 7 billion potentially new FRIENDS, and maybe who knows even an excellent business partner.

Think about it. A new economic paradigm on Earth, along with full Disclosure, properly handled of course, will offer you the once in a lifetime opportunity to reconvert your societies from “police & patrol” to eternally defend yourself against bogus enemies, to one of pure leisure, knowledge seeking and individual prosperity.

Trade among us would certainly be prosperous and mutually beneficial.

This is also an invitation.

So if you believe we have nothing to offer, think twice.

We, despite our current limitations are able to live through life seeking the ultimate goal of doing whatever makes us feel better, whatever brings about the feeling of being connected to others and everything.

This we know. This is why we prevail and will prevail. Our experience can be most valuable and we certainly will put it to use.

Here are some of the things we Humans do have more or less throughout all our cultures, in different degrees, and you may wish to experience someday:

  • feel free to go everywhere without fearing for your life or having to pretend to be something your’re not
  • Having a “Home”
  • Having a safe harbor where you can just relax and get along with everybody
  • Leave in peace
  • Moments of just “being” yourself without judgment, known as “Joy”
  • Connect to other beings who like to be with you for what you are and accept you unconditionally
  • Having a “good time” (more on that can be explained later)
  • Take some time off and away from everything. A “vacation” or a “weekend” perhaps?
  • To have a family. Children. A dog. A small garden. A home that you can call your own.
  • Invite your friends for dinner.
  • A birthday party.
  • Watch a theatre play or a concert in the park in the Spring time.
  • Fell in love by someone you’ve just met under the most unlikely circumstances
  • See your son for the first time after his birth
  • A walk in a most beautiful landscape without the fear of never being able to return there
  • Seeing the sunset knowing you’ll be there next day to see it rise again, probably with the person you fell in love in the most unlikely circumstances

This and so much more can be yours also.

Quoting a very famous Earth made movie, “this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship”.

This could be a new beginning for all of us.

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  1. Do you understand how the family can be a potentially cancerous self-perpetuating psychic structure? Do you understand how objectification can result in the cultivation and manifestation of vices? It is my understanding that the Gnostic Illuminati intend to facilitate the process of Becoming by establishing the community, which is based on similar desires, as the basic unit of society. Is my understanding in need of correction, and why?

    How and why is it possible for a person to fall in love? It is my understanding that those who love will the good. Is my understanding in need of correction, and why?

    Is the materialistic worldview the most veridical, and why?

    It is my understanding that opportunities for cooperation are better offered by those who understand the nature of the perversities that they intend to correct. Is my understanding in need of correction or improvement, and why?

  2. Thank you! The intent is definitely clear as this is my hope as well that the awaited day we can finally become a galatic society and explore the furthest reaches of the universe with our one big happy family! Let’s all work especially hard together as we approach this eons heralded finishing line of our return to the light after this mission of darkness clearing we have taken upon to do through our soulselves but for the rest of the grand cosmos. We came as liberators to descend deep into the pit of the anomaly and we are forever changed for that… the little known or realized fact is that what we have done here is not only heal ourselves as we reascend but what humans who have the most soul experience in this plane will do with what they have taken from this experience will go out into cosmos and provide much knowledge healing and progressive evolution to many other sections of the living universe. We are coming out of this, not only clearing the last of the anomaly in this galaxy and maybe this way of being(universe), but universal heros and saviours for ever onward we go! Thank you for listening and responding, you are infinitely loved cherished and blessed from that eternal space of oneness in all our hearts to the heart of the ONE, I ETERNALLY THANK ALL THAT IS YOURS AND OUR EXTISTANCE AND THAT OF WHICH YOU INFINITELY PROVIDE TO IT! LOVE!

  3. (Revisted version)

    Dear colaborama, my intuition tells that while your collective, speaking on behalf of compressed earth, are calling out to the many races above and below whom, regardless of any plasmic implantation that may have occurred, are in willing alliance and connection to will of ONE? If I am not mistaken? I believe through their benevolent connection to source it would be going against the nature of the universe to force a collective mass consciousness when there is not yet the collective vibrational state to sustain a ”COMPRESSION BREAKTHROUGH” so to speak… The level of the vibrational state in wich these benovolent races of beings reside in allegiance for light liberation of the light and overseers to the earth and the operations on higher densities, which come trickling down to fruition in the physical. THEY LIVE ALONGSIDE US IN THIS WAY!, but yet still in compliance with galactic codex which allows for realm of non interferance in free-will zones or planets….
    So my conclusion and ultimate question is -do you believe we are ready, actively, or already set forth a suitable level of collective frequency for a mass consousiousness for FULL DISCLOSURE to open travel in our dimensional shpere(s) of influence… are we ready for this huge impact to come? And what are we now doing or have done to amass this collective vibration in awareness, what more can we do as the light-bearers and way-showers for collective humanity?
    Thank you blessings from my heart of the One, be in peaceful bliss <3

