For your discernment: It is apparent that we are in an information war and that we may very well be heading for physical war manifestation soon. There are many viewpoints even within the alternative news communities. We at PFC are presenting the information revealed from Life Force and Kim Goguen here. If what they are presenting is true then it is imperative that we keep ourselves informed, stay calm, do not fall prey to violence, meditate and pray for guidance as we weather the storm.

With all that in mind, here is the latest information from Kim Goguen and Tank with evidence revealing the identity and nature of Q as a psy-op. Kim outlines the strategies of creating a communist takeover and offers evidence to indicate that events have been staged this week (most likely for inauguration day) in Washington DC to incite civil war in order to take down the USA.

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. My years of carefully discerning about Q lead me to believe it is legitimate. For the others in this article I get help discerning whether I support them or not by determining if they support Cobra or not. Not all of them do and what they’ve said has been trollish and unjust. Every stage of this process we will find disinfo agents of the dark-hearts activate and begin to try to take people off track. Let’s discern carefully and remain positive knowing that this is ultimately a Divine Plan unfolding.

  2. Plots and conspiracies have been real, as Kim says, but they can also fail and be stymied. Maybe sometime we will learn how the Capitol attack of inauguration day was prevented. As it is we have the Democrat craziness back, but I don’t mind Biden as a guy.
    [as of 9 PM ET Jan.20]

  3. Whatever happens on the 20th, this is what I have to say on my blog:

    Citizens in the United States need to unite together against our common enemy. Our common enemy is corporate fascism/communism. Fascism and communism actually have a great amount in common, and genocides have been carried out in the name of both ideologies. For example, Hitler’s genocide was far right, and Stalin’s genocide was far left.

    Citizens need to move beyond Trump and Biden/Harris. Although the media has lied about Trump, it’s still time to move on. If I decided to try to tell people that on January 6 Trump said “peacefully” which was cut out of the clip in the news, I will only be labeled as someone who is trying to defend Trump. In actuality, I’m trying to defend what really happened. But alas, I have to move on.

    Although I still have reservations regarding the Cobra blog, the Cobra blog was correct in saying that people need to move beyond being emotionally attached or opposed to Trump. The best thing to do is to say that neither Biden nor Trump should be president. Fulford stated that the rest of the world thinks neither Biden nor Trump are fit to be president. If the rest of the world really thinks this, the rest of the world is probably correct. Harris should not be president either, as Harris is too far left. Any political extreme is genocidal against all races, as history has repeatedly proven.

    Also, emotionally distancing oneself from Trump gives protection from those who make accusations for speaking out against the media’s genocidal narrative. For example, I could be exposing the media for their treachery against humanity, and someone could accuse me of doing so because I’m ‘one of those Trump cultists.’ I then would reply, “No, I don’t think Trump should be president either. A third candidate beyond both political parties should be president instead.”

    Lastly, in order to unite against our common enemy, people on the left side of the aisle need to stop believing the false accusations that most Trump supporters are white supremacist neo-nazis, and people on the right side of the aisle need to stop labeling liberals as ‘libtards’ and so forth. The only way to liberate the united states from tyranny is to stop fighting each other, to stop being played as puppets for the genocidal elites.

    • Hitler didn’t have a genocide. The genocide was against ethnic German population, & it was carried out by Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt, just look at the three always photographed together. & They all had ties to Communism. Britain was about to fall economically & Germany was a rising star from the world depression. From 1933 – 1939 there was cooperation between The Third Reich & German Jewry called The Transfer Agreement , also known as Haavara. All documented, negotiated by Eliezer Hoofein director of Anglo Palestine Bank & was agreed by Reich Economics Ministry. It was published in many news articles for the purpose of any Jew wanting to leave with assets in tack. Also can even be found in Judaica Encyclopedia.

      • There are people who try to argue that Hitler didn’t genocide anyone, but I don’t buy it. Hitler probably did a genocide against not only against Jews, but also against anyone who didn’t agree with his ideology. I read some of HItler’s writings in the past, which indicated that he was definitely into genocide. Those who try to argue that he wasn’t probably won’t get very far. It’s actually missing the point entirely for someone to try to say that Hitler didn’t genocide. Even if this was true (highly unlikely), there’s no way anyone would believe this, and they would just call you anti-semitic and so forth. I recall a previous post with an image of twitter and social media being compared to historical tyrants, including Hitler. Then I saw comments in this post defending Hitler lol! Again, these comments were missing the point entirely.

        • Starlight it is you who cannot see. We who defend Adolf Hitler & The Third Reich are basing it on historical documents & science, while people as yourself are basing your supposed history on Hollywood films & Rockefeller publishing. There has never been one inch of authentic documents published to indict the Third Reich or Hitler of this fantasy. The world is in the mess it is in because of gullible people as yourself. WW2 should have never been fought as well as WW1. If you study WW1 you will then understand WW2, the continuation.

          • The FBI is using your posts to justify terminating the existence of our websites and impose draconian speech limitations on the web. If you need to discuss this it would help to find a more targeted venue for history buffs. The stagnant past you dig up is going to help cancel our current history, and now when I save pages it’s full of these references that make it impossible to link to anyone.

