Jim Willie “Two-For-One”: YouTube Interview & Article

Jim Willie “Two-For-One”: YouTube Interview & Article The original article can be found at the link below: http://www.silverdoctors.com/jim-willie-shanghai-shock-to-shatter-the-gold-market/ Also, see a subsequent YouTube video here: Personal “Plug” from Nova Biscotti: Jim Willie – despite his pessimistic long-term view for the U.S. – is one of the finest sources out there for up-to-date happenings geopolitically regarding … Read more

David Wilcock Comment (Article) on Ben Fulford’s 8-26-14 Post…

This article posted on 2014/08/26by kauilapele This is quite a long comment. There are a couple of “add-ons”, which I’ll post separately. David points out several things that Ben did not address in his article, but then again, David likely has different intel sources. Bottom line, the cabal appears to be on its last legs, and is … Read more

Gold is now the latest bank price fixing scandal

http://qz.com/184336/gold-is-now-the-latest-bank-price-fixing-scandal/ As if there weren’t enough reasons to cast a jaundiced eye on the banking system, Bloomberg reports that several international banks are now accused of manipulating a key benchmark, known as the gold fix, in the $20 trillion gold market. The charges of fixing gold prices in London are being leveled at Barclays, Deutsche Bank, ScotiaMocatta (the … Read more


Money- How We Were Short Changed, Spun and Tricked Lots of chatter that tomorrow April 6th, 2014 the worlds money supplies will be converted to real dollars backed by precious metals. If that happens let’s hope that it comes with a debt jubilee that will cancel out the loans as well as the debts created … Read more

Our Love Affair with – – – GOLD

March 18, 2014 Gold:   Beneficial for All   Maybe one of the most interesting financial topics of all time has to do with human’s love affair with gold. My best guess is that gold craving was genetically woven into our DNA strands. Why? Well, you can’t eat the stuff, and it’s too heavy to … Read more

March 11, 2014 – Turning Point for Humanity

http://nova-gaia.com/turning-point-for-humanity/   Watch the 2 video’s – using your discernment.   Disclaimer:  we are unclear as to what level of truth this is portraying and what level of truth – time will tell.   11th March 2014 – Indonesia. The gathering of tribal elders and diplomats has cemented by wet ink signature the SEMAR SUPER … Read more