  4. Dear colaborama, my intuition tells that while your collective, speaking on behalf of compressed earth, are calling out to the many races above and below whom, regardless of any plasmic implantation that may have occurred, are in willing alliance and connection to will of ONE? If I am not mistaken? I believe through their benevolent connection to source it would be going against the nature of the universe to force a collective mass consciousness when there is not yet the collective vibrational state to sustain a speak”COMPRESSION BREAKTHROUGH” so to speak… the level of the vibrational state of these benovolent races in allegiance for light liberation of the light and overseers to the earth and the operations on higher densities which come trickling down to fruition in the physical, THEY ARE ALONGSIDE US IN THIS WAY!, but yet still in com poo liance with galactic codex which allows for realm of non interferance in free-will zones or planets….
    So my conclusion and ultimate question is do you believe we are ready, actively, or already set forth a suitable level of collective frequency for a mass consousiousness for FULL DISCLOSURE to open travel in our dimensional shpere(s) of influence… are we ready for this huge impact to come? And what are we now doing or have done to amass this collective vibration in awareness, what more can we do as the light-bearers and way-showers for collective humanity?
    Thank you blessings from my heart of the One, be in peaceful bliss <3

    • Hi Thomas!

      My letter is intended to speed up the process of merging all incarnated souls and living creatures on this planet into oneness. My intention is that by showing a vision, the possibilities and what all living beings above and below could gain from this integration, the process it self accelerates even further until the tipping point is reached which will be the Compression Breakthrough and then the Event.

      Metaphorically speaking is much easier to win a race when you, despite being pushed to limit and being on the edge of breaking down, finally see the finishing line.

      When you see that threshold approaching you draw all the energy which you thought you didn’t had anymore because now you “BELIEVE”.

      Makes sense?

      Anyway merging all civilizations, or at the very least create fluid relations between all of them, IMHO is the only long term real solution if we want to fully integrate with the larger galactic community.

      Highest frequencies


  5. The way to eliminate war, win a war or get rid of the word war altogether is in peace, creating peace and making peace. What’s your dream? Mine is love, peace and trust and you can bet your sweet bippy Prime Creator is all for that!

  6. Very naive thinking – this is wishful thinking of someone who has a loving yet not a complete understanding of how things work in the universe. These beings have been so bold as to ignore the universal law of prime creator which in turn has left us in the state we find – a lot of lies, deception, & technology used against us without our consent or that of prime creator. Our petition for freedom goes to the wrong place – knowing who you are & what power you pocess is the first battle – breaking free – is working to connect to your original spirit, healing soul & body – asking permission to ones that have no reason or benefit to them is like asking someone in jail to let them go free because you just want to live in peace, while appealing to their sense of fair play. This is not going to happen without divine intervention – & our willingness to say we’ve had enough!!!!

  7. I like the original article, optimistic, welcoming and open. Seemed like something important was missing, and it feels like nestingwave hit the nail on the head with a course correction in the name of removal of any violators from power and influence to keep it from happening again. Not to mention true justice being served. Thank you for your thought provoking commentary.

  8. wow, very interesting indeed. I very much like this spirit of this,the communication, the finding common ground, the potential peace and healing and exchange. Very awesome, and matches what I believe.

    And while I resonate strongly with most of what nestingwave is saying about forgiveness, I am not sure that the writer of the post is far from where you stand, nestingwave, so I didn’t see it as a pint of poison… more a need for more discussion?

    So, anyway, there seem to be a lot of assumptions made about what the inner earth folks experience or don’t experience and some parts of the writing need polishing… but overall I really liked this.

    • Hi Carolyn! This was intended for leaders of ALL Breakaway Civilizations. Above and Below. According to Corey there are 7. So it was very hard to be specific with something that would apply to them in the same degree.

  9. I love my life I love my body I love mother terra mother earth! I’m am a native I pray and give thanks daily to the great spirit! For what all I have been gifted my children my family I’m old now and pray fo r the future of my children and grand children they are all in my heart as is the universe and all things we know what befalls mother earth befalls us many things have been done to us and many others but we know the great spirit holds us in his hands and will carry us home once again to be in his heart forever! I send all my light and love!!! Ramona

  10. This letter mistakenly supposes that the only Breakaway Civilization is the human ICC, and that this contains criminals. But we understand that there are both Ancient Breakaway Civilizations and also (possibly) other native Terran civilizations living subterranean, including Terran reptilians. Your letter of invitation should address those beings, as well.

  11. This is a wonderful sentiment however the author shows little understanding of the level of evil we are dealing with here.
    One who orgasms while choking a baby to death (As is well known in cabal circles that engage in pedophilia) is not likely to come around to the degree of compassion that this offer would require.

    One whose sustenance is fulfilled by the mass slaughter of innocents is merely going to laugh at this proposal. If this is who you are talking about?

    If any were to come over to humanity’s side it would be their “Dogs” and even that would be a stretch for they would have to relinquish their illusions of power which are so strongly tethered to their identities.

    However I hope I am wrong and there are millions of cabal minions just chomping at the bit for an easy exit into a more loving and sane existence devoid of threats and retribution.