            I wonder what proportion of these posts are agents and internet addicts actively sabotaging free speech using this topic.

          • Actually Jon, I’ve read Metallicman’s 6 part history of genocide. Like I said, even if what you are saying is true, there would be no way whatsoever to be able to convince anyone. You would just be called anti-semitic and ridiculed and attacked to no end. That’s why even if it were true, why even try to make the argument anymore? You’ll just be called a neo-nazi and worse. What’s the point? You go on and on about Hitler but you fail to see the bigger picture. Not too bright Jon.

    • There is information such as this:

      Kim said there is a smear campaign against them. I don’t know. Looks like there actually was a falling out with Thomas Williams that I was previously unaware of, and Thomas Williams is also said to be a scammer of sorts. Just as with all other sources of intel, there’s no way of really knowing with Kim, so I take her’s and Tank’s information under consideration but not as absolute certainty.

    • I will say that Kim claimed that Bill Clinton and Obama have been dead for a while, and that Biden probably would not make it (survive) to Sunday the 17th. I watched the live inauguration and saw Biden, Bill Clinton, and Obama. I compared Biden at the inauguration to Biden at previous speeches and could see no discrepancies. It’s not enough to just say that they are all body doubles. It’s also not enough to say that it’s all CGI. They were outside among a group of several people at the inauguration, with Pelosi there as well. So yeah, I’m taking Life Force with a grain of salt. Tank and Kim are very intelligent with how they communicate, but so are several other sources of intel that I follow. Just sounding good is not proof.

      • In one of their videos they linked to a celebrity parade website claiming it to be some popular organization. You could tell from a mile away the website was fake (forgot what it was), and speak is a media group so they could even have made it themselves, some telltale web design signs.

        I became alarmed when they started advertising to collect everyone’s names, e-mails and phone numbers.

        They never back up their claims.

        Tank could have been a genuine guy who got played by Kim but I’m starting to have my doubts about him too.

        They’ve stayed up on youtube even though everyone except Wilcock got removed.

        They have/had a PDF on their site about the alien history of humanity with elements I’ve never read anywhere else and how Kim is literally the highest banking official on the planet, but her explanations are voodoo.

        They go around as users in chats named “We The People” and spam their videos or otherwise people are doing it for them.

        I read more sources about the Manna world trust scam (thanks for the vid) and someone I trust figures it was a banking scam based on personal experiences with people online (reddit?).

        It’s getting obvious they want to exploit the patriot movement, and in the absolute worst case (FBI/CIA, not sure evidence points to this) control and embarrass.

        • Clawhammer, yeah I actually recently got involved and decided to give them my email, phone, and name as a member of the assembly for the state I live in. The people are nice in the groups and probably mean well, but the actual leaders may be scammers. Life Force may just be trying to get a list of people for the purpose of genocide, similar to what they claim Q did. The quote “Trust no one” from the X files is really starting to ring true. *Sigh

        • There are so many different groups/organizations who just want people like me to die. All this effort just to kill me. I almost want to get the job done by my own means just to not give them the satisfaction of killing me. I won’t though because I’d rather stay alive as long as possible, I suppose.

          • I doubt they want to kill them or you, and part of the tactic is to destroy trust. If we were talking FBI/CIA, they already know who most of us are including me. Meanwhile it does reek more of banking scam. I suppose a think tank or FBI/CIA might have them on their payroll for some opportune moment but the media production isn’t top-notch. They might be going for scam or just completely waste everyone’s time, it’s very effective doing that. I noticed they posted their videos obsessively on TheHighWire, so they may be trying to discredit legit and well-sourced organizations (prepareforchange is a little less official lol). I would just badmouth them anonymously lol. If you kill yourself they win, but I know the feeling.

          • Clawhammer yeah I get pretty gloomy sometimes. But maybe things will be different now and the genocide will be prevented. Either way it’s no life at all to live in fear, so I’ve decided not to worry about it. It’s just like people who are living in fear of Covid. What’s the point of living anyway if life’s just about being afraid all the time? Life needs to be worth living, which means a life without being in a state of constant fear.

          • Totally agree, I had to relearn how to de-stress this year and it’s been tough but it’s approaching a point where half the population in some countries or more don’t buy the media’ bullshit and massive government posturing and I’m becoming immune to the rhetoric. They want to keep us from long-term planning and being productive, and I think the goal is just to throw us into poverty, it started to work and we’re behind but they screw up all the time and their mistakes help break the walls they created between the people. The fact they fuck up constantly brings me great joy. I mean they’re using governments to enforce totalitarianism, but government bureaucracy are hilariously stupid and inefficient so it blows up in their face, it’s like watching a cartoon villain like Shredder fail again. I’m just trying to stay down to earth.

    • Could be. Always best to review all information and continue to vet over time. We include this because there is a lot of information coming from this source right now. Thank you for reminding us that we must always be discerning and never get attached to any particular outcome, group or movement.

      • That’s what I like about this blog. Many different perspectives from many different sources are given. Thank you for posting these perspectives and input from viewers!

        • Thank you for your valued comments. Yes, this is a good thread. I am still watching to see if what they are preaching about actually comes to pass. Best not to get too attached I have found.


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