We Have Already Witnessed The First 1800 Points Of The Stock Market Crash Of 2015

And the RV is getting close and many of the things Cobra talked about – new financial system – can’t happen until the old one is . . . gone. Do Not go into FEAR. http://www.redflagnews.com/headlines-2015/we-have-already-witnessed-the-first-1800-points-of-the-stock-market-crash-of-2015 FRIDAY UPDATE: Boom Goes Bust: DOW LOSES ANOTHER 530 points– WEEKEND OF WORRY: APPLE UGLY; $158 BILLION GONE… Signs of … Read more

Ebola in the news……..

Ebola has been in the news recently……some are promoting that it is incurable. This is promoting fear (False Expectations Appearing Real). Always remember that “Mother Nature” has provided antidotes in nature that can help any condition. Educate yourself…….be alert…….keep positive…….be proactive…….always use your own internal judgment…….always stay in love. I recently saw the following video … Read more

To Fear or not to Fear . . . . that is the question

The Dark and the Light side of Finances – in regards to the Event. It is said that there are 2 main emotions or forces in life – Love, or Fear or you could call it Light or Dark.  I personally have lived 5o. .something years on this planet Earth – and I’ve spent the … Read more