  12. I want peace. When ww2 was ending justice was not achieved. Powerfull people who were smart enough to plan to let the leadership of Nazi movement to join the oss .Maybe i see things without proof because history is written by the winners who made profits from evil and called it capitalism or tribute by suppling all sides . Bankers have the money to support the winner and will bleed the losers anyway possible . Look up “project manikin” at duckduckgo .com and learn that mk ultra science is the same evil research the Nazi was working back then and is still secretly researched today .There are many projects we can look up all secret now exposed. Greed is a human fault that can end humanity. The vital signs of our planet is in the red danger zone when will we do something about it. Coruption is killing America and gestapo types are in control. Eugenics is insanity with thugs getting away scot free. United we stand divided we fall. Don’t vote party look for the best candidates. Oppose tpp and too big to fail.

  13. This message — while I found myself agreeing fully with much of it — contains a PINT OF POISON.

    What is that?

    Here is my own understanding of it expressed in metaphors which I like to use.

    Like so much so-called “disclosure” now going forth — it contains the same basic fundamental FLAW that many will miss simply because they do not see its importance for all of us.

    That is, the factor which is essential to most of us is not only forgiveness but also that genuine JUSTICE MUST BE DONE. Now . . . to the Cabals concept this means punishment, torture, abuse, revenge and ridicule. These people can only think in those terms and makes the assumption that EVERYONE IS JUST LIKE THEM AND THEY ARE THE END ALL AND KNOW ALL OF REALITY.

    I said, “GENUINE JUSTICE must be done” not a vehicle for revenge and the hatred of brutally inflicted punishment — as is their FALSE concept.

    GENUINE JUSTICE in order to be GENUINE means that it ALWAYS includes the quality of MERCY. ALWAYS — otherwise it is NOT GENUINE JUSTICE.

    The ones who have so abused our dear Gaia and all her children MUST BE COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM ANY OFFICE OR POSITION OF POWER AND AUTHORITY and this must be done IMMEDIATELY . . . but . . . they will NOT be punished because the errors and miscreations and selfish behavior they have lavished in HAVE BEEN ERRORS (MISTAKES) because of sheer IGNORANCE about how and why the Universe and the Great Creation function — period. They may call themselves ILLUMINATI but they are as far away from that as one can be — of course some ignorant people think in terms of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ONLY. Extreme TUNNELVISION.

    These miscreants MUST be taken good care of fully in EVERY WAY because they too are precious souls — only gone severly awry, Oh yes, I have heard some declare that these ones “have no souls.” That is COMPLETE IGNORANCE. Indeed they DO have souls.

    They will be introduced to and carefully taught about HOW and WHY the Universe functions and evolves ON BEHALF OF ALL LIFE and they will be given opportunities to explore the REAL truth about how and why this Universe functions on BEHALF OF and FOR THE UPLIFTMENT AND FLOUISHING OF ALL LIVING THINGS — and they will be presented with hands-on experience as to how we as creative human being sare endowed with the ability to flow WITH the Great Creation instead of against it.

    In this message, you have an ocean of Truth with a dangerous PINT OF POISON thrown in — which nullifys what is truly good and in alignment with the Universe herself.

    namaste to all

    • nestingwave- i love the tag! and so wonderfull to read your response, i have the same concern re true ‘innerstanding’ of what the nature of the uni/multi/innerverse cosmos is – natural law and how it operates openly clearly uncompromisingly!

      there are many walking amongst us, calling themselves ‘human’ who do not have a clue,
      do we make it compulsery to immerse them in Mark Passio’s ‘natural Law’ presentation?

      there has to be a consequence to each action each choice whether in line with natural law or not and then there is the point you make that suggests to me that we must apply the uncompromising nature of natural law to those who have violated without regard: go against it and fall off the cliff! even if it turns into a slowmotion very long fall, but if all of us ‘nice people’ are lined up below to catch and break the fall, where’s the learning of consequence….?

      regarding the pint of poison i sense there is also the very mere hint of appealing, begging to see sense…no i am not prostating myself for any because i am as is anyone else who hums and dances and sings in resonance with the motherfathercreatvenature as much a fully respecting and deserving respect entity in love with all-there-is but no need to compromise for the sake of short term peace, i go for the full cookie jar love eternal


  14. I never like it this word ,certainly i never thought that i will use it ,But now here we go..
    We are making you a offer that you cannot refuse or lets be human again ,,you should not refuse

    • i must say this, honestly i feel very very grateful to Colaborama for birthing this message!

      thank you! to all those wonderful responses too- it’s a conversation that feels valuable and necessary to be happening now- we all want change we all want clarity transparency collaboration in the most productive way

      we want, from a nasty caucophony of warring competing noise, to birth a cosmic symphony playing, resonating our best possible tones where each has a chance to test how it fits, amalgamates, for each and all to contribute their best, improving as we begin to truly listen to each other, watch and observe and learn from…

      i love you all

      grace and gratitude


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