Rothchild’s Zionist Agenda, WWIII & ISIS – David Icke


David Icke gives his views on The Rothschild Zionist Agenda, Third World War & New World Order.

David talking about the set-up for WWIII and ISIS.

4 thoughts on “Rothchild’s Zionist Agenda, WWIII & ISIS – David Icke”

  1. The Prepare for Change (Australia) looks like it is controlled by Zionists. Unfortunately. Any comments on Zionism and the false Jews are censored.

  2. 1776! 1776! 1776! Brothers and sisters!! We are on to your evil globalist movement and will not go down without a serious fight that you will lose!!!! You will lose! Get it? Jesus Christ our savior always wins and your plan of pure EVIL will be cast down to the depths of hell along with those who conformed to satans plan! 1776 1776 1776 1776 1776 1776 1776!!! Losers!!!!!! Serious SCUM OF THE EARTH! You will lose! Satan always loses! You are following a false, very false prophecy. Save yourselves from this wicked agenda before it’s too late! Repent and you will be forgiven in the name of Jesus Christ!!!!

    • We support the core message of Jesus. His message of love and compassion is wonderful and inspiring. I myself try to emulate those characteristics in every thought and deed.

      But angry ‘holier than thou’ ranting is not what we support. I will leave your message up as an example of what we do not support – from ANY BELIEF SYSTEM.

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