What Chilcot Didn’t Tell You ~ David icke


TZ here: The plain and simple truth in plain and simple terms ~ the connections between all wars on this planet prior to 911 and up until this day. I am sure that there are many people that will appreciate this compilation of facts from David about the ‘hidden hand’ cabal web behind puppets like Tony Blair and Hilary Clinton etc. etc. who never get prosecuted for anything.

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David Icke on Brexit – WE DID IT!! But This Is Just The Start


TZ here: I am listening to this as I post it. Heard 11:22 mins so far and agree entirely with what I hear. I was away a couple of days and just got in and saw this video that a reader on PFC, Marion, {thank you} had linked to the article I posted about Brexit a few days ago. Really recommend this to everyone on PFC. This is such a good sign that people are truly now waking up to the control they are subjected to on this prison planet and in this EU prison camp. Exaggerated words you might say. No NOT in the least!! I have heard nothing but fear propaganda on the Swedish media TV news re these results this weekend. Such disdain and contempt the politicians have for the people. You hear it all the time. They are in great shock because they thought that they were sitting tight. Listen to David and how they will try to manipulate people back into the EU prison camp with their fear manipulation tactics to scare people. Did you hear Juncker in the EU saying something like – “So don’t bother waiting for three months – give me your resignation papers now” – this is such a clear message. It showed me how scared they are: It shows that they are trying to scare people straight away with their threats!  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-latest-eu-referendum-juncker-article-50-when-will-uk-leave-not-an-amicable-divorce-a7102561.html

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FEMA asks some Sandy aid recipients to give it back


This comes from arguably the most ‘mainstream’ of MSM/CMMM websites – that of USA Today.  While I understand there are likely many sides to this matter, I find the logic of those involved to be distressing and even disturbing.

For example, look at these two paragraphs from the article which are based upon the statements of one ‘Ernie Abbott’:

FEMA’s governmental watchdog has been empowered by a surge in funding thanks to a Congress that puts a high priority on a slimmer national deficit and debt, said Ernie Abbott, a former top lawyer for FEMA during the Clinton administration who now represents municipalities in post-disaster negotiations with the agency.

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Rothchild’s Zionist Agenda, WWIII & ISIS – David Icke


David Icke gives his views on The Rothschild Zionist Agenda, Third World War & New World Order.

David talking about the set-up for WWIII and ISIS.


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