July 24, 2016 by Steve Beckow

In a reading I had with him through Linda Dillon on July 22, Archangel Michael startled me by explaining that neither Turkey nor Nice were false-flag operations.

The shared opinion among the alternative press is that both are.

These notes are taken from: Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 22, 2016. Thanks to Dana for our transcript. Used with permission.

Steve: I’m just going to ask you some yes or no questions.

The Turkish coup was a false flag, is that right?

AAM: No. It was genuine. It is a terrible situation that is turning towards autocracy and dictatorship.

Steve: …and will go further in that direction?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: So it was a real attempt to seize power that failed?

AAM: That is correct. It was an attempt on the part of those who are aware of the direction that that government was heading in, to stop it and it was an unsuccessful attempt and in fact has given the president, the one in authority, greater latitude to be a dictator.

Steve: All Turks hearing this will want to know what the future portends for them. What would you say to them?

AAM: There will be further unrest and further upheaval. The people will not settle or accommodate what they believed was a democratic vote to go in the direction of being a dictatorship.

Steve: Nice France; was that a false flag?

AAM: No.

Steve: No! … Well who was it? Isis?

AAM: No, it was an unbalanced individual.

Steve: … Not a false flag! These things are happening and they aren’t false flags. Like you said, Orlando was not a false flag.

AAM: Understand what we say. Chaos and turmoil are the expressions of what has need to be cleansed from the planet.

So these examples of dire situations are coming to the forefront, not because they are false flags but because they are representative of the situation, the matrix that the human race is finding themselves in so that they may look at it and say, “No more!”

Source: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/07/24/archangel-michael-neither-turkey-nice-false-flags/

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  1. this can explain it better

    When you begin to look back, you realize the early Christian, from the time of Jesus to the time of Constantine in 310 AD, they were preaching that they did not worship Jehovah; they worshiped the one true God. It could be argued that the early Christians were actually Gnostic followers of Jesus instead of what we, today, call Christians. The entire New Testament was completely rewritten by Constantine and all of the information on the Archons was removed and the ideas of Jehovah being a cruel god were lessened. This is a fact. The Nag Hammadi texts are older than the New Testament by 400 years. The New Testament that we have today wasn’t concocted until about 350 AD. When you go back to the Nag Hammadi, it doesn’t have the sin factor; they say what they really think.
    Gnostic texts clearly state that Jehovah is the “Lord Archon,” a reptilian type of alien predator who dominates the hive-mentality of the embryonic or Grey aliens. Jehovah, whom the Gnostics called Yaldabaoth, is truly an extraterrestrial being whose realm is the planetary system independent of the earth, sun and moon. He is not an “advanced being” (i.e., more evolved than humans) but a demented alien with certain superhuman or deific powers. Gnostics taught that Jehovah infects humanity with the belief that he is their creator god, but in fact he cannot create anything. The NHC is very clear that Jehovah-Yaldabaoth is the commander of the Archon species

    They are against gnosis, they are against knowledge. The defining myth of Western mythology is that Jehovah told Adam and Eve that they could not eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Not only that but if they did eat of it, they would surely die. Yet they both ate of it and didn’t die so he wasn’t even telling them the truth

    Gnostics preached that there was an invasion that occurred about 3,600 BC and, about 1,600 years before the Nag Hammadi texts were buried, they wrote that this invasion was like a virus and, in fact, they were hard pressed to describe it. The beings that were invading were called Archons. These Archons had the ability to duplicate reality, to fool us. They were jealous of us because we have an essence of some kind, a soul, that they don’t possess, and the Nag Hammadi texts describe the Archons. One looks like a reptile and the other looks like an unformed baby or a foetus. It is partially living and partially non-living and has grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes. The Archons are duplicating reality so that when we buy into it, when we come to believe that the duplicated, false state reality is the real reality – then they become the victors

    Ezekiel 20:25

    (YHVH/Yaldabaoth speaking)

    ” I even gave them laws that were not good and observances by which they could never live; and I polluted them with their own offerings, MAKING THEM SACRIFICE ALL THEIR FIRST BORN; WHICH WAS TO PUNISH THEM, so they would learn that I am Yahweh.

    Here we have the Demiurge admitting he made the Israelites sacrifice their own children as a punishment and setting laws they could not live by, as a punishment.

    This is not talking about animal sacrifice, as that is not a punishment and it specifically says their first born.



  2. Yes, there are channelings that copy cat the Angelic realm and claim that they are Archangel this and that. Use your discernment and only trust the trusted chanellers. Most of these impostors and great liars are created from the cia.They always duplicate good things and etc that are good and take over the organization, the channelers, even the pagan religion, For example, the anonymous group have now a copy that was under the cia. The archons also created their own archons as opposite to the Archangels and name it as Michael,Gabriel etc. If it didn’t resonate with you, your higher self is telling you the truth. Even the religions have a lot of copycats and God’s and if you really open up their covers, they are demons posing in their gods images. The popes god is satan in the never exist name of Jesus entity.Oh I bet many here will be bugged eyed when I mention that Jesus never exist. But if your open minded, then you can understand the deceptions.

    • that’s not entirely true. biblical jesus was a creation of the romans. but there was a real yeshua ben yosef who was an essene rabbi, married and had children. i’m a descendant of his wife. I have her sacred texts. and the nag hammadi scriptures prove this. they are the only ones untouched by a church. it’s confusing to figure it all out, and that was the point. I feel sorry for the christians who are so deep in the delusional religion. i grew up in a christian church. ive tried telling christians I know the truth and they lash out at me and say hateful things. shows you how quick they will turn on you too.

  3. If much respect to this magnificent being; I take all channeled material with a grain of salt. Could some Agarthan (or other) playing tricks…again.

  4. we know that there are false flags when people do not die, and some when people do. or clones come into play etc. so whether people died or not this is being orchestrated. and if ISIS is claiming responsibility for something how is that not a false flag when the US & Israeli alliance funded and created them in the first place? it’s pointless to get lost trying to sort out every detail of every event. we’re not stupid we see the bigger picture.

  5. Sorry, I do not agree. Just because you claim to be Archangel Michael, does not mean you know what is actually going on here on Earth. i no longer trust channelings as we all know very well how the technology of the Black Ops can talk to people in their minds and make them think it is from any being they choose.

    • Details of this real military coup in Turkey by the Positive military {the Positive military will be the peace keeping forces all over this planet at the time of Compression Breakthrough – The Event} have just been provided by Cobra today – see Taiwan conference report. http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2016/07/taiwan-ascension-conference-report.html

      • I’m doubtful about the video with visuals of the Turkish coup-version, presented in Cobra’s report, Therese. No video on YouTube shows US F16 Aircraft, flying low and shooting Turkish helicopters out of the sky. Whatever truth and proof is at the core of this event, it seems to be part of the reset that is imminent.

        For comparence, read what’s said about the Turkish situation here: http://benjaminfulford.net/
        The global situation looks like a game of cards with players around the table, all mesmerized by the heap of gold in the middle. A gambling marathon-game. They all must have grown beards by now, even the women 😉


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