War with Deep State – Speak Project/Life Force

For your discernment: It is apparent that we are in an information war and that we may very well be heading for physical war manifestation soon. There are many viewpoints even within the alternative news communities. We at PFC are presenting the information revealed from Life Force and Kim Goguen here. If what they are … Read more

Benjamin Fulford Interview: G20, Pentagon Outranking Trump. False Flag Denied

In this episode of our long-running discussions with Benjamin Fulford recorded on the 27th June 2019. We discuss the Summer Solstice, which is usually a hot time for the dark to cause sacrificial events. Iran False Flag was thwarted and the military gave the stand down orders. The Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon … Read more

Archangel Michael: Neither Turkey Nor Nice Were False Flags

  July 24, 2016 by Steve Beckow In a reading I had with him through Linda Dillon on July 22, Archangel Michael startled me by explaining that neither Turkey nor Nice were false-flag operations. The shared opinion among the alternative press is that both are. These notes are taken from: Archangel Michael in a personal … Read more

David Wilcock Comment (Article) on Ben Fulford’s 8-26-14 Post…

This article posted on 2014/08/26by kauilapele This is quite a long comment. There are a couple of “add-ons”, which I’ll post separately. David points out several things that Ben did not address in his article, but then again, David likely has different intel sources. Bottom line, the cabal appears to be on its last legs, and is … Read more